Photo a Day Challenge: June 8 – Toys

toys challenge


My challenge for today’s word – toys – wasn’t in finding them. It was in choosing the ones that would make the cut. We see plenty of Star Wars action up in here, so let me introduce you to two of the loves that grace my work desk.

First, meet Kim Possible.

In my college years – okay, okay, I was out of college by then – I had a crush on her. She was so kick-ass. (I eventually graduated to Veronica Mars.) Kim has twisty arms and legs and magnetic hands and feet that I kept dangerously close to my computer monitor.

Next, meet my noisy dinosaur.

Kick-ass dinosaurs don’t need cutesy names. Grace gave me this dude for Father’s Day. He closest resembles the megalosaurus. Pull a lever on his back and he emits a bone-chilling roar. I let ‘er rip during work today and I’m not sure what was thought of me.

[Check out the photo challenge we’re taking, here.]


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  1. Great choice of toys. I had a small beanie puppy dog called Buster on my desk when I was working.
    The link “thought of me” doesn’t go anywhere. Well, not exactly nowhere, but it’s a bit weird.

  2. Oh, I feel old! Kim Possible was one of the shows I let my daycare kids watch while I prepared lunch. She saved me for 30 minutes every day!

  3. Love Kim Possible!! We have one like that around here somewhere. All the dinosaurs are buried in the sand box. They blamed the cat, but I am pretty sure it’s related to the fact their older brother watched Jurassic World while they were in the room.

    1. She’s my girl, Les. Kim P. should have a position of prominence in your life. I buried a treasure of dinosaurs on the side of our house one afternoon as a kid. I went in for lunch.

      My dad put up a sidewalk as I killed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – right over my dinosaur.

      Jurassic World can be influential – for me, now, it’s less about the lizards and more about Bryce Dallas Howard.

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