Go Ask Daddy About Classic Shows, Boy Deer and a Verb for Chillin’

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photo credit: Trooper about to sleep via photopin (license)

I got through one episode of House of Cards.

GAD GRAPHICI wouldn’t know which Game went to which Throne. I might get to Legends of Tomorrow – tomorrow. I did watch Arrow for a while. When Felicity Smoak *sigh* started to act less nerdy-funny and more vixeny-funny. (I like the glasses and awkwardness, thank you. Hi, Felicity.)

I’m not exactly the trendy TV watcher.

My show of choice: M*A*S*H*. As a friend asked last night, “you mean, that show from when we were kids?” Yes, that show. It came on at 11 p.m. when we were kids. We’d hear the first strains of that theme song, and knew we were on borrowed awake time.

(It’s called Suicide is Painless. Did you know that?) What Generation X kid doesn’t have a memory that goes with that song?

I’m not totally stuck in the past. I’ve been known to binge on Malcolm in the Middle and even Orange is the New Black. Hi, Pipes.

1. How many seasons of M*A*S*H* are there?

Ignore the fact that Two and a Half Men also reached that benchmark.

M*A*S*H* switched commanding officers and Hawkeye Pierce’s bunkmates and lasted 11 seasons. Cool shows such as Happy Days and The Jeffersons also lasted 11 years. Ignore the fact that Two and a Half Men also reached that benchmark.

M*A*S*H*, the show documenting the antics of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, lasted seven years longer than the actual Korean War.

Other cool M*A*S*H* facts

  • Alan Alda, who played Hawkeye, wrote 13 and directed 31 episodes. He won an Emmy for acting, directing, and writing on the same show – the first ever to do it.
  • Gobs of actors passed through the doors of the 4077th before they became stars, including Patrick Swayze, Ron Howard and John Ritter. Teri Garr, Rita Wilson and Shelley Long also made appearances before their stars rose.
  • One M*A*S*H* spinoff had a run of exactly one pilot episode, shown once. W*A*L*T*E*R told the tale of Walter “Radar” O’Reilly’s post-M*A*S*H* life as a St. Louis police officer who’d lost his farm and wife, and had attempted suicide. Dark, man, dark.

2. Why is it Alvin and Chipmunks? Theodore is cuter.

It’s a great debate for any fantastic ensemble – who’s the leading man? Or, chipmunk?

Yeah. There’s always a fan of the bit player.

George Harrison fans know. Or who’s the kid who left One Direction, Zayn? Yeah. There’s always a fan of the bit player. You know, like Felicity Smoak. *sigh* Pinterester Tiffany Glazer compiled her own online shrine to the forgotten chipmunk. Check it out.

It’s a nod to the shorter, less prominent mammal with not so much game as other ‘munks. I hear you, T. I hear you.

3. How can you tell how old a buck is?

It’s not all in the antlers.

Deer, like the rest of us, fall victim to that middle-age spread. A pro can estimate a buck’s age by how his belly sags. Doesn’t sound majestic, does it? Look for these clues:

Small racks not wider than a buck’s ears, 4×4 or more points, slender torso = 1 ½ years old

Still slender, more muscle tone, swollen neck during the rut = 2 ½ years old

Rump and chest jutting out, lean and flat gut = 3 ½ years old

Neck and chest seamless, heavy rear, common line between chest and stomach = 4 ½ years old

Big-time chest, bulbous Roman nose, gut and back line begin to sag = 5 ½ years old

By age 7 ½ to 8 ½, a buck becomes a senior citizen, with diminished antler size and physique. They don’t often make it to this golden age in the wild.

4. How do they come up with dinosaur names?

Dinosaur names come from three sources, generally:

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE | The root words come from the Greek and Latin, although some are Chinese. Example: Ankylosaurus (a favorite dinosaur of mine, since Marie did a project on him years ago) means ‘fused lizard’ in Greek.

Fused bones in his skeleton made him a rugged prehistoric tank.

WHERE THEY WERE FOUND | The Utahraptor speaks for itself. Lots of dinos make their splash in Utah. Not every state has that kind of track record. No one’s dug up a Hawaiiraptor or Southcarolinaraptor, for instance, as of press time.

FOLKS | They don’t even have to be real folk. Sauroniops comes from Sauron, of Lord of the Rings fame. Gagadon, a diminutive hoofed mammal, bears a name from Lady Gaga. Obamadon needs no introduction.

This skittering lizard didn’t do much with an executive pen, either.

Some names are just cool, like Gigantoraptor, Anzu, and Daemonosaurus. Others, well … Pantydraco, Dollodon, and Piatnitzkysaurus … they’re all fierce, at least. Kinda.

5. Is lazing a word?

Lazing is the gerund or present participle of laze. If you spend time in a relaxed, lazy manner, you’ve been lazing.

