On the Road Again: This Time at Making the Days Count, to Break Down ‘River of Dreams’

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I’ve been all over the place lately.

guest postI posted the usual Go Ask Daddy on Friday (did you know speed stacking qualifies as a bona fide sport?). Then, late Friday/early Saturday, I ran across Christine’s rendition of 10 Things of Thankful on A Fly on the Chicken Coop Wall, and had a go of it for the first time.

Then, I posted Sunday afternoon, fresh off watching the Carolina Panthers remain unbeaten, with a Christmas post for the Literary Musings linkup.

By Monday, it was back to work. I posted a story of another example of my ineptitude at being Hispanic. Even though we don’t observe las posadas, we can still get down with Mexican food.

It was just the cultural and religious content I struggled with.

Today, I’ve written a guest post for my friend Clay, at Making the Days Count. You might remember Clay for his guest post on the CD – to discuss the lessons his father has sent him.

(Or you might be all, “wait, dudes read Coach Daddy? Weird.”)

[See my guest post on Making the Days Count, right here]

Clay’s a good man, a good father, a fan to his beloved Astros and writer of a mindful, creative blog. Please join me at Clays’ place today. I’ve written an installment of Tuesday Tune.

I chose a song that speaks to living life, and making the days count.

I chose Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams,” because throughout my life I’ve found myself standing at the shores, wondering what to do next. Stick around and check out Clay’s blog while you’re there.

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20 thoughts on “On the Road Again: This Time at Making the Days Count, to Break Down ‘River of Dreams’

  1. Just read and the major Billy Joel fan just couldn’t love more. Now I will be humming River of Dreams all day long, but still a great song – so thank you for that and more 😉

    1. Thanks Eric. I wondered if I was diving too deep, but it is what it is. And you’re right about the singability – although probably my kids would argue against that when I do it!

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