On The Road Again: This Time, at Another Jennifer

My foodiness pre-empts me sometimes.

If I try to talk to my kids while they’re hungry, the probably see me as a steak, or a chicken leg, or a cheesy chimichanga. Why? Because I’ve probably mentioned one of these delectable items at some point, and they fix on that.

Bloggers aren’t so different.

Jennifer from Another Jennifer blog is one of the most wonderful, talented, and delightfully hungry writers I’ve had the pleasure to have met through my blog. She hates pie, and loves bacon. She writes, she edits, she inspires.

She also seemed preoccupied with the Parmesan chicken wings I mentioned in a comment in approximately 1973.


Who can blame her? I’m at her place today, writing about the hallowed chicken wing. Take a visit, and learn more about yourself at your innermost core, based on a wing test I’ve compiled. Check it out, here.

I’ve also shared a recipe for grilled Parmesan chicken wings. Remember, North Carolina state law states that anyone in the continental U.S. who makes a batch of these must pay a six-wing minimum in tax to the recipe’s author.

While you’re there, check out Jennifer’s stuff. You’ll discover she’s not just another Jennifer after all. She’ll be your favorite.

I’ll be back on Friday with more answers to questions tossed out by my kids.


  1. So happy to have you on my blog today! And, of course, I’m hungry. My boys love wings, so I’m excited to finally have the recipe. I am printing the post out for my husband as we speak.

    Also, I believe the original mention was in 1976.

    1. I’m glad it was 1976. Forty years to get that wing recipe posted would have been unacceptable.

  2. Saw your recipe over there! Just might have to give it a try! I love wings too!

    1. Remember, it’s customary to make a plate of wings for the person you got the recipe from. I like bleu cheese with mine, and an El Presidente beer, if possible.

  3. rea says:

    hey, thank you for stopping by at my blog!
    i’m glad i can’t hear my neighbors’ TV, they probably have their volumes down lol!

    i’m so enjoying the backyard fence since day 1 coach-daddy..my little ones are enjoying it the most!

    on my way to check another jennifer out!

    1. Thanks for coming to mine, Rea. At least i can get into most shows my neighbors watch.

      You’re going to love what you see at another Jennifer, too.

  4. rsrote says:

    I am from Buffalo and I have to say I make variation of this-I switch out the cumin forCreole Seasoning and more often I use chicken breast cut into nugget size and I coat the chicken and bake it. I have to say I REALLY like your five toggles–“LEAVE SOME ON” is a HUGE NO NO in our house!–IF someone does it’s not going to stay on someone will pick up that puppy and finish it right!
    Great post!!!

    1. Hey, I like that idea, of the Creole seasoning. I had no idea the Creoles drifted that far north to Buffalo! I think my kids would like the nugget idea, too, but they’re such carnivores they’d probably be disappointed to not have the bone to gnaw on.

      You’re good warriors, in your house. Clean those bones. I’ll do it for them if I have to.

      Thanks Rosey!

  5. artmusedog says:

    A cookin, coachin Daddy ~ you are one versatile man ~ fun post ~ and delectable too.

    Thanks for visiting ^_^

    1. Good to have you here too. I’m kind of a renaissance man, but I still can’t put my shoes away, find my wallet, and I sometimes miss the subtle moments, as a guy. Or the not-so-subtle moments. But I try.

      Maybe i’m not as renaissance as I thought.

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