Go Ask Daddy About Empire State Climates, Days to Celebrate and the Tiny Hammer of Doom

photo credit: snowbike via photopin (license)
photo credit: snowbike via photopin (license)

I miss writing.

GAD GRAPHICI know I post three times a week, but the screen’s been loaded with others’ words. Good words, mind you. Great, even. But fewer of mine. Remember when I went on and on philosophically and worked out my world in words and sometimes might have made little sense to most?

Yeah. Well, I’m still working through it all.

And it’s tougher, without words. Because one day it feels like I’ve got this licked and everything is falling into place. And then you can turn around, and it just feels like it’s falling apart.

So you pack your yoga mat and plan on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and get ready to tackle the world.

When the world cancels yoga and gives you mint chocolate chips, you improvise.

Starting next week, I’ll collect #Q4KIDZ answers to top Go Ask Daddy. I like the idea of the girls giving answers before they present their questions to me. And that’ll free up a Monday for me to stretch my fingers and try and figure all this out.

1. Isn’t it hot in Long Island?

photo credit: Amityville Haunted House via photopin (license)
photo credit: Amityville Haunted House via photopin (license)

If you mean hotter than Moose Jaw, yes. But it’s not Santo Domingo hot.

July’s the hottest month on Long Island. Average temperature that month: 74 degrees. It’s close to 90 here in Charlotte. Long Island is home to the Amityville House and formerly the NHL’s New York Islanders. Which is the greater nightmare? I’m not sure.

I love how Long Islanders associate by borough. East Northport, Nassau, Bayville, Syosset, Oyster Bay, Wantagh, or my personal favorite, Massapequa.

2. You listen to this stuff at work?

photo credit: streetart in Lisbon,Portugal via photopin (license)
photo credit: streetart in Lisbon,Portugal via photopin (license)

You mean, this song?

Heck yes I do. Well, I did. I will. I’ve turned off music for a while. It’s too much of a distraction. Under bluer skies, a song like Kesha’s “Take it Off” seems to pop onto my Pandora just when I need it. Same with the Norah Jones, the Missy Higgins, and the Ingrid Michaelson. Sometimes it’s so big I have to turn it off, even after I just got able to turn it on again.

When I don’t want lyrics and memories but need a lift that Musical Spa Radio can’t provide, I’ll go with this 30ish-minute mix. It’s all about getting the job done with minimal spiritual wear and tear.

3. Is Dr. Seuss Day the day he was born or the day he died?

photo credit: IMG_1812 via photopin (license)
photo credit: IMG_1812 via photopin (license)

It’s to celebrate his birthday, March 2.

It’s a big deal. Your school has the Seuss parade that day. What’s cooler than kindergartners marching in Thing One and Thing Two garb? Well, besides Kesha trespassing on blighted hotels with color run colors flying. Officially, March 2 is Read Across America Day.

I think it’s important to remember someone on the day they died, and celebrate them on the day they were born. We remember, and miss for the first. We rejoice and appreciate in the second.

I do the same with my dad.

4. How did they make the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”?

photo credit: No Justice For Toons via photopin (license)
photo credit: No Justice For Toons via photopin (license)

With lots of money, busted deadlines and a portion of licensing horror.

It was film history, in 1988. In terms of the names it gathered – Baby Herman, Donald Duck, Dumbo, Marvin Acme, and more – it was like Live Aid meets USA for Africa meets every actor in every Oceans 11 movie ever made and dreamed up to be made.

There was a stipulation that Warner Bros’ Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny were to get equal screen time with Disney’s Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

With a rejected budget of $50 million that was approved for $29 million (and became $40 million), Roger Rabbit was also a technological wonder. It was a marvel of VistaVision cameras and blue screen 14 months of post production.

We should watch it again sometime.

5. Do your reflexes really do that?

photo credit: Thor hammer keychain from taiwan via photopin (license)
photo credit: Thor hammer keychain from taiwan via photopin (license)

What, this?

