Guest Post from Rory, of Time Out for Mom: Win or Lose, I’m in it

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The running gene seems to skip a generation.

Exhibit A: Me. The dude who needed Girls on the Run to conquer a 5K, as I followed Marie’s swinging ponytail.

Exhibit B: Rory, from Time Out for Mom.

We each have kids who run, though. So, we’re sort of a sacrifice for our kids to really spread their wings. Or feet. Whatever.

Please give Rory a warm welcome, and excuse her Canadian spellings. (We’re so international around here). And check out Rory’s blog, where she does a Tuesday coffee chat, and even tells a little about herself. Did you know she’s a superhero, too?

Run over and check it out. Unless, of course, your kids run. Because that means you probably don’t.

But as Rory proves, you can still be a hero. A superhero, even.

# # #

stormtroopers car dash
I took this while waiting to pick up Madison from work one night. I wonder if anyone saw me.

As a former track star… no, really.

Stop laughing.

Yay, yay – granted. I only run when chased these days. But that doesn’t mean I cannot run. That I was not once super-fast like greased lightning. To think that I cannot tap into the Speed That Once Was….just let me set this Pumpkin Spice Grande and homemade coconut banana muffin the heck down and…..

As I was saying.

Since I did track in my youth, I was quite pleased that my eldest (9-year-old boy) recently announced, around his own mouthful of delicious muffin, that he was going to join the Cross Country Team at school.

Now, you would think that this would lead to a discussion about the best running shoes, Dry Fit clothing and perhaps fewer muffins on the side.

But no. Heroes.

But, no

Kids love to surprise you like that.

At first, I was all like “Awwww, darling son knows I used to run in school and has decided to be a star just like his mom. I’m his hero.”

But no. Avengers.

Kids like to destroy your delusions of grandeur too.

So like any good parent, I cuddled up in my bed with my now considerably less darling son, who should really wipe the look of surprise off his face that mommy used to run track if he wants popcorn with this movie moment.

Jeremy Renner’s arms though. So um, yeah.

After the movie, the volley of questions I was expecting concerning heroes: Who we choose, why we choose, are they actually afraid of anything and how the heck do you get this magical thing called “courage.”

Ah, kids

But no. He just wanted to go to sleep.

Kids. There’s just no depth to them – know what I mean?

But my mind: Oh, it was swirling.

Who will the boy choose as a hero? Since it is clearly NOT his java guzzling non-running mama.

I think of the young celebs achieving so much, so soon, so fast these days.

Miley as Hannah Montana? That might not be so bad.

Miley twerking against a married man and father? Hell to the No!

Oh, Lance.

It makes me wonder what price these people will pay in their 30s, to purchase back what they gave away so freely in their 20s.

But we are talking sports So…..Lance Armstrong? Epic.Fail

Well, I guess the golden rule we should keep in mind as parents: My kids are already watching someone. Every.Day. Copying what they see and hear.

Me. And hey peanut gallery: You also.

This gives me pause. Because. Uh Oh.


Truth just came rounding third and is Full Tilt Heading Home. Am I safe? Am I winning at being the example I wish to see in my children?

What is my batting average at this parenting gig? Some days, I am not so sure it is Major League Worthy. And yet, I am in the show. All.In.

Make mine a cosmo

And on rare days – I must say; I can knock this parenting gig right over the wall left-center field. There may have been a few Hail Mary’s muttered in the winning: But it is good nonetheless. Other days, I just want to hide out in the dugout and drink beer. (Not really. I’m a Cosmo girl.)

More importantly, I realize that both sides of me – this winning and losing – are Okay. A Hero is not someone who never made a mistake. Never fumbled or failed. No, a Hero is someone who keeps going – no matter the losses, or the odds.

They don’t give up. Quitters do. They walk off the field when the going gets tough and they’ve fallen too far behind. They don’t want to play anymore.

But Winners.

Winners always want the ball, when the game is on the line.

(Don’t let me down Coach….name that movie.)

The hero of the game is most likely the one who, despite the score or the possible outcome; says: Put me in Coach. I want to play. I want the ball.

The lesson here

And maybe he wins. Maybe he loses.

But the lesson I’d like my son to learn is; that in stepping onto that field – when all the signs are saying It Is Pointless: he has already won.


And he showed me that in his first race.

A storm hit our little town at exactly race time. It was cold. It was windy. It was pouring rain. He was soaked before he ever hit the starting line. His feet sloshing in his already drowned runners. Dry Fit was not going to help him at all.

But he ran. And when he got so cold he couldn’t run – he didn’t quit. He walked to that finish line. He was second to last – his little heart pounding in exhaustion…..and disappointment.

“I really wanted to do well mommy.”

Oh, baby. You came. You ran. You finished. That is all the “well” anyone can expect of you. Especially on a cold October rainy day like this.

And one for mom.

Kids eh. They can so surprise you.

Digging in, charging forth…….and teaching lessons.

Oh yes, my little Coach. My pint size hero.

I want in THIS game. I want the ball. Win or lose: I Am All In.

And together; we’ll keep our eye on the ball.

quote perseverance pele



  1. Rorybore says:

    Thanks so much for letting a Canuck like me run amuck all over your turf. Your nice guy, eh? 🙂
    Seriously, I am thrilled and honoured to be in the Big Show at Coach Eli’s. Only hope I can live up to the awesomeness that normally abounds here. I was expecting some pizza still steaming straight out of the man cave, but since you gave me a smiling Renner pic, international incident averted. ha!
    Merci Beaucoup for the great opportunity, warm welcome: I thank you kindly.

    1. Bloggers without Borders, that’s what we are. Or is that Bloggers without Filters?

      Welcome to the show. It might be the Bush League show, but it’s a show.

