Guest post: 5 Things That Make a Great Dad

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Note: Today’s Five for Friday is a guest post from AnnMarie, who writes Tidbits from the Queen of Chaos. When I began writing this blog, hers was one of the first I discovered that I wanted to add to my blog roll.

It’s an honest, heart-felt and intelligent look at life with four awesome kids and a steady helping of Rudy Malnati’s Pizza.

You’ll love her perspective, just like I do.


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I count myself among the lucky ones that have a great dad and a husband who is a great dad. It’s funny because I didn’t always appreciate my dad and when Leo and I dated, I wondered what kind of dad he’d be. He is an only child so I didn’t get to see him around kids much.

The one time I did see him interact with kids was at my school’s Open House and he taught a few of my students how to play Poker, so you can imagine that a bit of worry managed to seep in. My dad, on the other hand, was a middle school principal and a high school coach so he has been a “father” figure to many.

It got me thinking about what makes a great dad and though the list could be long, I’ve narrowed it down to these:

1. A Sense of Humor.

Not just the ability to laugh but the ability to make their kids laugh or be able to diffuse a situation with humor. For example, Leo has been known to get our children to stop crying by acting like a complete goof ball. He has kept me laughing when things haven’t been that funny.

I can remember times when I was either upset with a boy or fighting with a friend and my dad would try and make me laugh. You know the saying, “No pun intended?” Well my dad has never made a pun that wasn’t intended.

2. Reliability

My dad has this one in the bag. If my dad said he was going to do something, he did it. If he told me he’d be at my volleyball game, he was there. Even now, as an adult, I still rely on my dad. He is the first person I call when something needs fixing. He is the one I call when I need someone to watch my kids or help my kids with homework. And he ALWAYS delivers.

The one thing we can always rely on Leo for is that he will be at the kids sporting or school events. Always. For most of them, he is coaching. He is a great coach and has a way of believing in the kids so much that they can’t help but believe in themselves.

3. Balance

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A great dad is a good balance to a great mom. Moms tend to lead with emotion. At least I do. And I know my mom does and both Leo and my dad balance us out. When I am freaking out because one of my kids gets a bad grade or messes up, Leo usually calms me down with the logic that makes him the most laid back person I have ever known. My kids are lucky to have him because they would be grounded a lot more if I was the only one parenting.

My dad had an amazing ability to make me feel better after I messed up. Both my dad and Leo have a way of keeping things on an even keel.

4. Ability to be the rock.

I see the same things with my kids and Leo that I see with my dad and me. When things start spiraling downward, it is Leo and my dad that make us feel like it is all going to be okay. Leo has the amazing ability to be my rock so I can lean on him and continue to be a mom to my kids.

When I find being a grown up hard, my dad is always there with open arms reminding me that he is STILL holding me up. Both carry the weight of their families’ well being and neither ever complain about it.

5. For the last thing that I think makes a good dad, I am going to quote John Travolta’s character from Look Who’s Talking. He was talking about what makes a good dad and he said, I think being a good father is keeping the mother happy so she doesn’t drive the kids crazy.”

Yes! Yes! Yes! A million times yes. Leo so gets this. He is very good about knowing when I need a break or when I am overwhelmed and he steps in and gives me that break. I admit that sometimes it might take tears but it still gets done.
adventures,compasses,decisions,degrees,directions,east,fotolia,guides,hikes,journeys,latitudes,longitudes,lost,magnetic,maps,navigate,needles,north,outdoors,paths,south,spins,westI would be lost without both my husband and my dad. Both help make me the woman I am today. Both are making an impact on my kids and me. They love us unconditionally…truly. We are better people for having them in our lives.