A Pack of Thankfuls on a Saturday Morning

photo credit: Enjoying the nice weather! via photopin (license)
photo credit: Enjoying the nice weather! via photopin (license)

Why not?

I’ve read lots of terrific bloggers’ posts on 10 Things of Thankful. But see, with Go Ask Daddy, my Fridays are all booked up. Tonight, at 12:34 p.m., I realized I could submit something on a Saturday.

So, here goes. It’s my first swipe at something like this. It comes at the conclusion of a tough week. Maybe the practice of pointing out 10 things to be thankful for will be good for the soul.

1. A tagalong kid.

Grace likes to accompany me anywhere, near or far. She came with me to our North Charlotte office so that I could swipe a power cord (promise I’ll return it Sunday, fellas!) We drank hot cocoa.

2. Great timing.

I got to the café at work for a slice of pizza just as they were closing. As in, just in time to rescue a whole cheese pizza they were about to toss. #PizzaLivesMatter

3. Marvel.

Just watched Ant Man with the kids. Marvel rules! Just enough like Marvel stuff and just enough like new stuff. Evangeline Lilly can steal a show, but I kind of adore Judy Greer.

4. Songs.

I love a good song with  meaningful lyrics. Sometimes, though, it’s the lyrics and the rhythm and the tone and the feel and how it’s sung. And you play it more than once, when you find it. And share it with friends. Like this.

5. Good reviews.

We’re all a little nervous when it comes to work reviews, right? It was good shit, though. No corrective action, no lawsuits. They’re going to keep me around and everything.

6. Good team.

Yeah, the Broncos qualify, but I’m talking my work team. This crew ranks tops among all I’ve been part of at Red Ventures. Lots of talent, and they care about each other. The stuff of champions.

7. Deep sleep.

It doesn’t always happen. I’ve been exhausted lately, and dropping into comatose-like sleep keeps me afloat. I sleep so hard I don’t even dream. I haven’t gotten my full six in a while. Every minute counts.

8. Mexican food.

In college, I’d often say, during a rough stretch, “man, I just need my people’s food.” When you make fajitas or guacamole, it doesn’t matter if you can’t even conjugate verbs in Spanish.

9. Serendipity.

I attended the startup grind at work this week. I’d reserved a ticket and it sold out, so even though I felt the opposite of able to network, I went. Can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. Incredible.

10. The Weekend.

I’ve not one to wish away a week. This weekend, though, will contain things that can replenish a soul: Soccer, time with the girls, meditation, writing, football, time to myself and maybe even a museum.

11. Order?

I told a friend I’d feel more like a champ if I could just clean out my inbox. It could start there. Getting a handle on life, one step at a time. Be present and diligent, confident and hopeful.

Any time I’ve seen these posts, I’ve thought, “can I really come up with 10? Is this gratitude stuff all that?” Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m glad I wound up on Christine’s blog last night and gave it some thought! So what about you?

What are you grateful for?

Ten Things of Thankful


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  1. Not only is it the weekend, but we are officially on Christmas break! No work for two weeks. No pay either, but I’m only focusing on the positives here 🙂 Lots to be thankful for!

  2. Eli, I have much to be thankful for – and it is a great idea for a post. I am thankful for this time of the year and time to enjoy it with my family. Today is the first day of Christmas break – winter break if you want to make it PC. I have another idea which must bloom first or it will be lost or irrelevant. Sounds like life has opened a door for you – enjoy your break and make it count. Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.

  3. I am indeed grateful Christmas Break is in effect. I am so burnt out from grading and lesson plans I left it all in my desk and walked out at 4:30 and left my decorations up in my room. That’s a definite first.

    1. Mine will begin later this week. I’m glad you had the awareness to drop the mic, as it were, on your day job.

      Sleep in, stream goodness, and don’t forget the Christmas cookies.

  4. Great list, Eli! I didn’t have a bad week (it was my birthday on Wednesday and I got a massage, so that helped!), but life has been cuckoo! I even had to work for a few hours this morning, which was not ideal.

