How We’d Spend Hermit Day, in 6 Words

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc

Y’all love chocolate. Y’all love wine. A couple of you seem to love a massage, music, and yoga.

But overwhelmingly, if you have a Hermit Day, it’d be loaded with books, sleep, and alone time.

Every month, I compile a post called 6 Words. Ernest Hemingway inspired it when he said any story can be told in a six-word sentence. I ask bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt.

Oct. 29 is Hermit Day.

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My Plan to Get My Girls Hooked on Books

The girls don’t think it’s cool to read.

Sad isn’t it? These kids’ parents read to them every night. With expression. And voices. Lots and lots of voices. So what gives? Why believe there’s no such thing as a good book? Should I blame Disney Channel? Vine?

Smartphone apps that allow you to spin your mental wheels without getting anywhere? This is what happens when the school makes kids read books they don’t like.

During summer vacation.

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Go Ask Daddy About Whales, Insurance and Hoops

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc

I always hope for a book deal or to finally get that appreciation check from Ingrid Michaelson for inspiring her love songs. If not, I won’t have much of a nest egg to bequeath my girls.

I can leave them something. Thanks to Julia Tomiak, author of Diary of a Word Nerd, I can leave my girls a little of me. Things that inspired me in life and helped to shape the dad I became. Three books. Three CDs. Three quotes. Read about what I picked.

Next time you struggle to find a writing prompt? This. Try this.

Let’s not pussyfoot around anymore this week. What’d the kids ask?

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Beautifully Awkward Project: Melissa’s Kickstarter Launch Party

photo credit: ShellyS via photopin cc

photo credit: ShellyS via photopin cc

Once again, we welcome Melissa Bond to the CD.

Today, she’s here to tell us about her Kickstarter pre-launch Launch Party. Interviewing herself, even. That could be considered awkward. But it works out beautifully. More details on her project to come. It’s big, though. And it’s something I believe in.

I was glad to play a small (really small – you’ll see) part in the evening.

# # #

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Guest Post: Kelly of Just Typikel, on the Corn Maze From Hell

photo credit: leg0fenris via photopin cc

photo credit: leg0fenris via photopin cc

So, when the kids are grown, you’re done being a parent.


I sure hope not. Kelly McKenzie sure isn’t. Some of you know of her adventures on Just Typikel, Grown kids still give you plenty of blog fodder. That, plus Kelly’s mom, 91 and going strong, plays her part, too.

Kelly is a fantastic writer, and goes for broke when it comes to telling tales about her now-grown kids. And why not? What do you have to lose?

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Sh*t You Need in Your Auto Emergency Kit

prepared artIt happens on TV. Maybe sometimes it does happen in real life. And in Lifetime movies.

It’s you, maybe your kids, maybe your spouse. Somehow, someway, you take a wrong turn. You wind up on a dusty old country road, deep in the wilderness. And just when you think things couldn’t get worse: your car stalls.

If you’re a forward-thinking upper-middle-class American family, you’ll be fine.

You’ll be fine, because you’ve created prepared a preparedness kit.

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Go Ask Daddy About Dwarf Planets, Two-Pointers and Herding Dogs


For a yankees player, Yogi Berra had it right a lot.

It’s getting uncrowded around here at Coach Daddy. I had a pretty good run in May, right around the BlogHer Voice of the Year announcement. I seemed to find a new normal after that, and had been on the rise. That rise appears to have plateaued.

Even New Orleans pipes down after Mardi Gras.

This is all fine for me. It means I have more time to get to more blogs.

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