New Year’s Wishes, in 6 Words

photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc
photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc

See ya next year.

6 words graphicCouldn’t help it. It’s just the kid in me, and it’s been especially on display lately. This edition of Six Words has to do with wishes for the new year. With all the diets and life plans, we’re taking charge of the season of resolutions and turning new leaves.

But wishes still have a spot in the madness.

Every month, I compile a post called “6 Words.” Hemingway inspired it when he said any story can be told in a six-word sentence. I ask bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt.

What’s your new year’s wish for 2015, in six words?

We wished for time to slow and peaceful births. Fun moments and bountiful chocolate. (What would a 6 words post be without chocolate?) We wished for books, understanding, and smaller butts. And Zen. We could use some Zen.

Check out the wonderful wish list you created here.


1. I’d like to slow down time!

Nikki Y., of Nikki Young Writes

2. New state, new adventures, same girl.

Bex S., of Butcher’s Niche

3. Peace and courage to dream big.

Tat, of Mum In Search

4. Having a peaceful and relaxing birth.

Brittnei W., of Homemaking With Style

5. Less stress, more money, more writing!

Angela K., of Writer Mom

6. Engage each day with action words.

Sharon Z., of Mommy Verbs

Courtesy of Natalie
Courtesy of Natalie

7. Enjoy fun moments with my boys!

Natalie, of From Corporate to Domestic

8. To slow down would be dreamy.

Amy M., of Maisy Mak

9. Mind, body, spirit:  All things renewed.

Rory, of Time Out For Mom 

10. Helping individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Jennifer L., of That’s a Jenn Story

11. Healthy, happy kids; Mommy experiencing Zen.

Sara L., of Sweet Silly Sara

12. All my dreams will come true!

Tracey Z., of Just a Trace

photo credit: Sanctuary photography → back ! maybe :p via photopin cc
photo credit: Sanctuary photography → back ! maybe :p via photopin cc

13. Shine your light and just be.

Adriana H., of Here I Am

14. The predicted chocolate shortage won’t happen.

Carrie R., of The Write Transition

15. Happy kids, patient parents, fun times!

MaryAnne K., of Thrifty Crafty Mama

16. Reread Proust and search for time.

Letizia, of Reading Interrupted

17. To be truly thankful every day.

Kathy R., of My Dishwasher’s Possessed

18. Grow – be better than steps before.

Meredith S., of Mom of the Year

photo credit: dongga BS via photopin cc
photo credit: dongga BS via photopin cc

19. Consume more coffee. Write more words.

Jess W., of Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project

20. I wish to do more photography.

Susi K., of Boca Frau

21. Some old, some new; always together!

Rabia L., of The Lieber Family

22. To focus on growing my family.

Megan W., of The Walker Fireside Chats

23. 365 nights with eight hours of sleep.

Julia T., of Diary of a Word Nerd

24. Love in every moment, every day.

Kir P., of The Kir Corner

photo credit: Philerooski via photopin cc
photo credit: Philerooski via photopin cc

25. A world more understanding and kind.

Stephanie-May, of 50 Shades of Me

26. Lives bursting with love, presence, happiness.

Christine Y., of Love Life Surf

27. New year. New me. Same lies.

Shelley S., of Peak Perspective

28. Forgive, laugh, love, enjoy, and LIVE.

Cheryl D., of Snaps of Ginger

29. Live, love, & play every day.

Jamie, of C.R.A.F.T. – Creating Really Awesome Free Things

30. “Big bucks, no whammies, and.. STOP.”

