Photo a Day Challenge: June 17 – Organizatin

challenge organizatin

Take one look in my work bag or backseat of my car, and you’ll learn fast: Organizatin isn’t my strong suit.

I am, however, a problem solver. Today’s organizatin photo features froyo from the RV food court. I’d encountered a problem on my previous cup: Toppings that stayed at the top. As first-world as this sounds, it needed a solution. A dose of organizatin.

I found one, with careful planning.

I led with a swirled base of strawberry-vanilla froyo, but just a layer. I followed with scoops of Snickers and Butterfinger crumble, and topped that with a couple more swirls of froyo. I stopped to add M&Ms and Reeses’, then buried that below more strawberry/vanilla.

Lastly, I went all out with sprinkles, M&Ms, and more toppings.

The result: A surprise in every scoop. I found conglomerations of Snickers and Butterfinger (or was that Reeses’?) bound together amid the frozen layers of froyo. Every bite had a chance for toppings, even those not on top.

Speaking of not staying on top …

Influenza has chosen my body as a host right now. As I destroy G2s and devour Ritz crackers, I’ve not been as good a blogger as healthy me would be. Feverish, I’m lousy with the publish button. So I’m extending the month.

For the challenge, anyway.

I have lots to shoot and tell. Including how I incorporated pink into a one-day 3v3 soccer tournament with Grace and Marie. And a rare snapshot of sisterly love and affection for family day.

Rather than rush, I’ll take my time.

lego1I also want to tell you about a cool event Grace and a friend will compete in the LEGO Ninjago Obstacle Course next weekend in Pineville. It’s going to be a blast, and there’s still time to put together your team and compete, too.

Here are highlights:

  • Large Scale LEGO Models of Master Wu and Lloyd standing at 80” and 62” tall
  • Four challenge arenas – Fire, Lightning, Energy and Earth
  • Eight physical and mental challenges for teams to show off their physical and mental “ninja” skills – including mazes, puzzles and a building exercise
  • One All-Inclusive trip to LEGOLAND California Resort to be awarded to the highest scoring team where they will compete in a Finale and a chance to win the Quest2NINJAGO championship – including an ultimate NINJAGO prize pack

Plus, everyone who comments on this blog and tells if their kids would try one of these challenges will be entered in a contest to win a Ninjago LEGO set! Just mention in comments how you think your kid would do in the challenge.

I’ll select a winner at random, and announce the winner right here, next week, with an update on Team Grace. Be sure to enter at:

[Check out the photo challenge we’re taking, here.]


organizatin quote

9 thoughts on “Photo a Day Challenge: June 17 – Organizatin

  1. I could do with some ice cream right now. Maybe with some Tootsie rolls sticking up out of it. Oh, and some chocolate fudge sauce of course 😀
    Good luck to Grace and her friend.

  2. Organization can be over rated in areas while highly recommended in the preparation of a yummy dessert.

    I hope your feeling better.
    Sounds like a fun challenge!

  3. Um, yeah, sure, my kid would be willing to do those obstacles. Me too, but sadly we are both too old for such fun shenanigans according to the website or I would be making a roadtrip :-/

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. I’d do it too, Holly. There are other spots around the nation, too. But yeah, you, me and your kid, we’ve all aged out. Grace will carry the torch for us.

  4. I like to think that even in chaos, there’s a vague form of organization, just maybe not one we’re wired to recognize.
    Sending get better vibes your way and hoping you feel yourself again soon! 🙂

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