    But I am thankful for this afternoon when I can work on my book, practice Yoga, and catch up with my blogger buddies. 🙂

    1. Thanks Britt! Happy late birthday – my own birthday came amid considerable cookiness, and I discovered just how powerful the pull of birthday wishes can be.

      I hope you did too.And I’m grateful for the afternoon you had, not only because of the book and yoga, but especially that it brought you here.

  5. Welcome to the TToT! You thankfulled like a champ!
    I was just talking with my boys about the Marvel movies. I never thought I would like superhero movies, but I have to admit, I’ve liked every single one I’ve seen.
    Nice work with the good review. It’s always a stressful, even when you know you’ve done well.
    It is so nice to have a tag along kid sometimes. I have a favorite tag along for different activities. Going to a volleyball tourney…come along 7 year old. Going to the grocery store…6 year old! You get the idea. 🙂
    Milk coming out your nose hurts! But sometimes it’s worth it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Christine! Thanks for the inspiration. I wasn’t even that into Marvel until the girls got into it – and they’re all shirt-wearing official, too.

      I love a tagalong kid. I will always offer up the passenger seat, and when they ask on their own, that’s a bonus.

      All my girls are interested in trips with me that have any chance of producing food.

      I’d love to laugh that hard today, Christine. There’s still time!

  6. Hey hey! Welcome to the hop. You’ve started with aplomb – great workplace, great food, and wonderful times with family. Your ducks are all in a row, and I hope you’ve been having a great weekend.

    1. Why thanks, Lizz. It’s long overdue, as I’ve loved a long time what’s done over here. I’m spreading those good things out as much as I can and hoping some of it will drop seeds.

      My ducks are about as in a row as a box of 10 rattlesnakes and one mouse, but at least they’re in the box!

      1. It’s good with something to cut through the flavour – redcurrants, orange, plum sauce or ginger or something. I used to like it, back when I ate meat 🙂

  7. I love this post so much!! And, I just bought that Leela Jones song for one of my mix cds – not sure which it’s going to end up on, but it’s on one for sure. Beautiful!

    I like how thoughtful your list was. Especially a “tagalong” kid. That was me. A lot of my memories with my dad are of talking with him in the car. That hot cocoa is time well spent.

    What am I currently thankful for? First off, this post – because like you, it was a rough week and I catch myself being negative too much, so redirecting my thoughts to what I have is a good thing. Second, your blog – because I gained new followers and had so much fun chatting with your peeps for the guest post, everyone was so sweet. And third, just having a good day today. It would’ve been easy to feel like I was all booked up and get anxious, but instead I’ve enjoyed each moment in the moment. I had a great breakfast date with my bestie and we haven’t hung out in forever. And I had a lot of fun in my improv rehearsal, and just let myself play and not judge what I was or wasn’t doing.

    Thanks, Eli! Here’s hoping our saturday nights make an equally long list of things to be grateful for. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jess! Leela just does that song such grand justice, doesn’t she? I better listen to it right now, in fact.

      I wasn’t sure I’d be able to come up with 11, which is a magic number. But i did. A tagalong kid is just what a dad needs some days.

      You were the star of the show around here for that guest post! Good form, JW, and I was glad to introduce you to the crew.

      I will follow your lead and enjoy and appreciate the little things that come my way and avoid looking up at the big picture. Life can be good, right?

  8. Way too much to be thankful for but a few things are: My family and the fact that I get to hang out with them in Oregon for the next few weeks. My dogs because I’ve missed them. And music because it helps me when I wake up in a funk for no reason.

      1. You and me both – I nearly died when they were going to implement a time limit. Remember that?

        I have all my favorite stations set on shuffle. I love this more than a pizza buffet. I got Corrine Bailey Rae right now, just after AC/DC and Norah Jones. #Bliss

  9. That is a great list, Eli. Personally, I can add a big one to my list. I’m thankful to the person who paid the balance of my motor mechanic bill ($145) last week. Apparently I’ll find out who it is on Christmas Day 😀

  10. Ah, lovely list, full of gratitude.
    Sleep was very badly needed, for me too, after a rough week.
    Pizza is definitely something to be thankful for.
    Enjoy this time of year with your family.

