I believe … Part IV

Inspired by Powerpig's Evolution
Inspired by Powerpig’s Evolution

Sometimes, your beliefs get tossed on spin cycle.

It doesn’t have to ruin them. Sometimes, something will happen and your faith in your beliefs restores like a fifth-grader after a car nap. Other times, there’s only silence and your thoughts.

Are your beliefs written in pencil, or pen?

Our beliefs are like the toppings on an everything-on-it pizza. They all play a part, great or small. They stand alone, and they bond together. Your heart is the cheese that binds them. Your soul, the crust that holds it all together.

Why do I always get hungry when I write?

photo credit: Jesus Trooper: "Now time for a relaxing trip back home." via photopin (license)
photo credit: Jesus Trooper: “Now time for a relaxing trip back home.” via photopin (license)

I believe if telemarketers were smart, they’d use the Caller ID “Jesus Christ.” Who would say no to Jesus?

I believe the act of kindness we’ve yet to carry out might be just what that person needs.

I believe there isn’t a game, summit, invention happy spot that hasn’t been fueled in part by a mother’s love.

I believe life if sweet and beautiful but also angst-ridden and uncertain and downright sad at times. Our challenge: Find a way to not lose sight of that, to not let it eclipse the sweetness and beauty we have around us, too.

I believe the world should stop every day for 90 minutes so we can just read blogs and eat cookies.

I believe a “Leave it to Beaver” marathon on Netflix is a great idea.

photo credit: Film_2013_12_020 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Film_2013_12_020 via photopin (license)

I believe if you’re 77 or 88 or 99, and you’re living, it’s never tragic when you die. The tragic part is if you die without living, no matter what age.

I believe there is nothing quite like the wait for a dad when his kid sprints to him – no matter how far away – for a hug.

I believe bedtime procrastination is an art for my girls – one that I’ll fall for every single time.

I believe some people write their own last chapter in our books and there just isn’t a sequel.

I believe lasagna is layers of heaven – especially with a good chunk of Italian bread on the side.

I believe we should constantly redefine success and happiness, not only for our sake, but for the sake of the children we raise.


I believe I’m basically a kid who has a driver’s license and has to shave.

I believe Pandora is a poor man’s musical paradise.

I believe great dads raise great dads, but great men can become great dads even without one.

I believe coaches and refs have a sort of mailman-dog relationship.

I believe referees are just a part of life.

I believe much of life can be tied philosophically to tacos.

photo credit: the bell jar via photopin (license)
photo credit: the bell jar via photopin (license)

I believe the book’s always better than the movie – even if January Jones is in the movie.

I believe tomorrow might not happen. That’s why I eat eight ginger snaps instead of four.

I believe parenthood teaches us creative ways to hide our candy.

I believe fatherhood to be a beautiful chaos.

I believe paths we don’t see will take us to our greatest adventures.

I believe life’s too short to wait for dessert to cool.

photo credit: J.Co Donuts aren't photography materials via photopin (license)
photo credit: J.Co Donuts aren’t photography materials via photopin (license)

I believe that if you don’t feel adventurous, you should start slowly – you know, take a different route to work, make a different doughnut choice – and see where living a little can lead you.

I never had Captain America shoes but I feel it’s never too late, is it?

I believe when all else fails – laughter. Before all else fails, hopefully.

I believe even when the Rockies suck (as always) I’ll fight for them. Maybe not fight, but I’ll use the F word.

I believe to wander might just be the path you needed to take.

I believe cats consider licking themselves to be compelling theater for the rest of us.

photo credit: J.Co Donuts aren't photography materials via photopin (license)
photo credit: J.Co Donuts aren’t photography materials via photopin (license)

I believe sometimes the bounty of love isn’t readily available. If we continue to love, we cultivate hope. If we continue to hope, we cultivate faith.

I believe, back in the day, being a smart kid meant knowing how to unscramble the Playboy Channel.

I believe we guys appreciate flowers, even though we don’t know a larkspur from a snapdragon.

I believe Wi-Fi outage is to my kids what Armageddon is to mankind.

I believe sometimes messy is the only way.

I believe any hug from a dog should be considered with suspicion.

photo credit: White Chocolate Pretzels via photopin (license)
photo credit: White Chocolate Pretzels via photopin (license)

I believe yogurt covered pretzels make existence hard for those that aren’t yogurt covered.

I often believe the world just needs a nap.

I believe I’ll never stop dreaming of the sweet stuff.

I believe good sleep and a handful of cookies are a stellar way to start most things.

I believe pizza fills a void when hope can’t be (immediately) found.

I believe Shark Week is close enough for me.

hope quote


39 thoughts on “I believe … Part IV

  1. I believe you had me shed a tear, laugh out loud and agree with all of your beliefs. Especially this one: “I believe we should constantly redefine success and happiness, not only for our sake, but for the sake of the children we raise.” Great post!

  2. First love the new site!

    I found myself nodding my head at each one of your beliefs. What a wonderful way to start the week. I was chuckling at the WIFI comparison to Armageddon. When we were camping this summer one family had a bed sheet hung up that said, Camp NOWIFI with drawings of their children in tears 🙂

    1. Thanks Kerri – I needed a change.

      Glad you could identify with some of these. Seemed like a good way to go on a Monday.

      If you ever want to gather the kids in a hurry, just turn off the wi-fi … that brings them out of the woodwork.

      I think kids might pick prison with wi-fi than camp without it.

    1. That’s pretty simple Kim: Taco fillings are like your enabled devices, and your shell is like the wi-fi connection. It doesn’t matter if you have steak, avocado, white American cheese and my grandma’s beans if you don’t have a worthy tortilla to hold it all together. Without that tortilla, without the wi-fi, all you have is a mess of taco salad on your plate.

      And life is too short to make any sort of salad your main course.

  3. Well, now I need to go back and read the other “I Believe” posts!! This was just awesome, Eli. Your perspective and twist on life (and food) is always brilliantly described in a way that grabs my heart and makes me smile (And giggle too..) – at the same time, while nodding and sighing under my breath “Yes…. yes”

    Such a gift you have, my friend. Such a gift. ❤

    1. The I Believe posts have become an accidental series, CC. Glad you liked it. I wonder if I’ll run out of things to believe! Not sure it’s a gift, but it sure beats a bad rash.

  4. you really need to start offering tshirt sales. mine of course will have a Captain America shield on the front, and your quote on the back. 🙂
    or deliver tacos. I’d settle for a good taco.

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