Guest Post: 5 Reasons Being a Nerdy Geek Mother Rocks


stormtrooper apple fritter
I try not to fritter away my time these days.

This world has its nerds. This world has its geeks. And then, there are the Nerdy Geek Mothers.

They kind of rock. You’ve probably seen them before, and wished you were one. I picked an awesome one today to guest blog here at Coach Daddy. Meet Kateri Von Steal, who happens to have the best name since Coco Crisp, God Shamgod or Picabo Street. She also writes an awesome blog called “Just Life: Take Two.”

She’s a foodie, which helps when it comes to staking your ground here at Coach Daddy.

So, welcome her today. – Coach E

Stormtrooper numnum
He’s trying to figure out what happened to the rest of him.

I think I would describe myself as a Geek. I’m into books, horror/sci-fi flicks, and I think Sheldon Cooper just might be my dream man… Well, that might not be exactly true, but if he and Leonard were cloned together… I think that would be him.

But, I’m also a mother. An extremely active, working mother… Overall this makes for an interesting lifestyle.

My 6-year-old, we’ll call him Emry, is a special kid. And I’m not just saying that because I am a biased parent. He’s special, nutso crazy, and a typical boy… all rolled into one. He has complex conversations, which must have come from the Nerdy Geek Parenting Styles I have raised him with.


I think being a Parent, a true parent, is an amazing thing… I think all mothers are rock stars, in their own way …

But, that’s not who I am, I’m the Geek Mom. So, without further ado, let me share with you the top five reasons being a Nerdy Geek Mother Rocks your Socks!

gift present stormtrooper
photo credit: Kalexanderson Preparing for christmas via photopin (license)

1. We’re the coolest gift givers


The nerdy geek mother will make sure that the gift your little booger receives is fun, colorful, and educational. Something they can build with their hands… or something that requires them to use that meat between their ears.

Recently, Emry and I were shopping for one of his friends’ birthdays. We got caught up between, The Homemade Crystal Maker, and the Make your own Soda Can Robot, kit… It was an epic decision, which ended with us going with the Robot making kit… And then eyeballing the crystal making kit for ourselves.

The Nerdy Geek mother will always ask you the things you don’t want your son to have, so that they can toe the line, and get the coolest thing, that might explode, for their birthday.

2. We never let a special moment pass by, even if it’s after bedtime


Me, personally, I’m completely into space… and the stars… and the planets. I think there is nothing better than looking up at the sky at nighttime. Klay, my significant other, has a stargazing app, for those moments when we get turned around.

The nerdy geeky mother will wake a sleeping child (a sin, I know) so that he/she can experience the magical wonders of space. Whether it is super moon, a meteor shower, or an eclipse… We have wakened Emry to give him a chance to see it. These are gems … and from them, the most amazing conversations have been had. He will bring up shows he has seen about space MONTHS after watching them. And, it’s an interesting topic, so as the Nerdy Geektastic Mother, I don’t mind sitting there, and talking it out with him… even if it means I have to Google an answer that I may not have.

blur close up code computer
Photo by luis gomes on

3. We’re proud when our children hack into the teacher’s computer controls


I got a note home one day that basically read, “Had to speak to Emry about what was the student controls and the teaching controls. Please discuss with him further.” And, before the maternal instincts of WHAT DID YOU DO, kicked in … It was, “How did you do that? How did you know to do that?”

Let me clarify, the screen was dark, he wanted to adjust the picture settings, so he went to the My computer settings, and went to alter them … At 6 years old … It wasn’t like he was changing grades … But, still, the Nerdy Geeky parent will be inquisitive to where and how their child learns something. And then will reprimand them, for not following the rules.

And, with respect to my son, I think the teacher had this coming… He’s also the little boy that knew how to unfreeze her personal computer. She called him her Computer Whiz, and honestly… she shouldn’t have been surprised about the Color/Hue Controls.

(Disclaimer: Klay is an IT Systems Admin… Emry knows more about computers than most high school geeks.)

4. Our inquisitive natures have made us (and our children) the Sherlock Holmes of TV/Movie/Life watching


If I watch a Law & Order Episode, (or Elementary, or NCIS, etc.) I pride myself in how fast I can figure out whodunit and whydeydidit … So much so that it has rubbed off onto my son. I have caught him trying to break down the show from the first five minutes.

We watch a show called Revolution … It’s actually Emry’s favorite. He’s always been fascinating about all the power going out and what that means… and how they are getting it back on.

