🧀 Cheese Goes on Everything – Even Cheese

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

They’re a cheesy bunch, my kids.

All three. Cheese goes on everything.

“Too much, daddy,” Elise would say as I grated it on top of her spaghetti or stuffed it in her burrito or slapped slices of it on her sandwich when she was little.

Translation: “heap it on, pop!”

These kids are the cheesiest. Cheese goes on cheese, even.

I mean, it’s dairy. It’s good for you. I love it too.

Broccoli and cheese

“That’s too much cheese.”

Nope, it just doesn’t feel natural coming off the fingers. Feels like a Rockies fan rooting for the dodgers. Un.natural.

It goes by quickly, a block of cheese. As I prepared a spaghetti dinner for my three cheeseavores, they surfaced constantly at the stove top, mouths agape, eyes googly, and the only way to fend them off was to drop another chunk of cheese in their hungry beaks, and watch your fingers.

By the time I’d grated the rest of the block to pile on their seashell noodles, I noticed something odd about the cheese wrapper: It was kid-ravaged empty.

“Girls,” I declared, holding the cheese carcass up to the light for inspection. “We just polished off an entire block of cheese.”

Cheers went up.

Not polite cheers, mind you. But the big, bad headlines kind of cheers. The Dewey beats Truman kind. Giants win the pennant. Stock market falls. Again.

They danced and celebrated over the defeated cheese block like Ewoks around C-3PO.

They danced and celebrated not only their victory over the cheese, but over the dad whose discipline more resembles Swiss cheese than Cheddar.

This sort of ravaging and mutiny could happen only on a dad’s watch.

It’s not easy being cheesy.



  1. When I saw the title of this post, I didn’t need to read any farther. I totally agree – cheese is DA BOMB!

    Actually, I did read the post. We are cheeseavores, too. Except our nine-year-old who hates cheese. We think he was switched at birth.

    1. My eyes turn heart-shaped over cheese. I think the Gods eat it with honey and ambrosia. Marie just declared she doesn’t like cheese, either, but she sure does a good job of hating it with her teeth.

    1. Say no more, MM, say no more. I can’t think of a single thing right now that wouldn’t be improved by cheese.

  2. I’m pretty sure “cheez” was one of my first words. I inherited my love of cheese from my Grandpa – the stinkier, the better! Even chocolate is better when paired with cheese – trust me!

    1. I knew there was something special about you. Which cheeses are stinkiest? We just get the standard cheddar, mozzarella and American.

      1. Stinkiest? Blue cheese or limburger…not my favourites. My personal fav. is extra old cheddar, aged 7 years…I’ll eat just about any kind…I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve but back but I’m not giving it up!!

      2. mm, blue cheese. I’d put that even on a good steak. I wonder if I should have been a cheese monger instead. I’m with you on not giving up on cheese – if I bled from my eyes each time I ate cheese, i’d just carry a hankerchief.

  3. Chris Carter says:

    Me loves me some CHEESE!!! Any kind…any time. The Carter family makes fun of me because my meals ALWAYS have cheese in them. My motto they know well… “Cheese makes EVERYTHING taste good!” YUM. Gonna go cut me some cheese with some crackers now…

    1. Cheese is a 24/7 kind of food, after all. A meal without cheese is just food, and a sorry example of it. It’s the best way to get Elise to eat veggies.

      You said “cut me some cheese … “

  4. You had me at the Star Wars reference…….and yup, cheese RULES.

    1. Are you kidding, Star Wars and cheese? I should set up a Google alert any time those two terms appear on the same page.

      Thanks for stopping by! You have one kickass blog.

  5. Yes, cheese is an important part of the dairy group. So is ice cream. It’s a good thing I fully prescribe to this food pyramid truth because we can’t keep either in our house. The Goodman Girls can demolish a block of cheese in no time. Love the image of your girls constantly resurfacing at the stove, beaks open, for another bite of the good stuff. My 18 m/o does the same thing. More, more is a common refrain as she looks up with those baby blues. How can I say no? I’m swiss cheese too.

    1. Cheese is the prime minister of the dairy group. Ice cream can be a czar. It’s all good for us, right? Blocks of cheese are no match for a growing kid – or supportive parents.

      We never have to worry about expiration dates for cheese in our house, that’s for sure. “More” from a 1 1/2 year old? How can you resist?

      I think I’m muenster cheese, actually.

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