Photo a Day Challenge: June 23 – Confetti

challenge confetti

I texted Elise.

“Do you have any confetti?” Nope, the girl said. Why should we. Let me ask you this: Is there confetti in your house right now? Crap. I didn’t want to buy stuff solely for the Photo a Day Challenge. That feels like it should cost me my amateur status.

What’s confetti, except for chopped up paper?

One man’s dustbuster mess is another man’s confetti. So what about those confetti cupcakes? I could make some of those. A buck-10 later, I’m on my way. Only, I wasn’t. Because I pulled the cake too early. A boxed cake. I busted it open flipping it out of the pan.

That’s when I saw it was medium rare. Stellar for ground chuck; irresponsible for anything Pillsbury. Not a proud moment for a guy who flies into a new recipe like conditioner into Liam Hemsworth’s hair: There on a mission.

I made my own frosting which drew raver reviews than the actual cake. The cake wasn’t by the ocean, but it also wasn’t wretched; it just didn’t win any style points. I’ll take ugly cake over pretty broccoli 38 times out of 38.

They’ll rain no confetti on my head for this one.

[Check out the photo challenge we’re taking, here.]


confetti quote


  1. Adventures in baking! With a song title thrown in as casual description. I have to love this post. Send me your frosting recipe?

  2. You should have bought cake sprinkles instead of cake mix. Then when you were finished photographing it, you could sprinkle it on some bread and butter and make fairy bread. Mmmm fairy bread… every kid’s favourite party food (and every grandma’s favourite anytime food) 😀

  3. Hahah, never a dull moment at your place for this challenge and I love it!

    btw- broccoli, steamed with garlic and salt and pepper and some butter is A-mazing! Just saying…😉

  4. You can make your own confetti with a hole puncher, we used to do that as kids. Of course a funfetti cake is much more fun, even though the only one I made in my life was definitely not tastier than broccoli, let’s agree to disagree on that one 😉

  5. Yes I do have confetti in my house – right now. Because I actually have a 3 hole punch thingamabobber. If you open up the back – voila! Confetti.
    But I’ll take your less than pretty cupcakes on cheat day. 🙂

    1. I should have checked with you. I could have sworn we had one, but it might have been used as a weapon.

      Confetti seems like something I’d hate to pay for, like the right to buy season tickets. The Permanent Seat License. I hate that concept.

      The ugly cake still got eaten. So there’s a lot of hope for me to read into that.

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