You mean the knee jerk reflex. It’s among the most disappointing portions of your physical exam, right up there with the sign that says only the doctor gets the spinny chair. It’s where the expression “knee jerk reaction” comes from. My doctors have always smacked that patellar, and instead of a Ronaldo-sized kick reflex, my lower leg barely moved.

Is that okay, doc? Am I all right?

Apparently so. The doctor taps you with a rubber mallet just below your knee, to get your quad to flex. That makes your foot kick. What’s unique is that the brain never gets involved. It’s tap-patella-thigh-foot. If it doesn’t jump, like mine, maybe there’s nerve damage.

Can’t get it to stop kicking? That could indicate cerebellar disease. To which I say …

Do not tap me on the knee

Do not tap me, let me be

Do not check for knee-jerk kicks

Do not check for flea-work bricks

I do not like that little red hammer

No let me go and check my grammar!

knee jerk quote


  1. I think it’s only fair that the girls answer their questions first. I mean, you’re the Dad, you call the shots. Even if you have to bribe them with snacks 😉

    It’s only the middle of Spring here in Oz, and today is 93.2 . I hate to think what Summer is going to be like 😦

    I can’t write to music — although I wish I could. In the car, I usually listen to news radio. When I do listen to music it’s when I’m reading, and then it’s usually classical, jazz or someone like Harry Connick Jr. I know some will think that’s a boring choice, but then, some people like vanilla ice cream and others love chocolate.

    Who framed Roger Rabbit? I don’t think I ever saw it so I’d have to say the jury is still out.

    Reflexes…~sigh~ I had them once upon a time.

    Dr Seuss is completely cool.

    1. It’s a fit – although I had exactly one answer from exactly one source today from a week of questions.

      It’s gorgeous and 60s here in Carolina today. Fall air, football, barbecue … it’s a beautiful month, October.

      NPR in the car for me. Harry Connick is hardly boring. I saw him live several years ago. Before he became an actor.

      Definitely check out Who Framed Roger Rabbit. We haven’t even approached the complexity of Jessica Rabbit here yet.

  2. Getting all Dr Seuss on us today Mate. You’ll be writing about green tacos next. At least you aren’t inspired by elevator music, you have some great artists there. Hot? Had a heatwave back in 1993 I think it was. We had a barometer in the shade and it registered 50 deg Celsius, that’s 122 deg F. Naturally the weather bureau said it only reached 48c. Railway lines buckled, birds couldn’t fly and us? Well we laid around like grounded Hippos. Oh, I hate that reflex hammer.

      1. Proud Muzak alumnus, yes. We had the coolest home office this side of Red Ventures. I’ve worked for two of the coolest companies in America.

  3. OK, I am so smiling at the Long Island reference from the first question and by the way your favorite is actually where I live believe it or not! But if you girls want to know about the weather here, you may just have to visit someday soon and wouldn’t hurt as we could give you a pretty kick butt tour if nothing else! 😉

  4. Dr Seuss is pretty awesome. Even as an adult I can appreciate his silliness, although most often I am known as no fun mom, or even mean. But work must be done before play. I like the Seuss-inspired poem. I don’t care dour the mallet either…or anything at the doctor so I just don’t go 🙂

    1. Dr. Seuss is timeless. It seems like he probably wrote a book about no-fun mom (although I can’t imagine you in that role.)

      You don’t go to the doctor at all? My favorite part is the gown. I’d like one for around the house or Bowling Night.

  5. My daughter went through a Kesha phase and it scared me just a bit until I found I was jamming out with her.

    It is a crisp 43 currently with an expected high of 70. Life is beautiful!
    Music is my escape from the day and provided the necessary white noise to complete the never ending task list residing on my desk at work. Without a variety of tunes, my days tend to drag. And the variety of tunes has surprised those that stop by, I apparently come off as a quiet individual?

    Favorite Dr. Seuss quote ” Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened”.

    Here is to some good stretching of your fingers, may they find the words you seek.

    1. Kesha’s best when shared between generations. I did’t even get into the pizza situation in Long Island.

      That’s crucial.

      The relaxation music does too good a job sometimes – and when I come out of my meditation, I have energy to get the work done.

      Do those around you not know you’re into Metallica and Lil Wayne?

