🙋 Happy Tribus! What 3 Things Do You Love?

photo credit: #10/366 The Giving of Flowers via photopin (license)
photo credit: #10/366 The Giving of Flowers via photopin (license)

Sometimes (often) I say things off the cuff and profane.

Most times they go unnoticed. This is best for society and mankind. Sometimes, though, another blogger picks up on it and makes it into a holiday. I muttered something I can’t even find on social media:

There should be a holiday for tea, cookies, and blogging. Who could object to that?

Rara of Raurasaur blog came up with the name Tribus – a celebration of three things we love. How to celebrate? Write love notes to three things. I prefer everything good to come in threes. And looky here, y’all: I’ve got three daughters.

Thing is, though – I’m going to write about three non-daughter loves of mine. (No, not January Jones, Stacey Dales, and Kesha.) You’ll see what I’m talking about.

photo credit: Texans_vs_Denver-7 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Texans_vs_Denver-7 via photopin (license)

Denver Broncos

No offense January Jones, but it’s the Broncos that gave me writer’s block.

Denver’s Thursday Night Football comeback a couple of weeks against the Kansas City Chiefs blocked my writing like Weight Watchers to a double bacon cheeseburger. I can multi-task, like tweeting nonsense while eating free queso from Moe’s.

I cannot, it seems, blog while watching my Denver Broncos.

I grew up a Seattle Seahawks fan but recovered as a teen. All those years hearing my dad and uncle bellow for Denver sacks and first downs in the basement, while everyone else’s dads and uncles did the same all through the state of Colorado.

It’s late Sunday afternoon analysis from my grandpa after games.

His post-game show marked by empty Coors cans on a yellow Formica kitchen table. Beans and meat of the day long gone, we sat around the table and listened. I remember the losses most – grandpa Juan lamenting every missed opportunity from his Bronkis.

(I’m able to write this love letter because it’s halftime. And Denver’s up.)

photo credit: discs via photopin (license)
photo credit: discs via photopin (license)

Disc golf,

You’re my long, long lost love.

Like a Nicolas Sparks movie, probably. I wouldn’t know. But disc golf, you’re that love in the woods that I escape to. Only, I haven’t seen you in ages. A millennium, it seems.

My discs sit in useless solitude in a duffle bag in my car, a conglomeration of beat-up drivers and warped putters.

I’ll be back to you soon, love.

I need you. I long for you. The walk in the woods spoiled only slightly by dirty discs named for sharks, Valkyries, and cheetahs. You’re where I find peace in conflict, clarity in complexity.

Throw a disc, find it, and figure out the quandary you’ve created.

I’ve been doing that in life – it’s time to take it to the course again.



When all else fails – pizza.

It’s where I feel like a king, walking with my girls into a buffet, holding my arms out in generosity, and proclaiming, albeit silently, “Eat! Feast!”

Because I will.

When we win on the soccer pitch?


When we lose on the soccer pitch?


Probably when we tie, too. But who’s counting? It’s a Friday tradition for us, and the first thing we look for when we visit a new town. Trouble finding your way around? Find a mom and pops pizza joint and regroup.

Village Inn, Village Idiot, Mellow Mushroom …

we’ll find you, my hungry girls and me.

That’s Amore.

# # #

The Broncos are winning. Disc golf and pizza could very well be in my future today. Feels like love is in the air.

What are your three loves?

pizza yogi quote


  1. I totally agree about pizza and just couldn’t argue your logic on this one ever at all. Only problem it is Monday here and quite few days off of “Pizza Friday” here sadly. And now I am am just Friday dreaming on this early Monday morning!

    1. Pizza slices are just a buck where I work, so i could make pizza day every day. Of course, eventually, that would be followed by bypass Monday, and that doesn’t seem like a lot of fun.

  2. Wait a minute…where is Ingrid? Stacey, January, Kesha and Ingrid (I wish I knew how to italicize.) I was shocked to see that. I opt for swapping out Kesha for her. Not that I have any say in your celebrity crush game. 🙂

    1. I purposely omitted her in hopes you’d come by and ask why, Steph. Honestly, Kesha’s kind of drifted off … I’m off music for a while, so I don’t get much Ingrid lately, either.

      I’m always up front with them, though, and make it clear we’re just friends. I hate to lead anyone on.

  3. Oregon Duck football (even though they suck majorly this season….I mean yesterday’s game was absolutely disgusting), music (any and all), and sunsets (living in LA I see one almost every night so I’m not complaining).

    1. You should have tuned in the blues after that game Saturday. Whew. Not that you need me to tell you about it.

      I’m a firm believer that you should stop and watch all the sunsets and sunrises you can.

  4. Just as well you joined in my friend, seeing as it was your idea 😀 When Ra announced Happy Tribus ❤ , and that it was your idea, I rejoiced. Fantastic idea. Well done! It's Monday here, but that doesn't mean a thing. I have a pizza in the freezer (Chicken Tandoori thin crust) and it's dinner time 😉

  5. Ok, so don’t make all 3 foods or things to hoard. Tribune becomes an activity, a pastime and then, ok a favorite food or thing.
    1. I have always loved reading: books, magazines, newspapers now blogs.
    2. I enjoy hikes: to and from places, traveling to walk through villages or parks.
    3. I think life would be easier with money. I am wishing to not have to work at the warehouse anymore, not go back to teaching, working with elderly or waiting tables. Just be comfortable. I would share, too, with my children and others. 🙂
    Have a great week, Eli. I had 3 children and grew up in family of 3 children. Thanks to Rara, too.

    1. I wrote and tried to over ride “tribus” but it mutated to Tribus while I pushed publish. Oops! I have to remember to touch phone screen over and over to make it know what I meant to say, Eli. Drives me nuts! (59 and ready to give up challenges, ha ha!)

