On the Road Again: This Time, at The Graying Chronicles

photo credit: Pavel P. via photopin cc
photo credit: Pavel P. via photopin cc

Shave it, or save it?

That’s the question right now. I vowed years ago that if someone I loved ever told me I was going bald, I’d take it all off. Grow out a goatee (or Tim Howard beard) and go chrome-dome on everyone’s ass.

Today, I’m at Tammie’s place, at The Graying Chronicles.

Tammie’s blog is a wonderful look at life from early parenthood. I might be past the graying chapter and into the faltering-eyesight and thinning hair act. But in a graceful way. I can still rock a pair of cargos and a v-neck shirt.

I’m at Tammie’s place today for a little techno-talk.

It’s a ways down the line for her. At least 17,000 gray hairs away. My guest post is about the time your kids’ technology takes the jump from Leapfrog to smartphone, from Vtech to high tech. And dad gets brought along, kicking and screaming. And turning gray.

Or shaving it all.

I haven’t decided yet.

Feel free to impart any advice you have for me here in the comments. But only after you get to Tammie’s place. I have a feeling you’ll want to stay around a while, even.

I’d bet my hair on it.


  1. Shave or save eh? there comes a stage in life Mate where you think it’s better shaving it off. Then you look at what’s left and think that you can wait a little bit longer. I shaved my head once, it scared me. I looked like Lex Luther’s slightly backward younger brother. Wasn’t a good look at all.

    1. Thing is, I’m not really balding yet. Maybe getting a little thin. I can see it if I use too much hair product. Marie had an aerial view of me, and said, “you’re balding.” Trigger clause.

      I wish we had a picture of your Lex Luther look. I think a shaved head will drop me from a solid 6 to a 3 instantly. Even if I do grow a big beard.

      Well, especially with a big beard.

      1. Ah thinning. A terrible thing when the light gets in to your scalp and you need less teeth in your comb. There are no surviving pics of my Lex Luther look, it was destroyed for security reasons. I didn’t want people running out screaming into the streets when they saw it. I’ve had the whole lot Mate, beard, goatee, big sideburns, long hair, crew cuts and I’ll tell you one thing, I look bloody good in my Davy Crocket hat. Hmm, perhaps I could find a rabbit and sit it on my head and from a distance people would think it was a Hare.
        Beards are good until you spill yoghurt on them.

      1. Head on over…she’d appreciate it.

        Lol about the texting. Roll with it, embrace it.and look for things that will make you laugh because of it…my niece earned the name Sasquatch because she tripped over her feet while texting. We still laugh.

      2. I did.

        While I was on campus at the University of South Carolina, a pretty girl ran into my while she texted. “Look where I’m going,” She smiled when she said it. I was impressed she was so quick on her feet.

      3. It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself when you do something like that (you beat the other to the punch). What did the wing co-worker do when they saw the screen? Did they laugh and say, “Yup, I deserved that”? Or, did they get all angry? I hope it was the first option.

      1. I think your hair still has quite a bit of life in it, but as for mine as thick and long as it is f I didn’t dye it I could surely give Cruella Deville a run for her money!!

      2. I think so too. You mean, the Cruella of “if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will” fame? I don’t know … and it’s funny how a dude can go gray and feel he’s ‘distinguished,’ but women get gray, and dye it.

  2. Save it. You’ve still got it.
    Or shave it. It can grow back!
    I think you still have quite a few years. I’m smiling at Janine’s comment above. Her hair is not nearly as dark as mine. Mine might one day turn gray! And then I’ll be like, “Shave it? Cut it? Color it? Let it ride? Dye it pink?”

    1. Way to take a stand, T-bow 😉 I think I’ll hold off for now. I can make it to 45 at least. Remember on Poltergeist when the lady’s hair turned gray after she saw a ghost? I wonder if that’s true. We should ask Laurie.

    1. Thanks Kim – I’m nowhere near like, Dr. Phil bald. It’s usually bushy, overgrown and unkempt enough for coverage. Like weeds in your lawn. Hey, they’re green!

      You wouldn’t say, “Coach Daddy is over there … the balding guy by the cookie table,” for instance. I’m not there yet.

  3. My poor husband was crushed when our two year old looked down between the stair banisters and said ‘Daddy, your head is shiny- where’s your hair?!’- he’s thinning too but hasn’t quite reached the point of ‘shave it’. Keep it while you can, I say!

    1. The truth hurts, but we rely on those who love (and don’t have filters) to give it to us straight. I have a signed a contract extension with my hair through the year 2017.

      Thanks for the vote!

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