    1. Thank you, and welcome. A good night’s sleep, when you wake up not knowing what day it is and trying to figure out why your hand doesn’t work (because you’ve slept on it for six solid hours) is best.

      Pizza makes the world go round. I hope you enjoy the holidays, too.

  11. Nice list! It’s always a good thing to take note of the things both big and small that we’re thankful for. There is lots there if we just open or eyes and hearts. Hope you have a nice Christmas!

    1. Thanks Janna. For me, it’s been historically tough to sit down and acknowledge the things to be thankful for, and I’m not sure why.

      There’s plenty there, and in tough times, we take it for granted. Merry Christmas to you, too.

  12. Well, first I am going to have to backtrack, because it seems I missed the Ask Friday post. But I am thankful to get a bonus post from you all the same!! 🙂
    Gratitude today…. well, my kids each received $20 in an envelope for their Advent calendar today and were all excited. Then they were promptly told to read the envelope which stated “Choose A Charity – Make A Donation” aaaannnddd… they were still excited and my mama’s heart swelled. It’s not a humble brag: it was a much more selfish state they were in this time last year — so I am proud of their progress.

    1. Yeah, Les, I posted like it was on sale for a few days there. There’s the regularly-scheduled programming going on in there, too.

      You have an awesome idea about the advent calendar. Are you going to post about that? Superlative.

      And I’m not surprised your kids embraced the opportunity for charity. You’re doing it right.Even if it is Canadian currency.

      1. I did post about it a couple of days ago… Purposeful Giving. And ugh – our dollar: the hell happened? We were flying high there for awhile..

  13. YOU’RE IN THE TTOT!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!! *falls off chair*
    I’m so glad you made it here – and yes, all weekend. Sometimes I don’t get to mine until Sunday but I never miss. It’s been a lifesaver for me.
    Anyway…this is a great list! A tagalong kid is a great thing. Sometimes I wish for just a few minutes by myself but I often find that when I get it, I kind of miss my little sidecar. And Mexican food? Always. And with cerveza.

    1. I did the right thing, Lisa. I know, even me! I’ve always admired those of you who took part.

      It’s incredible company. I had to think about them. Glad you liked the list!

      Tagalong kids make my heart swell. I tell them it’s always a plus with them at my side.

      Con cerveza para siempre!

  14. I always love counting my thankfuls, and then I wonder why I don’t do it more often.

    I have a tagalong kid too – she always wants to come along for the ride. Kinda like a dog, except she doesn’t stick her head out the window with her tongue wagging. Yet.

    Merry Christmas to you and your girls, Eli!

    1. I think it’s not always easy to count our thankfuls, because those things that take away from them get lots of bandwidth. Having a tagalong kid can put that set of elements out of your mind for a while, though, can’t it?

      I think my kids would stick their heads out the window and wag their tongues if given the chance!

      Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family, Dana. I’m so glad you’ve stuck around with me so long.

  15. Welcome to the TToT! Even after a rough week, you came up with a great list. Hope this week goes smoother. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Kristi! It’s excellent company here. Glad you liked the list! It’s Christmas this week, so that has to count for something, right? Merry Christmas to you too.

  16. Those are excellent things to be grateful for. And you didn’t even mention caffeine and your blogger friends, so there’s more 🙂
    I think the most valuable thing to be grateful for is the ability to see the little things.
    I didn’t understand what the “startup grind” was all about?

    1. As I mentioned, I wasn’t sure I’d get them all easily. Caffeine and blogger friends are essential to my sustenance. I will always see the little things, and I think that makes the big picture tough to look at.

      Startup Grind was an event where six startup companies made 3-minute pitches to a panel of investors and experts in hopes of securing a $250,000 prize for their project and consultation opportunities from the pros. It was an excellent experience.

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