I Believe .. Part V

photo credit: To Sooth Your Throat via photopin (license)
photo credit: To Sooth Your Throat via photopin (license)

I believe what I see in the sky every morning lately is three planets, kicking it celestial style.

They’re bold and they’re bright. I don’t have the star-gazing app I had on my old phone, but my guess is that they’re Venus, Jupiter and Mars, in a tight arc in the northeastern sky. They’re awesome.

When I was a kid, the planets aligned for what they said would be a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime planetary event.

I begged mom to wake me up at 4 a.m. to see it all. I envisioned pizza-sized – or at least cookie-sized – renditions of the planets set side by side in the sky. I could NOT wait.

Bleary-eyed, reality fizzled like a dwarf star.

I rubbed my eyes as my mom read from the Greeley Tribune which planets were supposed to be where. She pointed, I looked, but hell – they just looked like stars. Like a bowl full of white jelly beans. Really?

I believe your perspective changes, the stars and planets do not.

These are “only” three planets lined up for me, but you know what? It’s spectacular. Like a lot of other things in my life I had to examine my perception in my own galactic reset.

What do you believe?

photo credit: Broncos Defense via photopin (license)
photo credit: Broncos Defense via photopin (license)

I believe most kids in Colorado learn their first (and worst) bad words during Broncos season. I did.

I believe kindness, cookies and blogs ought to each have their own days of commemoration.

I believe if you shake my keyboard upside down, you’ll see that blogging and eating don’t only intersect, they also merge for miles and miles.

I believe the best story lines don’t even need the biggest stages.

I believe as a parent, there’s a degree of joy when we watch our children find passion in something, be it a sport, an art, or even in making popsicles out of everything in the fridge.

I believe adventure is that place where excitement takes a slight lead against fear.

photo credit: Annie via photopin (license)
photo credit: Annie via photopin (license)

I believe some things are never as good as the original – Annie, Star Wars, strawberry pop tarts come to mind.

I believe if we learn something from what most of what life throws at us, we become renaissance.

I believe to be without writing is to be without life.

I believe we should replace Trigonometry with Intro to Problem Solving in all schools.

I believe I didn’t know the value of failure until I did so much the lessons had piled up to my elbows.

I believe there’s a universe of difference to be found between solitude and loneliness.

photo credit: A young start via photopin (license)
photo credit: A young start via photopin (license)

I believe the whole world’s a soccer ball – if only you can get your foot on it.

I believe the days you see your father in things you do are among the greatest days a mom or dad can experience.

I believe Jesus watches the NFL on Sundays. I know I would, if I was the Son of God.

I believe I’d rather watch Sharknado IV than Titanic II.

I believe part of the prize is the struggle to get there.

I believe leftovers are so much more regal than their name suggests – sort of like Iceland, I suspect.

photo credit: A young start via photopin (license)
photo credit: A young start via photopin (license)

I believe a good bit of parenting is a race or an obstacle course. Sometimes, both.

I believe God probably has the fastest Internet available.

I believe the best part of teaching kids is their thirst for knowledge, followed closely by rambunctiousness. They remind us of what we once were. And still can be.

I believe small orders of fries are fascist.

I believe you should stop and watch all the sunsets and sunrises you can.

I believe an opportunity to annoy a Cowboys fan ought never to be passed up.

photo credit: Picture 018 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Picture 018 via photopin (license)

I believe disc golf is a poor man’s nirvana in the woods.

I believe taco supplies ought never to reach critical lows in a well-maintained home. Ever.

I believe days it’s tougher to laugh are the most important to do so.

I believe there’s always room (and time) for cheese talk.

I believe we should never underestimate the power of the post-game soccer snack.

I believe dollar-store foods are an adventure in of themselves.

photo credit: Albert-Kekse via photopin (license)
photo credit: Albert-Kekse via photopin (license)

I believe I’d barter childcare, lawn care or wrestle a brown bear for a plate of the right cookies.

I believe I’ll never primp myself. I do, though, like how good shaving cream tingles.

I believe it’s easier to write 600 words than six.

I believe if we don’t become artists by trade, we can become artists by spirit. Just keep writing/drawing/dreaming.

I believe to cultivate a blog following is nice; to earn a tribe in your blog is incredible.

I believe Kesha’s music to be best when shared between generations.

photo credit: My Ghetto Blaster via photopin (license)
photo credit: My Ghetto Blaster via photopin (license)

I believe my girls’ music is infinitely more horrifying than mine ever was to my parents.

I believe I’m just a schmuck with a blog, an itchy elbow and a slippery grip on romance.