      There’s plenty of pizza – you just didn’t notice because of Jeremy. He’s a friend to the Coach Daddy blog, though. Not my favorite cinematic archer (hi, J-Law!), but he’s top 5.

      You’ll have a blast with the give-and-take here today. You don’t even have to speak American.

  2. LOve the baseball anology.
    My kids are runners too, I don’t think I would run even if someone was chasing me. I would just Be like dude, you win. On that note, even in last place he would still be ahead of me. But that was a great parenting lesson to focus on finishing rather than placing.

    1. Baseball analogies always hit the mark – even for people in a country with just one MLB team.

      1. Rorybore says:

        I think we ran out of money after building that stadium. 😉
        Joe Carter home run though – 1993 World Series – That Happened There.
        (see, I do know a little sports trivia)

      2. I think Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams had to seek asylum in your country after that blast.

    2. Rorybore says:

      Non-runners unite!! I’ll hand out water bottles all day, as long as it doesn’t involve bugs flying in my face…or sweating. I think that’s still being part of the team though – which is the point anyway. “finishing rather than placing” – yes! that! It’s a tricky thing indeed to try and help a 9 year old understand that often it is the trials, and even the “losing” sometimes, that builds your character.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      1. There’s so much learning in losing – and I’ve learned, a lot.

  3. TBM says:

    I’m trying to remember who my hero was at that age. I was big into pirates, but not sure that counts. They aren’t really the hero type and this was before Depp and Pirates. Not that Jack Sparrow is a hero. Good for him for finishing the race. If I was that cold and wet I may have quit. He’s a hero to me.

    1. Woody Woodpecker might have been mine.

    2. Rorybore says:

      If you are talking Captain Hook as in the show Once Upon the Time…. I definitely surrender and am boarding that ship. Although, I don’t think that actually has anything to do with “heroes”. we may have gotten off track…. LOL
      I am pretty sure that mine at that age was a cowboy from Snowy River.
      I was convinced if I could just get my little stubborn horse to obey (and get to Australia of course), I could tame a herd of wild horses.
      Oddly, as a parent: Mission Accomplished! 😉

      1. Once Upon a Time – Cinderella. The end. (the peasant one).

  4. Eli, you sure know how to pick ’em! What an awesome guest post! And don’t feel bad about following a ponytail across the finish line. I’ve outraced my fair share of dudes, and my four year old is already blazing the way, ponytail bobbing behind her!

    Rory, LOVE everything about this! As parents we have to set the example for our kids. We sure as heck can’t let fallen Disney starlets do it for us! Of course, there are days I fail miserably as a parent and just hope my girls were otherwise occupied. But, just like you and your determined son, I’m all in, rain or shine. Somedays I have to drag my body across the line, but I’ll get there eventually! Kudos to your son for finishing his race! And even bigger kudos to you for being the real hero and instilling your all-in attitude in him!

    1. It was Marie’s ponytail, so I’ll never mind that!

    2. Rorybore says:

      thanks Nicole!
      I am not quite sure that my son still believes that I was a track star once upon a time, but I do still have all my ribbons should proof be required.
      I am saving that reveal for one of those “so not winning today” parenting days.
      I am also not quite sure that he fully got the message that losing does not equate to “loser,” and that as long as you are still giving it your all: you’ll always be grateful that you didn’t quit.
      Yoda probably said it better 😉

      1. when in doubt, invert your sentences like Yoga and wiser you will sound.

  5. bocafrau says:

    Yay, Rory, so great to see you here. Loved this post and I think, your kids hit the check pot when they got you for a mommy!!! xo

    1. Rorybore says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      And you’re just Awesome for being so kind and supportive 🙂
      Seems I am the lucky one, blessed in my own home…..and amongst all my blog “homes.”

      1. You did good – bring some Canadian pizza next time, would you?

    2. She’s pretty all-right, isn’t she?

  6. tamaralikecamera says:

    I only run fast when someone is chasing me. Or if there’s an ice cream truck to chase. Or if I have to prove something to someone. That’s about it. It’s too early to tell, but my daughter might be the same. Everyone on the playground is faster than her, until they call for snacktime. Then she’s the first one back. Food. Motivation. My husband was a great track runner way back when! Well he says, “Good. Not great.”

    1. Rorybore says:

      I totally see your point…er…motivation. I bet if someone put a fresh coffee at the finish line, I’d be first across. But if it was a really long race, perhaps a beer at the midpoint, because you know – I’d probably get thirsty along the way.

      1. I thought about a cheeseburger during my last 5K. I feel like this shouldn’t shock anyone.

    2. Running hard at snacktime is another way to say you’re “clutch,” Tamara.

  7. Julia Tomiak says:

    Fun post- with an excellent point. Thanks Rory and Eli for reminding me about what’s important. Now I hope to be a decent hero this afternoon even though we are all exhausted from Halloween night and a sugar overdose…

    1. Rory really knocked it out. She’s got that sweet sensibility and Canadian knowledge going on. Pack a KitKat or six for the afternoon and give it your best!

    2. Rorybore says:

      I walked my kids for over an hour around our neighbourhood last night – I’ll take those 6 kit kat bars! (snort – like I didn’t already, ha!). Same son was pretty impressed that I ate that red hot fireball he found in his trick or treat bag though
      See…I’m just knocking them all out of the park over here 😉

      1. Eli Pacheco says:

        Six KitKats seems fair to me. Do you think it looks funny when we spell it “neighborhood” here south of the border? If the kids weren’t impressed with your storied running career, surely the disposal of the red hot fireball should cement your place in motherhood lore, Rory.

        Like Ice Cube says, “I have to say it was a good day.”

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