Monday Morning Quarterback: My Kid Beat Me In Fantasy Football – Again

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, left, and defensive safety Adrian Wilson share a laugh during the National Football League's 2012 Pro Bowl game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu Jan. 29, 2012 120129-M-DX861-053

It happened again.

No, I wasn’t banned from a CiCi’s Pizza. My kid, Elise, beat me.

In fantasy football.

It’s a bit old hat by now, because this is the second time it’s happened. And she’s pretty good at it. The past two seasons, she and I have been in the final four in the playoffs. If anyone thought dad was calling the shots for the kid, well, they don’t think that anymore.

She’ll ask my opinion on whom to sit and who to start (Danny Amendola or Pierre Garcon?), who she should pick up off the waiver wire (Michael Floyd?) and what I think of her team name (Peoria Stag Beetles). It’s just awesome to talk football with your kid.

I probably brought this on myself.

Last week, I wrote a guest blog for Tiffany at Gladiator in Heels about the first time Elise beat her old man in fantasy football. She runs a Blog Hop Blitz that encourages posts about football and food (how perfect, right?)

Check out how it went down the first time. And just know that heads will roll (virtually) around the Sun City Skunk Kings home office today.

Tiffany has some cool stuff going on at her site, from hop opportunities to football crafts to the art of tag-teaming a toddler for a doctor’s appointment. Check it out!

21 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterback: My Kid Beat Me In Fantasy Football – Again

  1. Well Mate you know how it is, we’re getting older, too much pizza and well…. it slows us down even on a fantasy level. Elise has obviously taken in all your ideas and thoughts on the game. It had to happen eventually, you’ll be okay though. She’s a good daughter and she may let you win now and then…we hope.

    1. I eat far more fantasy pizza than real pizza, mate. She does ask me a bit of my opinion, and I did teach her to play, but she definitely has her own style, too.

      I will be OK – she has a winning streak on me, though, and I’m falling behind in the conference. Not befitting the two-time champion, wouldn’t you say?

      I never let her win, though … so I can’t count on her going easy on the old man any time soon.

      1. Oh, I see, fantasy pizza. That explains the extra fantasy pounds. You’re doing the right thing by not letting her win, that way they can appreciate the game and the achievement. The sad thing about being a champion is that the time comes when the young uns get us on the blind side and whooshka, they’re right there. You take care and cut down on the fantasy pizza, okay?

  2. I’ve done the fantasy football thing exactly once and I did well but it was all luck. Congrats to your girl!

    1. You’re right – but we fellows will say it’s all luck when we lose, nothing but skill when you win!

      Just once? You should stick with it … we should do a bloggers’ fantasy football league one year.

    1. None of us – none of us – know who to pick, Michelle. We think we do, and we strategize to draft Michael Vick and Reggie Bush, only to hang on at the end of a season with Matt Cassel and Danny Woodhead.

      They should do fantasy track.

  3. You know, soon, you’re gonna start taking pointers from her! The first time she won, sure, we could call it a fluke. But now that it’s happened twice…It’s better to go ahead and pass that torch now, you can still be the proud Pops! Glad I could be a part of this awesome feat!

    1. It probably wouldn’t hurt to examine the model she has going over there, would it? You’ll appreciate this: I this week dropped one Jaguars receiver and picked up another.

      Genius, I tell you.

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