I believe I’m uncertain of the exact reason I’m here, and what I should do, but a cursory idea that it involves writing and teaching is enough to keep me moving on it.

I believe the universe loves to steal my lunch money. But I’ll come back tomorrow with more. And a different plan.

I believe I need a sticky note in a prominent place to remind me every day there is always more on the other side of whatever trial that we just can’t see.

I believe it’s crucial for parents to see always the silver linings for our kids, especially when they cannot.

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84 thoughts on “I Believe .. Part V

    1. I believe you’re way too kind, Eric. I’m glad you enjoy these! And I’ll email soon, but the answer is yes, it’d be an honor. (No, I’m not giving Eric away in a pretend Brony ceremony.)

      1. Whoo! Thanks, Eli. Bummer on the Eric statue. I would be willing model for it. Though, getting someone like Dwayne Johnson to stand it for me would be better.

  1. The planets and stars are humbling – what’s amazing to think is how ‘old’ the light we are seeing is from the stars – our sun’s lights is 8 minutes old, the visible planets light is only a few minutes old having reflected and travelled so we can view it. The light from the stars is much older as they are much further away – the light is many years old.. thinking about it makes my head hurt.

    I believe in making the days count, and that learning never ends, ever.

    Eli, have a great week!

    1. If any of us can just go by your beliefs, Clay, can you imagine? All things celestial are so mind-boggling. I blame Jupiter and Saturn for my lack of concentration through most of elementary school. How can you listen to math teachers when Saturn is moving 21,000 mph and Jupiter has 63 moons spinning around it?

      1. Well Mate they used to, I’m not sure it’s been a while. Actually with Londoners of the Cockney variety it used to be something like: ‘How ya going me old Cock.’ It’s different.

  2. I believe in so much of the above, too, especially the kids and their music as my older daughter sings “Watch Me Whip!” Seriously the music today definitely leaves not much to the imagination!!

    1. One of Grace’s friends was doing that thing where you toss out bills from a stack like a sprinkler. That’s the best way I can describe it. She saw it somewhere, and I wonder what she thinks it means!

      I wish I’d thought of this before – I would love to have had you and Michelle give three reasons each why the Mets or Royals will win the World Series!

      1. On that would be such a fun post and seriously it would start with pitching for the Mets and have to include the incredible offense with the likes of Daniel Murphy for starters!! 😉

      2. By experience with the Rockies, you’ll probably hate the Royals all winter. Then, in the spring and into the summer, you’ll go back to hating the Braves, Marlins and Nationals.

  3. “I believe if we don’t become artists by trade, we can become artists by spirit. Just keep writing/drawing/dreaming.”

    I believe that is what I needed to read to start my week off on a better note.

  4. A wonderful list…
    “I believe days it’s tougher to laugh are the most important to do so!” but this one spoke the loudest to me! although.. the one about our kids music being much worse than our’s was to our parents is very, very true! And I STILL listen to the music I grew up with! 😉

      1. LOL! Daughter is 28 now and she and I still like the same music. She has never been much into pop music or rap.. THANK GOODNESS! So I think I’m safe! ha ha ha ha! 😉

  5. Another day, another day of not using Trigonometry. And yet.. I had to problem solve seven times today already.
    I have to turn my keyboard upside a lot. Sometimes an entire shoe falls out.
    Wanna talk about cheese and cookies? Call me!

  6. I believe that you have a great blog and that your kids have an amazing dad. I love seeing the planets in the night sky, now that I know which planets are which and now that stars are no longer just small and middle and big 🙂

  7. These are a riot! Well, some aren’t but you know what I mean! I think you and my hubby are the only two people alive who still play frisbee golf! You two have so much in common. Except the reading and writing thing. He’s more of a watcher and a clicker type lol!

    1. I’ll settle for some riotessness. Others are Stewart Smalley-ish, I recently heard. Plenty of people play disc golf – usually they’re young guys in cargo pants and tye-die T-shirts.

      I figure the more I use my fingers to write, the less I use them to pick out the cashews from a can of mixed nuts.

  8. I love these. Almost every one speaks to me, except I switch Maple Leafs fan for the Cowboys, because it’s just fun. And I’ve decided we should have tacos tomorrow night. I believe Fall days should end with bonfires, glow sticks and a cheese dip with no less than 5 layers. 7 is ideal. 🙂

    1. Hey thanks Rore. Yes, that Cowboys one is interchangeable – when I posted it on Twitter, a Cowboys fan page followed me! (Either to check up on me and strangle me in my sleep, or maybe they appreciate the humor and attention. I’m hoping for the latter.)

      What’s a Canadian taco like?

      Bonfires, cheese dip and glow sticks – in some societies, this is the framework for a cult.

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