Gorton’s Giveaway: Teach a Man to (Cook) Fish, and He’ll Eat for a Lifetime


Hey you. Yeah, you.

The one with three dozen frozen caterpillars on a cookie sheet.

Oh. Those are fish sticks? My bad.

I used to be there, chum. I know it feels like purgatory, to dump out frozen chunks onto a cookie sheet and call it dinner. Some little kids won’t eat anything but the Holy Trinity of Tots: chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and mac & cheese.

That orange pack of powder ought to have a food group all its own.

Things change, though. Trust me.

One day, the kids will turn from their nuggets and fish sticks to the stuff you have on your plate. If it’s a salmon filet or tilapia, you’re in for it. My girls ransacked my Gorton’s salmon filet. Killed it. And from that day on … fish sticks just wouldn’t cut it.


I recently had the chance to review Gorton’s authentic artisan recipe selections. Later in this review, you’ll have a chance to win coupons good for two boxes of artisan fillets yourself, and even a cool cutting board.

(Try and cut up some veggies to go with the fish. My girls wanted me to cut up fudge on them.)

Visit gortons.com to download coupons for the artisan line. Check out their delicious line of #RealSolutions for great seafood dinner. Try some of the recipes they’ve posted.

Connect with Gorton’s on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for more offers and #RealSolutions.


What we loved

We picked up boxes of artisan authentic recipe fillets:

  • Lemon and Cracked Peppercorn
  • Roasted Garlic and Herb
  • Southern Style
  • Southwest Tortilla

Soccer nights cut right into mealtime. When you can whip out delicious, seasoned fish fillets and have them ready in less than 30 minutes, that’s a plus. I found it impossible to pick a favorite, but the kids said the Roasted Garlic and Herb filets were their favorites.

Well, the oldest two, anyway.

Grace said she liked the Southern Style best, but her empty plate on Roasted Garlic and Herb night told another story. I predicted the herbs to be too strong for the kid who thinks honey mustard dip means fine dining. I was wrong.

These kids destroyed these fillets.

What we didn’t love

The price. At around $5 per box, we’d need two to keep everyone fed. We’d need a sale or coupon (or both) to justify its place on the dinner menu. It’s tough when three kids’ appetites grow like fish tales.



Today’s the last day to enter the Real Solutions Sweepstakes. But Gorton’s has allowed me to give away my own prize pack.

Just leave a comment on this blog about why you’d like to try Gorton’s artisan recipe solutions. That will qualify you for a chance to win coupons for two selections, plus a Gorton’s cutting board.

Entries end at midnight, April 29.

I’ll pick the winner at random, and contact you by email.

Good luck!

# # #

I was not compensated for this post, but I did receive coupons for free artisan products. Oh, and a cool cutting board.

Gorton's Real Fabulous Review


  1. My husband and I aren’t huge fans of fish per say. I do like shell fish, especially shrimp, but plain, old regular fish not so much. I know I should, because it is healthier for you, because just can’t get myself to enjoy it. Don’t hate me for saying that 🙂

    1. I could never hate you Janine – even if you were a dodgers fan! (I still hope you’re not). Do your kids like fish? In my house, there’s no such thing as ‘leftover fish.’

      1. Not a Dodgers fan at all. mets fan from way back though and no my kids don’t really eat fish either, but again just happy you don’t or hold it against me lol 🙂

      2. Oh good, but remember, we don’t capitalize dodgers, raiders, red wings or lakers on Coach Daddy. Out of decency.

        Mets? Mets, I can handle.

        And more fish for my kids, as it turns out.

  2. We’d need about five boxes..and that’s just for Des!
    Although Scarlet will actually eat Gorton’s and that’s really saying something because she really just eats marshmallow cereal, cheese and apples.
    And Gorton’s.

  3. Not only are we willing to try new things but track/basketball/volleyball/band cut into our own dinnertime and anything convenient AND relatively nutritious is a bonus! Would love to win. And who doesn’t love a good cutting board?

    1. You’d love these, Teri – they are quick, but taste like you spent all afternoon in the kitchen making them. Good luck! The cutting board is really nice, too.

    1. Our fish-stick phase was short, but the chicken nugget era lives on. Fish tacos and tilapia? Don’t let my girls hear that. They’ll think I’ve been doing this wrong.

      Good luck on the giveaway.

  4. LOL! What a great review! Sadly, we can’t do fish in our house…it makes the hubby turn green at the smell. LOL! So I guess it is good that my kids never got into the fish stick thing, but chicky nuggets were always a goner! The roasted garlic and herb sound pretty good, though. Have a great week, Eli!

    1. Thanks Stacey – I don’t usually do these! This was a great opportunity, though. If you win, you should send hubs out with the kids and enjoy the roasted garlic and herb yourself on mom’s night.

  5. There’s no Gorton’s in Switzerland. Therefore allow an alien the following question: is there a product line featuring ray, squid and horseshoe crab? Your family should do another food review then.

    Ever since Colin watched the Disney Cars wasabi scene

    he is into sushi. He’ll still eat fish sticks, though.

  6. My oldest will eat sushi, seafood and fish but the two 11yo wonder eaters do not. They all eat really well but fish doesn’t make the list. It used to until we visited the fish market in Chelsea Market. Tris was about 5, walked into the market, took a few breaths and let it all loose, all over the floor. That was it for both of them. I keep trying different recipes in hopes of reigniting their taste for it and I would totally try these Gorton’s artisan recipe selections, with a side of pasta just in case!

    1. Good plan – at least if they don’t like it, you have the pasta backup … and more fish for you.

      Grace is a nuggets girl, but she destroyed this stuff.

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