But, he can tell you… the why and the whom… before the show does. The Nerdy Geeky mom in me, APPLAUDS this … But, it also makes everyday life a little trying. I question everything; I want to learn more about things that I do not know, nor understand… and thus, so does the wee one.

That’s why I am a big fan of the posts Coach Daddy does, that involve the multitude of questions asked by his children. I empathize and identify with it. I feel that a day with my son is filled with a million questions, whether they come from me or from him.

It makes life hectic, and loud… because I think we are always talking about something. Deep discussion is good for the mind, and the soul …

5. *GIRL MOMENT* Even our clothes are geeky…. Need I say anything else? I have more graphic tees and shirts with nerdy sayings than anyone I know. I will pair a graphic tee, with a skirt … or a dress with Green Hi-Top sneakers.

There are moments when I know I will have to be around other mothers, and I’ll go through my closet looking for a normal “mom” outfit, to come up empty. Emry’s birthday this year … I wore an opened button dress shirt, with my BAZINGA tee.

With capris … One mom said that it was the exact outfit she thought I would wear. I smile, because Nerdy Geeky Moms have a style of their own, and often, dress like comfortable teens.

When I am not in work attire and am out with Emry, people have a hard time trying to figure out whether I am his sister or his mother. Mother usually wins, when they hear me talk to him.

My mom voice is in full effect … ALWAYS. The Nerdy Geeky Mom understands comfort before stylish… and Versatile over Chic.

And, I think it’s always important to have a dress with a pocket…because where else would you put a small book or a notepad? A clutch…. WHAT ON EARTH IS A CLUTCH?!


There you have it … five reasons why being a Nerdy Geek Mother Rocks! Well, at least why I think it rocks. I am a firm believer that every mom is different, and actually, every parent is different.

Styles may not be the same, our roots may differ … But at our core, we’re all trying to do right by these little boogers we have … And make them as productive (or at least appear productive) as physically possible.

Life isn’t always Questions, Stars, and Linux Coding. The Nerdy Geeky Mother still has the trials and tribulations that any other parent does. We just do it with our thick glasses pushed firmly on top of our noses … with the Klingon Battle theme playing in our heads.

Kateri Von Steal writes at Just Life: Take Two. She is just trying to figure life out; One moment at a time. She is a self-proclaimed opinionated, but not a judgemental working, quasi-single mother, trying to balance the day to day life. She believes life is a journey, that has many bumps. The bumps can be used as stepping stones, guiding you to a better existence. She believes in making mistakes and fueling them into creating positive outcomes. She gets stressed. She freaks out. She is not perfect, and would never choose to be. She is just trying to be a real person… and wants to live a life worth living.

The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been. (2)


  1. Yes, yes! I love #2. Last night my daughter got out of bed because she wanted to see bats flying around the house. My husband was into it and it sounded like so much fun that I went out and joined them. It was a thrill! The same thing has happened with shooting stars and fireflies. We have a life-size Han Solo in carbonite overlooking our dining room table. We have more Doctor Who and Star Wars and Harry Potter toys than we know what to do with. My son is only one and already has his own lightsaber. He’s very into the mechanics of his toys.

  2. I am not quite sure if I am geeky nerd mom, but I really want to be now!!
    I do know how to make a volcano with vinegar, baking soda and food colouring and don’t even care that it gets all over my wood floor. And we just bought The Boy this cool gun that shoots out these tiny gel beads that expand in water. And I left them stay up around the bonfire while camping really, really, really late to wait for a meteor shower that never appeared — thanks to the thunderstorm that rolled in. But we did learn that lightning on the walls of a tent looks pretty cool and the forest casts wicked scary shadows perfect for telling stories around the lantern.
    Hhhhmmmm, not sure if that all qualifies as geeky/nerd. But I’d love to see an exploding robot!
    Guess I will have time to figure it all out when I am at Canada’s FanExpo this weekend and waiting in line to meet Carrie Fisher. Yep — Princess Leia herself. Bazinga!!
    Love this guest post ❤

  3. Hmm…never considered my self a Geek Mom, but I identified way too much. Food for thought. Also, I’m basically married to Sheldon Cooper (in grown up clothes and with some of the OCD dialed back…) It’s a challenge…;-)

  4. OMG I just figured I am a nerdy geek mother!! I fit all of those bills and then some!!! This was a truly great post Eli….. Keep em coming!

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