Which of My Girls Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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Which of my girls are you?

It’s come up a few times, especially when my girls answer questions from Q4KIDZ.

“I’m with you, Grace. You can do so much with salads.”

“I want to come hang out with Elise in her treehouse and watch old Fresh Prince reruns!”

“These are awesome and I adore Marie’s answer about love!”

Which of my girls are you most like? Well, now you can take this quiz – and find out.

Choose the answer that best fits you. Add up your score, and check the legend below.

1. If you were a secret agent, what would your code name be?

a) Sleepy1

b) That’s a dumb question

c) Boss Pickle 361

2. What’s the best way to cheer someone up who is sad?

a) Chocolate

b) Not talk to them

c) By doing something funny and kind of embarrassing that I did about the subject.

3. If you had to wear a warning label, what would it say?

a) Warning: Always out of it

b) Warning: I might beat you up

c) Warning: Extremely talented and skilled.

4. What’s something you wish had never been invented?

a) Democrats

b) Weight scales

c) Tests and homework.

5. If you were in charge of lunches at school, what would you serve?

a) Chick-fil-A

b) Real food

c) Pizza and ice cream.

6. If your life was a movie, what would the name of it be?

a) “Not Again”

b) “Disappointed at Christmas: A Musical”

c) “The Stories of Boss Girl”.

7. What is something that would be fun to do on the moon?

a) Moon walk

b) Eat that astronaut ice cream

c) Play soccer.

8. If you were in charge of the world, how would you solve world hunger?

a) Plant a bunch of gardens

b) Make everyone farmers, like they were in the olden days

c) By making one type of food only for homeless people.

9. You wake up one morning and your whole house has turned into candy. What kinds of candy are the items in your house made of?

a) M&Ms, cotton candy, and Twix

b) Lollipops, chocolate, and Swedish fish

c) Hershey kisses, Sour-Patch Kids, and Kit-Kat.

10. What would happen if there weren’t any rules in the world?

a) It would be chaos

b) It would be fun, and people would die

c) I would kidnap Luke Keuchly.

Add up your score.

For every A, give yourself one point.

For every B, give yourself two points.

For every C, give yourself three points.


Time Elise

10-16: You are Elise. A little loopy, a realist, and right-leaning politically.

Time Marie

17-24: You are Marie. You have little tolerance for silliness, you’re socially … isolationist, and tough as two-dollar steak.


Grace Time

25-30: You are Grace. You’re not afraid to tout your awesomeness, kinda boy crazy and willing to do what it takes to cheer up a friend.


ASK A BOY | Do boys – and men – perplex you? Here’s your chance to find some answers. Or, at least a distracting attempt at an answer. Send questions to bloggingeli@gmail.com, and put Ask A Boy in the subject line.


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  1. That was interesting… I scored 16. Pretty much true considering the description, although I have been called a clown on more than one occasion.

  2. My favorite answers were to plant a bunch of gardens all over the world and to cheer up a friend by doing something silly and kinda embarrassing. You have some sweet, thoughtful, clever girls!

    1. I loved those, too. I miss the posts when I had nothing but questions and their answers from this website.

      Thanks so much for the sweet words about my girls – they amaze me every day, Lulu.

  3. According to this quiz, I am Marie and your description of her (“You have little tolerance for silliness, you’re socially … isolationist, and tough as two-dollar steak.”) is also a pretty accurate description of me! 🙂 What a fun idea!

  4. Love this, Eli! So much fun.

    Scored 18, so it looks like I’m Marie.

    I guess I have been a bit of a social isolationist this last week, stuck in my apartment battling pneumonia. There’s only so much a girl can do when she’s the only westerner left in a town of Thai speakers! Also, my kindergartners would tell me I have no tolerance for silliness (if they spoke my language fluently)..so yeah, guess this all makes sense.

    1. Thanks Britta! I had to adjust scoring a bit – it was stacked against the Elises of this world.

      Feeling better? you could have written a series from the dark of your building. In non-related news, I recently tried Thai food for the first time. Pad Thai is my favorite.

      I’d love to be 5 again and spend a day in beth’s kindergarten class, and one in yours, too.

      1. Haha, Pad Thai is a favorite of mine. Welcome to the wonderful world of Thai food (though, quite frankly, I’m looking forward to having better accessibility to more variety in all kinds of foods back in the States).
        Well, I don’t know how exciting you’d find my kindergarten class as an English speaker…you’d have to try REALLY hard to fail it. I taught them pretty basic English, you know.

  5. I didn’t math very well, but I had so many “c” answers that I’ll assume I’m Grace! 🙂

  6. 21. Go figure, I have two boys a lot like her in silliness (the’re not boy crazy though) so I guess I know where they get it from. My wife is right, dang it.

      1. LOL That works too. The boys are always their silliest at bedtime when I’m Mr. Serious trying to get them settled. I’d do better if I’d remember how right the wives are.

      1. Yea! I miss soccer matches. That’s the best sport to watch, in my opinion. Other sports are more fun to play, but that is definitely one I never can get enough watching time in. Wish Marie luck!

      2. They won 2-0 and she had tons of shots on goal … I have a feeling she’ll score her first on Friday. Elise had a few brilliant saves, too. It’s so much fun to watch them on the same team.

      3. I always wished I had a couple of my kids closer together so they could have done the same team thing. Glad they won. Elise must be goalie. My Jess was goalie back once upon a time before she switched out to cross country in high school. Goalie is a stressful one for a parent to watch.

  7. 22! Hi Marie!!
    This was such a cool idea! I had no idea how it would turn out, because my answers seemed to be all over the place. And honestly — the house should be make of ALL that candy. Should I have just given myself 6 points for that one? 🙂

    1. #TeamMarie – she shoots she scores!

      Glad you liked the idea. My girls are also all over the place, Rore. If a house were made of candy (or maybe cheese?) I’d be homeless.

      Seems worth at least 10 points to me.

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