🛣️ On the Road Again: This Time, at Tamara (Like) Camera

photo credit: pix.plz via photopin cc
photo credit: pix.plz via photopin cc

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

A fishmonger, an obituary writer, and a Walmart cashier walk into a bar … In this case, they’re the same person. As in, the same person has held down all three of those lousy jobs. All three, in this case, are me.

Makes a sucky joke, huh? But a decent guest post, I hope.

Today, I’m moving on up like George and Weezie. Tamara Bowman asked me to hold down the mansion. She’s off being a Disney princess. You’ll read about her adventure, soon. Today, I’m at Tamara (Like) Camera to divulge the worst jobs I’ve ever had.

Come check it out! And tell me in comments here (or there) …

what’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

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31 thoughts on “🛣️ On the Road Again: This Time, at Tamara (Like) Camera

  1. Ahhh… another Jack of all trades, I see! 🙂 Let’s see… worst job must have been bussing tables when I was 11. But then, there was lots of free food, so it wasn’t so bad,really.. Probably my worst job was in some ways my best. Half of a morning news/entertainment team at a medium market radio station (Tulsa) working alongside a narcissist with serious temper issues… Yeah, the money was so not worth the grief! 🙂

    1. Another ‘jack’ is right, Dorreen. What restaurant in the free world employs 11-year-olds to bus tables? There are a lot of crappy jobs I’d do for free food, though.

      After you’ve worked with a narcissist with serious temper issues … you can pretty much handle anything, right?

    1. What’s a restoration company? I bet they didn’t play music or take you to Cancun. I think it’d be stressful to be a mean boss. You ought to blog that job sometime, Ash.

      1. A restoration company has crews of people that go into your house or place of business and fix any damage made by water, tree fallen on your house, etc… So we had to deal with insurance companies as well as people who were having a pretty terrible day, therefore not in the best of moods. It was Disneyland that’s for sure.

  2. You were a fish monger? I love it. I’ve never known an actual fish monger. Well, I mean other than my regular one at the market…
    Worst job ever…let’s see. I think it has to be when I was slinging bologna in a supermarket deli. It’s not that I’m above that kind of work. Not at all. But I was stuck there post-degree, post awesome job situation that turned out to be a nightmare, post failed self-employment attempt, post breakup. Sucked. Truth is, it wasn’t the job as much as what it represented — all those things that didn’t go as planned. But it motivated me to figure out what I needed to do to pull myself up by my proverbial bootstraps, as my Grandfather would say. So I did.
    Going to read…

    1. I didn’t have the official title “fish monger,” but I use it now because of how cool it sounds. I don’t think A&P counts.

      I think that if you’d been in a better spot in life, the bologna might not have been so bad. But post-degree, post-breakup, even working as a cookie test-taster might get sucky.

      A crappy job can motivate, for sure.

  3. telemarketer hands down worse job ever. I didn’t even last the whole first day. And the boss actually said with a very serious face, “you’ll be sorry if I have to fire you.”
    Really? Let’s test out that theory right fricking now buddy.
    I would like a chance to be a Disney Princess for a day though. Especially if it means I get to hang with Tamara. 🙂

  4. I lasted a week at a matchmaking company. She told me to fix the printer and walk her dog.
    I left a post-it note to break up with that company.
    No regrets.
    Why didn’t I really go the route of being a Disney princess???

      1. The dress is see through. Every Halloween I have to explain to Scarlet that I need a new one that doesn’t require leggings around children.
        We both know it’s my hair that’s the real proof.

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