A to Z Challenge: I is for Identity (Go Ask Daddy)

i is for identity

Who are you? Who am I?

CD az challengeIn the A to Z Challenge today, I stands for Identity. It shifts from generation to race to our tribe to our interests. I am Generation X, Hispanic, dad blogger and soccer coach. I’m others, too, in the moment (Pizza Friday) and beneath the surface (Kesha Appreciator).

In April, I’m also Allergy Sufferer and Haircut Needer.

I’m Back Scratcher, Mess Maker, Soda Drinker and Rockies Fan. The final question in Go Ask Daddy gave me license to examine another side of me, the fantastical superhero side that just didn’t die in my childhood.

How do you identify yourself?

I’m also, once a week, Question Answerer, for the kids. Here’s the latest round.

1. What does DVD stand for?

heismanThe innovation kind stands for Digital Video Disc.

Or, a Digital Versatile Disc. A DVD can hold movies, pictures, music, and even start your AOL account. The single-sided, single-layer disc holds 4.7GB of data. A double-sided, double-layer disc, 17.08GB. The first movie on DVD debuted on March 25, 1996 – Twister. That was way before Blue-ray discs.

DVD also stands for Dick Van Dyke, Dumb vs. Dumber and Dumb Video Ducks.

2. Is your bib number the same as the number of runners in a race?


Research for this answer proved one insight: A portion of the running world abhors the newbie.

Not all of it. I imagine friends such as Deb of Deb Runs treating the green runner with care. We tenderfeet commit atrocities such as wearing our race shirt – on race day. Or asking questions such as, how long is a marathon? In my world, the first person to sign up for a race gets bib No. 1.

Doesn’t that sound utopic?

The challenge: Finish the race higher than your bib number.

3. Dad, Kesha or Jennifer Lawrence?

photo credit: Jennifer Lawrence vino a divertirse a El Hormiguero via photopin (license)
photo credit: Jennifer Lawrence vino a divertirse a El Hormiguero via photopin (license)

It’s infinitely tougher than a mere Ginger/Mary Ann decision.

Kesha represents the edgy, academic brilliance interrupted by youthful indignation. Unabashed self-centeredness with a twinge of ‘knows better.’ Jennifer Lawrence is 100-proof nerddom wrapped in classic beauty. She’s elegantly awkward and exceedingly hilarious.

Must I pick just one?

Today, at this moment, after a long day in the sun, a walk through the ghetto and barely a fourth of the movie “Interstellar,” I’ll choose …

Jennifer Lawrence.

4. Why would Hillary Clinton need two phones?

photo credit: Hillary Clinton - Caricature via photopin (license)
photo credit: Hillary Clinton – Caricature via photopin (license)

So she could listen to Kesha on one and watch a Jennifer Lawrence movie on the other.

Clinton, the presumed front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, said she used a personal email account while she served as secretary of state so she wouldn’t have to carry two phones.

Now there’s this awesome innovation that allows you to access two accounts on one phone.

Maybe Hill should have just used SnapChat.

5. Who is your favorite Marvel hero?

Me, Circa 1976.
Me, Circa 1976.

No Kesha/J-Law dispute here: My choice is 100% Spiderman.

I met Spidey at the Greeley Mall when I was in elementary school. His Spidey helicopter flew over our neighborhood and he waved to me as I played football in the backyard.

I associate so much with him, both as Spiderman and Peter Parker.

I’ve often expressed my blog life/real life duality as “Spiderman on the blog, every big Peter Parker in real life.” Fingertips on the home keys, I know only one question: What’s the limit?

I labor in awkwardness when my fingers are off the keyboard, though.

I’m lumbering and oafish, as far as you can be lumbering and oafish in a 5-foot-6 frame. In my element, occasionally on the sideline and more often as I write, I’m the amalgamation of super powers and the cylinder clicks of a freakish act of nature.

A kid might idolize Thor or Iron Man or the Hulk.

Att age 5 or 25 or 43, I felt every bit Spiderman. Even the part of him described as having a “terrible identity problem, a marked inferiority complex, and a fear of women. He is anti-social and accident-prone … [a] functioning neurotic.”*

That’s an answer I can give with confidence.

spidey quote

*Source: http://blazemiskulin.kinja.com/why-peter-parker-has-to-be-white-and-spider-man-doesnt-1692935937


43 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: I is for Identity (Go Ask Daddy)

  1. I have to admire your grit and determination in keeping the challenge going Mate. Spiderman eh? I was a fan of The Phantom, the ghost who walks. He was the father figure I needed at the time. He was tough, kind, good and noble. Oh and he kicked ass.

    1. I want this challenge to help me write more efficiently, mate. Tough, kind, good and noble are superlative, for a father figure. Kick-ass just rounds it out.

      We should all hope to have that.

  2. Wow, you make it sound so easy… the identity thing… I’m going to use 26 letters to make a statement about my identity as a part-time working mom alone 😉

    I think we can lead an ordinary life AND make a difference.

    Wow, that picture of you – that was about C’s age! He is having a pirate sleepover at daycare tonight, how cool is that?

    1. I like that approach, Tamara. What really constitutes an ordinary life? They can all be extraordinary, even at being ordinary.

      I wanted to include my felt Superman poster, too, in that shot. I was kinda cute, huh? C and I could have been buds.

      43 isn’t too old for a pirate sleepover if you ask me, either.

    1. Absolutely, S.L. – out identities ebb and flow, and we can miss it if we don’t pay attention. Spider-man has been my superhero spirit guide for nearly 40 years! Glad you stopped by – first time in the challenge, and it’s been a blast, not only to write, but to find new blogs.

  3. Great to get to know more about you, Eli! Sorry the Kesha/J Law question is so difficult for you. I had similar troubles when I took a Spike or Angel quiz on Buzzfeed last week!

    1. There’s always something else to toss out here Rabia – just need the girls’ questions to draw it out.

      Kesha and Jen both bring so much to the table – they have that undeniable something, each.

      What did the Buzzfeed quiz reveal to you?

  4. Umm…I carry 2 phones:) One is my business phone and the other my personal – it was just easier to keep everything separate. Now I feel weird on the rare occasion that I just have one with me.
    Spiderman has a lot going for him!!!

    1. I can scarcely carry one, which is why I had to turn down the offer to become secretary of state. If I had two phones, for sure I’d lose my wallet.

      Spiderman’s awesome. I can’t possibly decide between Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst.

  5. spiderman is my fav too, and i met him at montgomery wards at the mall when i was 7. i asked him to shoot his webs out of his wrists for me, but that didn’t happen so i was a bit let down, but continued to love him to this day.

  6. I used to be an Allergy Sufferer too, but then I discovered the superhero power punch of eating kale for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Or, is it ice cream? I can’t remember which.
    Oh yeah – it’s actually Flonase.
    Des has Spiderman shoes.
    I knew you’d pick Jennifer Lawrence!

    1. What if you’re allergic to kale? Ice cream seems the way to go, but no more than two or three times a day.

      They stopped making Spider-man shoes my size when I was … about 12. And I think there would be more happy time with someone like J-Law than with Kesha in the long run.

      I don’t look like Mick Jagger, that’s why.

  7. Jennifer Lawrence by a mile, Eli. And Ke$ha would not stand for the misspelling of her name!

    Oh, and that photo of you is adorable! We had the exact same wood paneling in 1976…

    1. Kesha actually took the $ out of her name, presumably to bridge the gap between her and J-Law in my eyes.

      I used to be kinda cute back in the day. Wood paneling is best when it’s accompanied by shag carpet, yo.

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