A to Z Challenge: Q is for Questions


Questions? I get plenty.

For the A to Z Challenge today, Q is for Questions. I’m loaded with them here at the CD. Every Friday, I pick five questions at random from a list of 400 from my kids to answer. It began as a Five for Friday feature I stole picked up from Katherine Roady’s blog.

QI knew the day I ran a guest post on a Friday instead of Go Ask Daddy and got negative feedback that my kids’ questions were here to stay.

Grace created today’s main art, as she has several times during this challenge. She also gave me an idea for today. “Pick your 25 favorite Go Ask Daddy questions!” (She aims for the stars, that one.)

I didn’t make it to 25, but Coach Daddy was a sitcom and this was one of those reminiscing episodes … well, here’s just a few I picked up from along the way.

1. Is Elvis dead?

The evidence is overwhelming. Against it.

    • Sightings in Kalamazoo and Ottawa
    • A quick funeral (a day after his death)
    • Inconsistencies in his death certificate
    • Conspiracy theories that revolve around mafia involvement, a wax-figure corpse in his coffin and a job today as a DEA agent
    • A flower delivered after his death to a former lover from “El Lancelot,” a pet name only she would have known
    • We also have elvis-is-alive.com and the Elvis is Alive 5K

There’s also an autopsy report, though. It says Elvis Aron Presley, sufferer of hypertension and heart problems and just a bit older than your daddy, died of natural causes. And two Elvis is Alive museums have closed their doors.

No one believed the hype. It’s as if Elvis has left the buildings.

Today, we have Elvis Grbac, Elvis Dumervil, and Renelvis, a Mexican Elvis impersonator. And a legacy of bluesy, edgy, gyrating rock and roll that changed American pop forever. Thankyouverymuch.

2. Do you still go to the gym every day?



Here’s what I’ve found: I do love to run. I’m surprised at what I can do when I run. People younger and thinner than me have finished behind me in the two 5Ks I’ve run. I even downloaded a workout app that had me doing lat pulls and the military press.

They’re fun, for a while, until they’re not.

Disc golf, played in horrid humidity or enormous, cold rain drops, is always fun. It’s fun, even when you’re 21 over par and have just chucked a disc into the lake. It’s also fun in the winter, with bitter wind or heavy snow. I love to play.

I love the hike and the vitamin D and problem solving.

Problems I get myself into. My heart rate stays high and my mind stays sharp.

In this way, the world is my gym. Or at least the disc golf course is. And so long as my jeans still fit and I feel like a champ, that’s good enough for me.

3. What’s the point of corn flakes if they’re not frosted?

photo credit: Tebowing via photopin (license)

Let’s wrap up a post about compassion with something sweet.

Let me preface this ode to Frosted Flakes with this disclaimer. As a 43-year-old man, I can appreciate the plain corn flake. It’s the part of me that appreciates baseball before the designated hitter. Or Olivia Newton John before plastic surgery.

In the best of worlds, all athletes could pray together after a hard-fought game. Fish could swim hook-free and kids could enter their medical challenges with self-assuredness. People could bring girlfriends and boyfriends to church, even if they were a matching set and not complimentary pieces.

And may every bowl of flakes be frosted.

Go and do.

4. Daddy – would you die for me?

This one got a post all its own. Check it out here.

questions quote

33 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Q is for Questions

  1. Olivia Neutron Bomb has had plastic surgery? Please…tell me it isn’t so 😮
    Okay Coach Daddy, I have a question for you… What is the difference between unlawful and illegal?

    1. I’m afraid so, Lyn – what’s with Hollywood that makes beautiful people think they need this? She’s pretty now, too, but she’s a different-looking person.

      Oh, great question (I should open the floor to readers to submit Go Ask Daddy questions sometime.)

      Unlawful things are against the law but aren’t always criminal acts. Jaywalking, for instance. You’re supposed to cross at crosswalks, so any means of crossing that doesn’t include crosswalks could be construed as unlawful, but not necessarily illegal.

      Illegal things are also unlawful, but they’re criminal, too, like buying cocaine or murder. They’re expressly forbidden by law.

      1. Ahhh, that’s what everyone thinks is the difference between unlawful and illegal, but sadly, that’s not quite correct. You see, unlawful is against the law, and illegal is a sick bird 😉

  2. Part of me wants to believe that Elvis didn’t die 1977. (Just as I don’t believe in the magic bullet that supposedly killed JFK.) If Elvis really didn’t die back then, he most probably passed away between then and now, considering his health issues.
    I visited Graceland not too long ago. Being there was enchanting, somehow.

    The world is my gym, I love that!

    One last question: define “jeans fit” – that’s when one is breathing in, right? Asking for a friend.

    1. I’m rank all right – even here at work, we have a league. I’m eight out of 10, and I’m not positive Nos. 9 and 10 still work here. Corn flakes without frost are like Johnny Cash singing someplace other than prison.

    1. They’re the best midnight snack, mate. Elise was terrified of Tony the Tiger in real life as a toddler, but would have pet a real tiger without trepidation.

      It was fun to revisit the old Go Ask Daddy posts and pick out a few faves.

      1. Even dry they taste good Mate. He was a bit confronting when he stood up and growled. Always good to look back now and then.

  3. How did I miss this post? I love it. Not so sure about your evidence for Elvis, but definitely agree with you on the corn flakes! And oh,that last question! OMG.

    1. With all this rapid-fire posting, it’s easy to miss one – and I’ve missed a few days of reading posts myself.

      I bet Elvis is a Tennessee Titans fan. That’s all I’ll say about that.

      Yeah, that last question … I needed a whole post to tackle that one!

  4. Elvis is definitely not alive. So sad.
    And I can appreciate Corn Flakes with cream. Frosted Flakes get milk, but for my mom’s birthday, it’s Frosted Flakes with cream.

    1. Wouldn’t that suck if he really didn’t die back then, but then got clogged arteries and died 5 years ago in Vegas?

      Frosted Flakes with cream sounds pretty rich. A birthday kind of thing.

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