      That Seuss quote has always rubbed me wrong. I think I don’t want the good things to end, although I’m learning to accept impermanence.

      Thank you Tiffany. I find that if there’s a way to the words, it’s in this crumb-riddled keyboard.

  6. It’s gotten to where it is hard for me to work without my co-worker’s mix of Latin Pop music in the background. Never thought I would get used to that! I may need to find the channel on my personal station lineup now!

    “I think it’s important to remember someone on the day they died, and celebrate them on the day they were born. We remember, and miss for the first. We rejoice and appreciate in the second.”

    I am coming up on three birthdays for family members that are no longer here and you are spot-on with how I remember them now vs. the time of year when they pased. While I am sad on those days, it’s not all encompassing and I am able to celebrate them more than dwell on their absence.

    1. I need to add a salsa station! That helped keep my eyelids apart on the road in Florida. It’s happening, today.

      Do something that person loved to do on their birthday. I’ve worked in the yard, grilled out, or just had a beer for my dad. When my time comes, I hope someone will eat pizza and neglect their hair for the day.

      I think you have the right idea, Sheena.

  7. I was smiling at the Massapequa reference. I’ve never been there but I think I should go!
    Roger Rabbit was one of the first movies I ever saw in the theater. I did ask my parents how that movie was made and they said, “Movie magic!” They answered that a lot, actually. Eventually I wanted to learn how to make movies myself so that answer didn’t suffice anymore.

    1. It’s just the coolest name, isn’t it Tamara? I think if Janine is there, you should definitely make the trip.

      Wow, I was a teenager when Roger Rabbit came out. Magic explains a lot of things, especially those we just can’t ever get a grasp of!

      And sometimes you have to out and find the magic, right?

  8. i have always loved horrifying my daughters with my musical selections over the years. funny, as they got older and started to listening to some of them on their own )

  9. I have never been to Long Island although I visited New York for one day as past of a youth trip years ago. My daughter hates 80s music. I like today’s Pulse music but still hate most rap. I really didn’t like Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It was a little on the weird side for me, although I don’t remember much about the plot.

    1. I’ve been to upstate New York, but never the city. How can anyone (except our parents!) hate 80s music?

      Rap had a heyday in my opinion, in the early 90s, I’d say? It has such substance. I don’t listen much anymore. Music is so powerful. Too powerful at times.

      Roger Rabbit was a dark tale for a cartoon. And Jessica Rabbit came along in my teenage years when I was confused enough about real-life girls, let alone curvy cartoon ones.

  10. Ah, man…I love “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” I was obsessed with that movie as a kid and I don’t think my husband has even seen it. We need to get on that!

    And yes, Jessica Rabbit was my favorite. 🙂

    1. It was a big deal back in the day, Britt! You need to expose the other half to it. I wonder if it’s even on Netflix.

      Jessica Rabbit confused me all sortsa ways. All sortsa.

  11. Great post Eli! I hope you enjoyed your visit to our wonderful city! Is Converse getting a new recruit? I am getting ready to head out for a week of roughing it in the Appalachian Mtns for the next week. Well Wednesday anyway. I can’t wait for the break…and maybe a few Malibu Bay Breeze’s and a campfire! Talk to you when I get back!

    1. Thanks Rena! We … enjoyed Wendy’s in Spartanburg. Converse isn’t for us. I think it was a mutual choice.

      It just reinforced our belief that Warren Wilson is for her!

      I’d love to be roughing it in the Appalachians. Starting to get cold up this way. Enjoy the getaway!

  12. I’ve seen the Amityville Horror house, and Dr. Seuss’s house. I’d rather hang at the doc’s house. I remember Roger Rabbit being so innovative and different – humans and cartoons together? Mind blowing. And I did find Jessica Rabbit a little disturbing – bunnies shouldn’t be sexy.

    1. She’s not a real rabbit – she’s like, Eddie Rabbit. A person named Rabbit. Or like, Megan Fox? Wait, that’s a bad example.

      Good call on the house, too. I’m with you! Although, if there’s pizza at Amityville …

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