  6. One can never go wrong with pizza and while I’m not a sports junkie, the Broncos are apart of my daily life during football season. I work in an office FULL of men and their fantasy football leagues makes for nothing if not entertainment!

  7. I still remember when my Dad gave me my first football jersey… Denver. It was to annoy his girlfriend at the time who was a Cowboys fan. Thus began the Sunday/Monday football rivalry.

    Disc golf… this is the second time in a month I’ve heard about this. I may need to look into it 🙂

    1. A smart man, your dad, Ashley. Doubly good, because an opportunity to annoy a Dallas Cowboys fan ought never to be passed up.

      Elise (49ers) and Marie (Cardinals) root for rivals, and Elise mastered the art of trash talk a year or two before her little sister.

      Disc golf is a poor man’s nirvana in the woods.

  8. Hmmm, three loves. This is hard. I DO love pizza – a lot! – but not enough to make it onto my list. My boys, of course, big and little. I never had very many dates in my teens or even in college, and I was terrified of having sons when I found out my twins were both boys. But now I see how fun and non-scary they are. They are mama’s boys for sure – not a single one is totally into sports or bugs, like I thought (but definitely dirt and potty humor, though). They each have a sweet, soft, smart side that I love, and wicked unique personalities.

    My second thing is the sound of my new neighborhood. It is so quiet that I can hear birds and crickets and frogs from the creek and geese taking their southern flight overhead. Never thought I could be a country girl, but maybe . . .the outlet mall IS just 20 minutes away.

    My third thing is soccer – again! Hooray!! I played for 10 years, and it seemed like none of my boys would play. Now my four-year-old is playing and he is a little beast! It’s so fun to watch him laugh and run and “boot” the ball down the field. Three games in and he hasn’t complained once. I’m crossing my fingers that I finally have my soccer player.

    Thanks for making me think this a.m. Have a great week Eli!

    1. Tough to narrow it to three, isn’t it Kathy? I could easily have written three love notes to my girls.

      I think your boys kind of show us the new-age boy stuff. You can be sweet and smart and still be 100% boy. I know boys like this on my soccer team. It’s cool.

      I love how noise in nature is soothing, and noise in the city is grating. I’ll take frogs and crickets whenever I can manage to find my way there.

      I remember those days of tiny cleats and soccer balls and jerseys that reach knees. I’m getting ready to take a girl who was just that it seems like yesterday to Florida for a college ID camp. What a ride it’s been.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathy.

  9. Pizza would absolutely be one of my 3. Remember that the 6 word gift I’d want to receive from the universe was pizza as a diet food? Kudos for coming up with a Yogi Berra quote for the occasion!

    1. Pizza has to rank in most people’s top loves, Mo. How could I forget that sentence? If it existed, I’d be chiseled and fit thanks to pizza.

      Glad I could honor Yogi too – he was so cool I forgot he was a Yankee.

    1. Everyone has loves, Julie, remember that. Even those Jayhawks fans.

      As for yours …

      1. No Uh oh. Long as you’re not silver and black, no need to attack.

      2. Can’t wait too see the Halloween pics this year.

      3. Grace’s fishing poles are fixed and ready to go … we just need a lake and some worms and a morning of nothing to do.

      Love that list! Poor Chiefs.

  10. I had pizza for dinner! Also, there’s a disc golf field at our awesome dog park and we always stumble upon it from the woods and it looks exactly like I imagine Wonderland looks like. I’ll have to photograph it so you’ll see.

    My three loves? Guess!

    1. Thanks Jessie – great to see you around, and glad the celebration went well. I haven’t heard a single tale of law enforcement having to be involved anywhere on this special day.

  11. I swear I though my husband wrote this…until I got to pizza. That’s my true love he’s a bit more uppity when it comes to food and would probably prefer a steak. Pizza is my first love, sometimes coming in above my children(if it’s really good pizza). Pizza, my journal, canoeing are my three loves.

    1. Pizza’s the end-all, though. Steak is fine for Christmas and Arbor Day, but on a given rainy Tuesday (or sunny Sunday), give me pizza.

      At first, I thought you said your pizza journal, and I thought, “brilliant!” Depending on the kids’ behavior, and the quality of pie on the table, it can become a pretty even match.

  12. I’ve read right through this Mate and no one else has said it: Sex! There I said it. One could equate it to football… scrums, time out, sitting on the bench, not getting picked to play. You know the score. Other pastimes? Working on my tractor and yes, PIZZA. What a trifecta.

    1. We’re Puritans around here, mate. I haven’t even said a bad word in days on this blog. I think.

      Great analogy, though. I think you should expound upon the similarities in a blog post.

      You on that tractor is an enduring image, Laurence. Probably the Sheilas get distracted as they drive by – especially if you’re in the hat.

  13. Bloody hell, that’s unlike you Matey. Cat got your tongue? there are so many things I could rabbit on about in a post but I’m finding it difficult to keep the photo blog going. Crazy although I know I could do it right. Now it depends if you mean my little tractor or the big one. Neither one of them makes one iota of difference in the pulling chicks department. If I take the hat off they see the reverse mohawk.

      1. It is…and I just had a bagel that smells like pizza as it toasts and tastes even better when you eat it up. YUM. TGIF and Pizza Friday.

  14. Pizza is our Friday night tradition too. Except it’s from the same boring Domino’s because we don’t have one of those amazing ma and pa pizzeria’s here. that makes me sad. So I will concentrate on three things I am loving right now: a warm fire, full belly from complete turkey dinner with all the fixin’s (tell me I didn’t make your mouth water), and good wine. That’s a darn good end to any day.

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