If you’ve witnessed Trapper’s entire stint with the 4077th without so much as a potty break, you’ve been lazing. If you’ve tried to plop one dinosaur’s head on another’s skeleton to make your own dinosaur discovery, you’ve definitely been lazing.

If you read this post instead of feeding your toddler Goldfish, or instead of reviewing the Johnson Report, or taking notes in biology class, well, you’ve been lazing, too.

I’d give you a Hawkeye salute for that.


32 thoughts on “Go Ask Daddy About Classic Shows, Boy Deer and a Verb for Chillin’

  1. Then yeah, totally lazing. I was/am at war…no pun intendend with the song. Everyrhing has a point….so now i bounce to what is tv…not having one, i can only ask about the new shows, huh?

    Definitely the antleers.

    Theodore is adorable. He doesn’t have the mischievous nature of Alvin or the studious nature of Simon…he is Theodore.

    1. Nothing wrong with lazing, LJ. You’re better of without TV. Too many channels, and it takes forever to change from one to the next. Why?

      Antlers are a misconception for establishing a buck’s age. His body type tells a more accurate story. I didn’t know this.

      Theodore is that unassuming counterbalance to Alvin’s bravado and Simon’s braininess. He’s the Dan Akroyd of Ghostbusters, really.

  2. Good afternoon Mate. I was just playing on the computer when you popped into my mind. So I galloped over to WP and who should be first cab off the rank on my feed but you. So how are you? I like the post btw, love MASH and dinosaurs.
    Take care

    1. Mate! You’re a life-changer. I’ll email you more on the topic. Just know … you pretty much saved my life.

      You’ve made my day, Fratello. Absolutely made my day. Welcome back. Are you writing again?

      1. Well, I’m glad to be of service Mate, looking forward to your email. Not writing yet, as I said you popped into mind. So I got in touch.👍⚽😀

  3. M*A*S*H reruns have been on Aussie TV for ages and ages now. Two episodes every night at 6:30 followed by a repeat the next morning at 10:00. I still thoroughly enjoy watching it 🙂

    1. M*A*S*H* reruns should be a staple of american and Australian life, Lyn! Before Netflix had it, it felt like the grace of God to get an episode on the channel I happened to be surfing by.

  4. i’m not a very good binge watcher, mad men was pretty much it. and i always thought the ankylosaurus was named for it’s cankles. thanks for clearing that up –

    1. I binge usually when there’s an, influence, like Pipes, Felicity, or the mom in Malcolm in the Middle.

      You’re confusing ankylosaurus for the canklesaurus, which, incidentally, was found in your neighboring state to the south. at the very site where the Horseshoe resides, in fact.

  5. M*A*SH used to run on FX in the mornings when M was in elementary school, so he got hooked on watching them before catching the bus at about the same age I was when I watched originally.

  6. MASH! Still a favorite around here- most of the kids have even watched many episodes. Something about that show!!
    Deer- I didn’t know that about the deer. I will have to look for that now.
    Lazing- yes, I am most definitely doing that right now. I have much to do and I am sitting here reading blogs!! Oh well…
    Blessings, and Happy Easter!!

    1. Yes! Every now and then, we’ll see an episode we’ve never seen. What brilliant writing, too.

      It’d be easier if a buck had a point on the antlers for every year, although a yearling would look kind of dumb, wouldn’t he?

      Lazing’s good for a Good Friday, I say. As i said, as president, I’d block out time every day when everyone could just read blogs. You on board for that?

      Happy Easter to you too, Vicki.

  7. Well, I actually grew up when MASH was in primetime network tv — and there was no cable, and 3 network stations + that public station.

    Star Trek was another favorite — and yes, I watched it when it was first on primetime too.

    I do love OITNB! We tried House of Cards once, but it didn’t take. Although we might revisit it. Sadly we don’t get cable, I think I’d like Game of Thrones. I keep thinking about reading the actual books!

    1. I remember those days, Judy. Do you remember Battle Star Gallactica? Remember Pipes’ best friend in season one? I don’t know what about House of Cards kept me from episode 2. Game of Thrones looks a bit badass.

      Reading books is most definitely badass. So glad to see you here, Judy!

  8. I remember watching M*A*S*H* with my mom and dad. Clinger confused me. But the nickname Hot Lips Hoolahan always made me laugh.
    Superb question about Theo. Alvin’s so vein and pompous and Simon is too “I’m smarter than you” but Theo was just Theo and loved everybody!

    1. Those were the days, Eric. Clinger’s character was supposed to be just a gay soldier, but they changed it.

      Theodore’s the champ here, apparently. And now i thinking about other cinematic trios, like the Ghostbusters, who follow similar character traits.

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