How We’d Change Our Stars, in 6 Words

photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc
photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc

Changing your stars is kind of a big deal.

It’s like in Scrabble, when you’re saddled with Z, D, D, Y, R, R, L. You cash in your chips for a new set. Surrender up what you have, and trust that whatever you pull out of the bag is to be than what you had.

Every month, I compile a post called 6 Words. Ernest Hemingway inspired it when he claimed you can tell a story in a six-word sentence. I call on bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends. How will they respond to the prompt?

January is Change Your Stars month. What would you change in your life, sky’s the limit, in six words?

This prompt took right off from last month’s wishes for 2015. It’s almost like a reset button. What would have happened if stormtroopers got into disco? Talk about changing your stars. (They’d still be lousy shots, but could do The Hustle).

How would you change your stars?

photo credit: ☼zlady via photopin cc
photo credit: ☼zlady via photopin cc

1. Better health, focused writing and serenity.

Cathy C., of An Empowered Spirit blog

2. My health – I wanna do more

Stephanie-May, of Darky Blue blog

3. Own Parisian apartment again (and jet).

Letizia, of Reading Interrupted blog

4. Pack up, and move to Australia!

Alison L, of Writing Wishing blog

5. Grow heart,mind; Shrink stress, buttocks.

May, of Messy Money blog

6. Voice my feelings not eat them.

Kathy R., of My Dishwasher’s Possessed blog

photo credit: M$$MO via photopin cc
photo credit: M$$MO via photopin cc

7. More: Time, energy, peace, love, happiness.

Theresa, of Theresa’s Mixed Nuts blog

8. New concept takes off like wildfire!

Christine, of A Sprinkle of This and That blog

9. A car that never breaks down.


10. To dance with my fear courageously!

Tara N., of Family Sport Life blog

11. Younger back and pain free runs.

Deb, of Deb Runs blog

12. Shape time to chase my passions.

Penelope G., of Penelope’s Oasis blog

photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer via photopin cc
photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer via photopin cc

13. I’d sing like a Broadway star.

Dana H., of Kiss My List blog

14. Twenty pounds of grief weight gone.

Kathy G., of Kissing the Frog blog

15. Get butt moving, lose 45 pounds!!!!

Lisa, of BlondiesBEARista blog

16. Change being overwhelmed; seems manageable – not.

Kate H., of Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine blog

17. Win the lottery, pay off med-school!

Jamie J., of Kreyv blog

18. Win the Powerball. Ponies for everyone!

Gina T., of Full of It blog

photo credit: Dark_Mokona via photopin cc
photo credit: Dark_Mokona via photopin cc

19. Reconcile with my wife and children.

Tony R., of A Way With Words blog

20. Get auto focus lens for brain.

Harmony H., of Harmony With Animals blog

21. Children wouldn’t be such picky eaters!!!

Lisa W., of The Golden Spoons blog

22. Believe in myself, today and always.

Kirsten P., of The Kir Corner blog

23. Time to relocate – destination Pacific Northwest!

Nancy W., of On the Home Front blog

24. Three-month relocation – Canada is cold.

Kim S., of Co-Pilot Mom blog

photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc
photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc

25. Change my dreams into my realities!

Jen W., of Pink When blog

26. Defeat depression and accept body image.

Roxy, of Unintentionally Brilliant blog

27. Every precious moment has a place.

Maggie M., of Maggie May Just Say This blog

28. Simplify life through organization and budgeting.

Michelle N., of A Dish of Daily Life blog

29. Dream bigger until it becomes reality.

Ashley M., of Post Grad Jitters blog

30. More time for everything I love.

Cynthia, of You Signed Up For What?! blog

photo credit: WilzDezign via photopin cc
photo credit: WilzDezign via photopin cc

31. Sparkle as I approach my goals.

Angela A., of Playing With Words blog

32. Learn to hold onto the moments.

Jennifer L, of Outsmarted Mommy blog

33. Stop procrastinating and write that book!

Kristen, of 31 Million Seconds blog

34. Beach dreaming while sipping Pina Coladas.

Janine H., of Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic blog

35. Year-round Idaho temperatures of 80 degrees.

Aunie R., of Aunie Sauce blog

36. I’d stop worrying and just live.

Meredith E., of Perfection Pending blog

photo credit: the Italian voice via photopin cc
photo credit: the Italian voice via photopin cc

37. Move the scale to the left.

Sharon, of Mayor of Crazyville blog

38. Kids napping at the same time.

Kim, of Protean Mom blog

39. Direct the movie “Pigs Gone Wild.”

Bacon T., of Pig Love blog

40. Seek the silence, rediscover the beauty.

Les B., of Time Out for Mom blog

41. 2015: less chores, more me time.

