On the Road Again: This Time, at the Wondering Brain

photo credit: Pixco 0.45X Wide Converter - 20mm via photopin (license)
photo credit: Pixco 0.45X Wide Converter – 20mm via photopin (license)

Jesus loves you.

Jesus loves the Rockies.  Jesus loves premium hamburgers. And Jesus loves me. I could have been a Gospel writer. I feel like Eli could have covered the Christ beat with John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew, back in the day.

As a Religious Studies minor, I’ve always likened the four Gospel writers are sports scribes, all assigned to the same beat.

Today, I’m on a cool site called The Wondering Brain, to explore a topic I’d been reluctant to address on my own pages: Religion. Don’t worry, I don’t get all preachy. I tell tales that might embarrass my children and family as a whole.

They serve as unconventional reminders that yes, prayers are answered.

Even if they’re misguided and a twinge selfish. OK, quite selfish. But they happened. Miracles? You be the judge. Come check me out at Jessica’s place today. While you’re there, check out some of her posts, and those of other guest posters.

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  1. laurie27wsmith says:

    Good one Eli, I left a comment on the other blog though I don’t know if it will be approved, quote, ‘And Eli smelled the sacrifice and knew that the angus burger was good!
    You have a good daughter there, she probably spent her pocket money on you, or they messed the order up. 🙂 Either way it worked. It’s said there will always be prayer in schools as long as there are exams.

    1. Jessica says:

      Thanks for visiting The Wondering Brain, Laurie! It’s approved :). Always happy to have others stop by to check us out! Eli did awesome with his post!


  2. Jessica says:

    Hi Eli,
    Great post on this one too! Religion is always a subject that I’m not sure how people would react to too. I think you’ve done pretty well addressing it on my blog! If I could give you 5 stars or something, I would! I have a similar story like yours too, which involved an “ex”. Let’s just say this, God is Good! Thanks a million for being my guest blogger this week :).

    The Wondering Brain

    1. Thanks Jessica – you’re right, religion is one of those things, like politics and pizza toppings, that can get kinda sensitive. My best tactic is to go with humor, although that can sometimes be considered in poor taste, too. Definitely email me your story. I want to know.

      Thanks for the chance to write for you!

  3. This is beautiful and inspires me to not be afraid to mention our faith in my blog. I am always a little afraid the subject will create conflict.

    1. I used to wish that it was something profound, and involved something noble like the rescue of a puppy or at least the image of Mother Mary on a tortilla or something, but if it takes baseball and burgers to show my kids that faith works, I’m all for it.

      I think you’re courageous. I’m confident you’ll find a way to convey what you need to in regards to faith in your writing, and who can take offense to courage and faith?

      1. That is so very true, courage and faith are always a good thing.
        Thank you again for all your kindness.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your post over there and did leave a comment 🙂 Glad you got your burger!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I figure if God wanted to teach me a different lesson, he’d have put a salad in that sack, you know?

      Who am I to argue with God?

  5. Kimbra says:

    It was an awesome post, I am always unsure on how to approach religion but your approach was awesome as usual

    1. Thank you, Kimbra. When times get tough, or might get tough, I always opt for the humor route, and I have about a 17 percent success rate. I’ll take that.

  6. Great post. I definitely think that our Heavenly Father has a sense of humor…he has to, right?! What an interesting minor you have. Even though I am extremely devout in my religion, I find other religions very fascinating. It’s always interesting to see what makes people tick, you know?

    1. Thanks Jamie! God must have a sense of humor – he invented the playtpus, tofu and the Toronto Maple Leafs. I wound up as a religious studies minor by accident – I’d taken so many religious studies courses out of interest, my advisor told me to take a couple more and minor in it.

      I think God allows us to be curious about other religions, right? In the end, much of it all the same.

  7. Krystal says:

    Religion is a touchy subject but you did good! And God definitely has a way of making us look at our lives and just laugh and He finds ways to show us the miracles, especially when we are not expecting them 😉

    1. Thanks Krystal! God definitely found me where i was those days!

  8. Chris Carter says:

    Ooooooooh!!! You KNOW I want to read this!!!! I am off to visit now… 🙂 (Better late than never, right?)

    1. You might even think I wrote it for you to read! It’s nothing like your awesome devotionals,but it’s my story. (better late than never on the comment, too, eh?)

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