Tamara B., of Tamara Camera

photo credit: AlmaArte Photography via photopin cc
photo credit: AlmaArte Photography via photopin cc

31. Happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, more sleep!

Megan B., of Super Commuter Couples

32. Country livin’, fishin’, pioneer spirit, family.

Toby S., of Dumbass News

33. Love, laugh, live, and survive puberty.

Katy C., of Experienced Bad Mom

34. Take all in and enjoy it!

Janine H., of Confessions of a Mommyaholic

35. College graduation: stop dreaming, start doing.

Britta B., of What is Past is Prologue

36. Settled, content, and warm this winter.

Kim, of Protean Mom

photo credit: w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) via photopin cc
photo credit: w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) via photopin cc

37. Every day is a new opportunity.

Jodi F., of The Noise of Boys

38. More patience, more chocolate, no whining.

Amber M., of Airing My Dirty Laundry

39. I’d just like to have peace!

Chris C., of the Mom Cafe

40. Adjust, survive, thrive, live, laugh, love.

Rachael B., of Three Boys and a Mom

41. No concussions; less whine, more wine.

Meg D., of Dear Crazy Kids

42. New job, new home, new life.

Raine V., of Pursuit of Peace

photo credit: Viewminder via photopin cc
photo credit: Viewminder via photopin cc

43. Understanding, compassion and love for all.

Laurie S., of The Adventure of Writing

44. Stay sane, be kind, have fun.

Alison L., of Writing Wishing

45. Release last year’s fears like balloons.

Kristen, of Bye Bye Beer

46. Life continues to be pretty awesome.

Dana H., of Kiss My List

47. Starting new business, hope it succeeds!

Marie P., of Normal Everyday Life

48. More food, drink, no weight gain!

Teri B., of Snarkfest

reading love
photo credit: Ram Balmur via photopin cc

49. 2015: lots of love and success.

Elle, of Elle Sees

50. Grandma was right: good health, all!

Renee S-J., of Because Life Doesn’t Fit in a File Folder

51. Five rockstars joyful abundant empowering adventures.

Erin S., of Dig Deep Play Hard

52. To be a published author, finally.

Beth T., of Writer B is Me

53. To not make New Year’s resolutions.

Jennifer S., of Jenn’s Midlife Crisis 

54. Courage to accept and be myself.

Sara-Jayne J., of Keep Up With the Jones Family

55.  Two weddings more love for all.

Carol C. of Carol Early Cooney

56. To make a memory with someone.

Andra W., of Accidental Cootchie Mama

57. Husband will make decisions about dinner.

Lisa of The Meaning of Me

58. Take a walk in another’s shoes.

Stephanie J., of When Crazy Meets Exhaustion

59. Health and joy, peace and harmony.

Cristina, of Exhale Joy

60. Stick with positive, upbeat, open-minded people.

Amy M., of Teach Mama


61. Peace, fun, growing, learning, loving – together.

Leanna, of All Done Monkey

62. Rich and fulfilled – healthy, prosperous, loving.

Kristi M., of Mom’s Own Words

63. Being awesome with people I love.

Britt S., of A Physical Perspective

64. Worry less, enjoy the moment more.

Hilary, of Feeling Beachie

65. Health, happiness, love, joy, success, peace.

Lisa W., of The Golden Spoons

66. Enjoy more time with my family.

Kristen, of 31 Million Seconds

photo credit: Smile and the world smiles at you! via photopin (license)

67. A bigger heart and smaller butt.

Michelle, of Mama Mick Terry

68. Peace – let it begin with me.

Jen G., of Jen Groeber: Mama Art

69. Wishing for an outbreak of decency.

Jacqueline G., of Author Jacqueline Gum

70. Make NY Times best Seller List.

Marcia D., of Menopausal Mother

71. peace on earth, donuts for everybody!

Tamara G., of The Three Gerbers

72. Wishing for ease, peace, resolve, love.

Jennifer H., of Dancing in the Rain

73. I’ll put the vision into play.

Eli P., of Coach Daddy

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  1. Dana says:

    I love how you compile these! Have you seen Six Word Memoirs? They have a whole site dedicated to this, and fun contests, too. I used to write them, but fell out. Maybe I’ll start again with your prompt!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks Dana! I will check out that site. I’ve done these every month for more than a year now. I just sent you the next prompt!

  2. Raine says:

    46 is my favorite!! Thanks for including me and sorry for taking so long to come over!!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Kristen had a great one, for sure. I’m glad you made it by! Maybe you’ve just been busy with your own sentence … let me know how things are going!

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