👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻 My Girls Sound Off With Answers to Q4KIDZ Questions

Illustration and photo by EP
Illustration and photo by EP

When the girls ask questions … well, that makes up my Friday Go Ask Daddy posts.

But what if dad asks the questions? I’ve done just that. I signed up for Q4KIDZ from Parents Together, so technically, they’re questions I’ve been given to give my girls. But that’s cool. These questions have started some intriguing conversations.

Here’s what I asked, and what they answered.

Most responses were clever and endearing. Most centered on food. (Where did they get that?) Only one was disturbing. You’ll see the one. (It’s not the first one with bad words in it.) It just tells me I have more daddying to do, that’s all.

Try them out with your kids. Register here for free daily questions by email or text.

Illustration by Elise
Illustration by Madison


If you could create a restaurant, what would it look like, what would you call it, and what would be on the menu?

Madison: Mine is Soup ‘N’ Shit, where there’s a bunch of broths and stuff you can put in them. Then, there’s another bar where you can put toppings and stuff. It would look like a bowl and the seats would look like things in soup.

Hayden: It would be called Hot Topic and I’d serve food that would burn everyone’s mouth, literally. It would be all black, except for the food. Or I’d have Bouncing Bunny, and just serve alcoholic beverages.

Camdyn: Mine would be called Metrocam. They’d serve burgers, barbecue, pizza and spaghetti. It would kinda look like Sonic, but it would be orange and green and have Metrocam on a tall sign, with flames.


If you could build a giant maze for your friends to try and figure out, what would you use to build it? What would be at the end?

Madison: It would be made out of metal and there’s a barbecue at the end. You have to smell your way out.

Hayden: It would be made out of food so they could eat their way through. And there’d be more food at the end for a prize.

Camdyn: My maze would be made of mirrors to make it harder. And the end would be … ME!!!! AND SOME CASH.

Illustration by Grace
Illustration by Camdyn


You and some friends are in a band. What is the name of the band? What kind of music do you play?

Madison: Finding Infinity, and we’d play like covers of all types of songs.

Hayden: Obviously Hide My Pigeons, and we would steal other people’s music.

Camdyn: The band would be Sonic, and it would be rock or pop music. 👍

Illustration by Marie
Illustration by Hayden


If you could make your bedroom turn into a different place every night, what would that place be?

Madison: A soccer field or the beach.

Hayden: The sky, so I could sleep in the clouds.

Camdyn: Hawaii!



What’s one thing you’ve learned from your dad (or someone special who loves you) in the last year?

Madison: To take bitches’ souls.

Hayden: Grandpa always tells me that life’s a bitch, and then you die.

Camdyn: Hayden taught me to be fashionable. Daddy taught me how to build a campfire.

Illustration by Elise
Illustration by Madison


Think of a book or movie you didn’t like. How could you have made it better?

Madison: That space movie, where she just floated around the whole time (“Gravity”). I would have had more action and get her out of space faster and show more of her on earth after she returned.

Hayden: I didn’t like “Thin Wood Walls.” It would have been better with pictures and a lot fewer words.

Camdyn: That space movie (“Space Warriors”) with the boy who looked and sounded like a girl. There should have been a manlier man and better actor. And, more action.

bad books quote


    1. She does seem to like the bad words, more than the others – and my challenge was to take whatever their true answers were and include them.

      Grace has a high standard when it comes to “manning up”! All three complained during that movie. Tough crowd!

      I loved the pictures, and I’m glad you liked them too.

  1. I love all of these. Soup N Shit is total winner. People won’t want to take butt vomit literally on their menus. I laughed my ass off. Thanks ladies!

    1. Oy. “I’ll post whatever they answer” was a thought I had at the beginning of this … I will say there’s nothing like the honesty of a child, even on a daddy’s blog.

    1. Wouldn’t you like to answer the phone in that restaurant? And the T-shirts would be on back order I’d imagine.

      Glad you liked it Tiffany – you should give the questions a shot in your house!

  2. I love all of these answers, but I think Marie’s are the ones I would have likely given (at any age!). How great would it be to sleep in a cloud? 🙂

    1. i should create a quiz – which of my kids are you? Wait, I’m definitely going to do that! Cloud sleep sounds remarkable. The closest I ever came was in a Hampton Inn just outside Nashville. I’d been sleep deprived for two weeks as camp counselor, bedded down on dorm bedding the whole time, so that fluffy comforter felt like it should have come with a harp and a dozen angels serving me pie slices each time I turned over.

    1. Glad you liked them, Rabia. I saw on Twitter you’re getting in on the action too … you’re going to love it! (Can’t wait to see your posts with answers.)

    1. Thanks Tania! Just click the link in the post and start getting questions in your inbox or by text – you’ll be in for unexpected everything, and the few minutes my kids take to answer means that much less time they’re focused on a Disney Channel show.

  3. Hey, it looks totally different around here! My eyes are still adjusting.
    I’m pretty sure that Soup N’ Shit is my ideal restaurant for three seasons of the year. Maybe four.

    1. Out with the old, in with the new. Hope your eyes like the new look. Soup N Shit is a place your kids would love almost as much as the Outlook, Tamara.

      Bring your camera to the grand opening?

  4. Soup ‘n Shit, huh? That’s possibly the most honest restaurant name I’ve ever heard. LOL. Loved this post, Eli. Nice to feel the energy of your girls here and also most humbling to realize that girls are just as obsessed with food as my boys!

    1. Wouldn’t that sign catch your attention on the interstate, Torrie? It’s like Bed, Bath and Beyond, but with a bite.

      They shocked and entertained me with their answers, and I wondered if some should see the light of day.

      I’m glad I didn’t edit.

      If my girls aren’t talking about food, it must mean they just ate or are about to eat again.

      1. If my son isn’t talking about food, it’s because he’s eating! 🙂 But I’m glad you didn’t edit the answers either…..lots of fun stuff there! Need to make this a regular feature!

    1. It’s shocking to hear it from them, though, Kerri! There’s one school Elise is interested in that accepts ideas for business ventures … I wonder how far that one would go.

  5. And who is their father? Oh man. Grinning here. Hugely. Three mini Elis. Please tell Elise that I agree with her on the Gravity front. We need more of the return to Earth bit. Dragging herself out of water simply wasn’t enough. How’d she get help after that? Did she stumble into a mirrored maze, fall into Soup N Shit or simply follow the melodic strains of Obviously Hide My Pigeons? Seriously. We need more. And Grandpa? Best advice. Ever.

    1. I feel so exposed. This is my legacy. Thing is, I’m proud. Damned proud. They are mini mes, and when I tell Marie that, she scoffs but grins too.

      We kept waiting for the action in Gravity, and when the credits hit the screen first, it was mutiny.

      I’m not sure Sandra Bullock would ever be the same after Soup N Shit and the maze, but I’m damned sure she’d be a Hide My Pigeons fan for life.

  6. I would totally eat at Soup n Shit. Sitting in a bowl chair? That’s awesome. Nailed it girl.
    And I think you should give them that beach bedroom…. like surf boards for shelves, and shell lamps, and dump in some actual sand (and shit – ha) and go full on surf baby. LOL

    1. You’d get the corner booth, Rore. I’d probably be put in the section that most resembled French onion soup with a slab of provolone on top.

      There’s plenty of dirt and crumbs in the girls’ rooms, it’s kind of like a beach, if you squint and use your imagination.

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