Guest Post: Rachael of Three Boys and a Mom, on Motherhood

photo credit: May The 4th Be With You via photopin (license)
photo credit: May The 4th Be With You via photopin (license)

Topps makes Rising Stars baseball cards.

I assume they still do. When I was a kid, those cards were for promising rookies. Not all panned out. You might have a Chipper Jones or you might have a Laddie Renfroe. You just don’t know right away.

My guest writer today is a Rising Star.

You might already know Rachael Boley of Three Boys and a Mom. About 37 people claim to have ‘discovered’ Lady Antebellum in a Nashville dive bar. It doesn’t matter who found Rachael – or even Lady Antebellum – we should just be glad she’s here.

Rachael manages to write an eloquent and heart-felt blog, while juggling life as a mom of three boys. “Life is crazy, messy, and absolutely beautiful!” reads her tagline.

She’s a voice of hope and love not only for single moms everywhere, but any parent who seeks to find beauty in the challenges of parenthood. Her boys are so lucky – and so are we readers who’ve come to love her words.

Please give her a warm welcome on the CD, and check her page out, too.

Courtesy of Rachael Boley
Courtesy of Rachael Boley

It is truly such an honor to be on Coach Daddy today. Over the years, I’ve lost a little faith in the male species. But men like Eli restore that lost hope. He so beautifully and hilariously captures parenthood from the dad perspective and always leaves us with little nuggets of wisdom. If I’m being honest, I’ve fallen in love with his blog a little bit; as I’m sure you have if you’ve ever been here before.  I’m so excited he’s invited me to share the interwebs with him today.

I was positive I’d be a girl mom at some point in life. I grew up with 3 brothers and was always outnumbered by penises, but I just knew that when I had kids that would all change. I didn’t want all girls or anything; just at least one thrown into the pile I thought would be nice. In my mind, there was going to be pink and hair braiding and shopping sprees with lunch dates and spa days that would get us in trouble with the hubs.

Well guess what!? I now have 3 BOYS and NO hubs.

Life throws you kinks like that and you just kinda roll with the punches.

Now that I have these 3 rascals, I honestly cannot even begin to imagine life any other way. Being a mom has changed me in a million ways. Pretty much all for the better.

Here are 5 of the million little things raising boys has taught me about life.

Courtesy of Rachael Boley
Courtesy of Rachael Boley

1. Maintain your sense of humor.

Life without humor is death. With kids, you simply have to laugh or you might lose your precious little mind. Boys are wild. They’re messy. They have no stop button. They’re loud. And they laugh all the time. They think everything is funny, especially poop and farts. Life is really just so much better when we can laugh our way through a lot of it, so whether you’re parenting all boys, all girls, or a smattering of both, laugh. Laugh at yourself, laugh at your kids (without making them feel bad about themselves), and definitely laugh with your kids as often as possible.

2. Go with the flow.

Life is one big pile of unpredictable chaos. Especially once you start adding in extra little humans. So relax. Go with the flow. Loosen your grip on the illusion of control and just realize you have zero say-so over 99% of life and things will become much easier when you accept that truth. Kids are pretty great about this. They tend to go with the flow much better than adults, that is until they hit 2 or 3 and EVERYTHING becomes a battle, even when you thought you were flowing the same direction as them. But that’s another post for another time. Long story short, life is better when we relax and allow the ebbs and flow of life to carry us. The ride is rolling anyway, might as well throw your hands up and enjoy it.

3. Live in the moment.

Courtesy of Rachael Boley
Courtesy of Rachael Boley

Kids nail this one. My boys have taught me how to just be in the moment. It’s something adults really suck at. We have too many plates in the air and too many things to accomplish before the next 24 hours begins, so we tend to stay stressed and hurried and frustrated. But then we have kids, and even though the plates are all still spinning, somehow those chubby hands and sweet kisses allow us to forget about those pesky plates. We get to just be. We get to play, we get to laugh, and we have no other option but to pay attention to the now. It’s really all we have anyway.

4. Appreciate the little things.

Ahh the little things. After you have children, you realize more than ever, they are the big things. For example, children are small when they first start out. Yet they are the biggest things you’ve ever loved or ever known. In the same way, they help you to understand the best things in life are made up of the small, ordinary, daily little things. Little hugs, wet kisses, happy smiles and “I love you’s.” Those are the things. That’s the stuff. Soak them all in.

5. Love big.

My boys love me something fierce. And it’s a mutual thing. I have never loved anything or anyone the way I love those boys. It’s the biggest, scariest, most beautiful and painful love in the world being a parent. But it teaches us what true love feels like. It teaches us to risk our heart and love as big as humanly possible. Without risk, there is no reward. Parenting is the riskiest business out there. But boy, is the return so worth it.

Motherhood is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I learn something new every day. Parenting is a beautifully brutal journey, but if we pay attention, we just might find the core of life in our very homes.

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24 thoughts on “Guest Post: Rachael of Three Boys and a Mom, on Motherhood

  1. My daughter looked at me the day after she gave birth to twins and burst into tears. I thought she was getting those post birth hormone tears. But she told me as she cried “I didn’t know it was possible to love anyone this much.” I just nodded, and we smiled. Being a parent is the greatest journey you can experience, and yes, laughter gets you through a lot.

    Great post Racheal. I found myself nodding in agreement all the way through.

      1. Thank you so much! What a beautiful moment you got to share with your daughter. It’s true…it feels impossible to love something as much as we love these little humans we created when they’re born…and yet, each day, our love grows even more. Pretty amazing stuff!

  2. Great advice….really enjoyed your post. Those little boys’ faces just melted my heart!

    1. Rachael’s blog has this photo in a post of one of the boys in a car on top of a piece of furniture – i think that says it all when it comes to have boys. Or girls. Or maybe the combination.

  3. Three Superboys in one house can get to critical mass very quickly. Great post Rachael.

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