Heather S., of Heather Christena Schmidt blog

42. Debt-free published author and home owner.

Allie T., of Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops blog

photo credit: Ms. Phoenix via photopin cc
photo credit: Ms. Phoenix via photopin cc

43. My negative attitude to positive gratitude.

Kristi M., of Moms Own Words blog

43. No wrinkles, no cellulite, win lottery!

Princess Rosebud, of Enchanted Seashells blog

44. Act more, think less, find balance.

Stephanie R., of So I’ve Been Thinking Blog

45. I’d accept my sweet, imperfect life.

Kristen, of Bye Bye Beer blog 

46. Anxiety won’t feel like a noose.

Tamara B., of Tamara (Like) Camera blog

47. Must-have mommy vacation- total relaxation!

Jodi F., of The Noise of Boys blog

48. Start living a very wow life.

Eli P., of Coach Daddy blog

stars quote


75 thoughts on “How We’d Change Our Stars, in 6 Words

  1. For some reason, I am not getting in my email when you have this challenge. This is the 2nd time I have missed it. 😦

    1. Sorry Naila – they go out through the month to folks in my inbox and when I visit blogs (which I don’t get to nearly enough.)

      Drop me an email tomorrow for February’s prompt!

  2. The sky truly is the limit here and going to lie after the past few days’ weather never could my own be more wished for to be honest. Still thank you always for including me 😉

  3. Oh I love these…wondered what this month’s was.
    I often look at my Scrabble letters and think “well these are good, but I can’t DO anything with them for crying out loud.” But do I ever trade them? Noo…I’m convinced if I just hold on to those I was dealt, I’ll get my opportunity. Not always so, in Scrabble or life.
    As always, a great collection of thought (I like the one with “think less” in it…I need to do that) and a bunch of new people to check out.

    1. I wish I had included it in one of our emails! It’s tough to give in an start over. It might be the toughest thing ever to do.

      There are some good new faces in this one … hope you find some new faves, Lisa!

  4. Wonderful topic, Eli! It made me think. I love the one about changing a negative attitude to positive gratitude. I think it’s easy to be negative – I doubt myself a lot – but just having this life is something to be grateful for. And chasing passions? So fabulous. I love yours too…and I hope that wow life is what you’re living! 🙂

    1. Thanks Shannon! This one got people thinking. Kind of a reset for New Year’s resolutions gone awry. The stuff that deserves gratitude is there, we often just don’t see it.

      We have to have something fueling that fire within us. It doesn’t have to mean selling all your possessions to start a South American tribe, but there’s something. there has to be.

      Glad you liked mine too … a very wow life would be awesome.

  5. A very wow life – I love it! I try to do that too. It may not be wow for everyone, but wow for me. I also love the varied sentences – some big, some small, some lighthearted, some serious. And quite a few comment on the cold – I can relate. I spend the winter under an electric blanket!

    1. I love it too, Dana. We can all go for something like that. Wow is quite personal.

      So many different perspectives … and I think a valuable element of this project is that no one sees anyone else’s response until they’re posted.

      People brought up the cold like they usually do chocolate and wine.

  6. I like ‘less chores, more me time’ I sign up for it where..?
    The good thing about the less this / more that wishes is that a small amount is already there. Up to us to figure out how to increase the ‘more’ and decrease the ‘less’!
    What makes your life WOW, E?

    1. There has to be some sort of outsourcing, Tamara – or a movement to just refuse to do the chores. We do have the key to most of this, don’t we? We just have to move that direction.

      To be heard, to be loved, and to hear and love … that makes a life wow, T.

  7. Maybe “A very wow life” description should be a prompt…I’ll bet those sentences would be something. Thanks again for including me, this is one of my favorite collections. And I’m sensing a theme of “bigger, better, healthier, stronger, happiness and gratitude” – I like it. I like it a lot.

    1. Now you’re on to something … there are months that don’t lend themselves easily to a prompt. I’ll keep “a very wow life” available for then!

      Glad you were in it, Stephanie. There’s a lot of momentum here. And you’re a part of that.

    1. A very wow life, even. I love it too. It can mean so much. I’m glad you were along again, Kim. always fun to see what everyone comes up with, and you make such great contributions.

    1. Dads usually don’t sparkle, though, but I think it works for women. Only way I’ll sparkle is if the girls paint my nails.

      Got your email – watch your inbox tomorrow, Dawn.

  8. “A few strange blogger friends” – I mean that’s really only me, right?
    Well, I certainly hope Alison moves to Australia so I can visit her!
    May you get your wow life, in many wow ways.

    1. It is you, and everyone knows it, Tamara.

      You’ll have to make sure there’s a farmer’s market with kale, and a cookie shop, wherever Alison lands.

      Very wow, I’m after a very wow life!

      1. There’s always kale here if everything else fails. Everyone here has great skin. And great hair.

      2. Haha!! Remind me to show you something SO funny! We have an “only in Northampton” Facebook page here. Somebody submitted a photo of all the kale completely gone, but the bread and milk still on shelves.
        As for the rest of the Northeast, they don’t live in our kale bubble.

  9. Oh….I LOVE these! I’m adding several to my list of “Things to do in 2015”
    Your call-out is fabulous! I just got a nice note from a friend yesterday with a quote that said, “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”
    Sounds like a WOW life to me 🙂

    1. Great set, right Michelle? It’s like a ready-made new-year’s list. I’m humbled at how well my ‘very wow’ was received – if only I could take credit for it!

      Your friend’s attitude is a key ingredient in a wow life. Love it.

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