Who We’d Give a Million Dollars to, in 6 Words

photo credit: DocChewbacca Greed via photopin (license)

One million dollars.

6 words graphicNotice: This post won’t reference Dr. Evil’s famous demand for one million dollars in the Austin Powers movie. I’ve never seen the damn thing. Seems kind of dumb. It’s one of those pop culture things a curmudgeon like me just didn’t get into.

Kind of like the Harlem Shake, The Walking Dead, and anything to do with Kobe Bryant.

The fine citizens listed below in this post, however, know just what to do with a million dollars. In six words. I asked strangers, friends, and strange blogger friends, “If you had $1,000,000 but you had to give it to other people, who would you give it to?”

Not a single damned one of them said, “to Coach Daddy’s Fund for Totino’s Pizza and Ginger Snaps,” of course. (Ingrates. Plus, that’s more than six words.)

Ernest Hemingway asserted that any story could be told in six words. In that spirit, every month, I ask the chosen flock to respond to a prompt in six words. I post the collection here every last Wednesday of the month.

Enjoy. Check out their blogs, which are, incidentally, worth way more than a million bucks. Also, let us know what you’d do with that cool million, should it be bestowed upon you to distribute.

photo credit: DVIDSHUB Fallen heroes remembered on Memorial Day [Image 1 of 5] via photopin (license)

1. Give to our great U.S. veterans.

Nina, of Nina Says

2. My kid’s school and food bank.

Erika, of That Anxious Mom

3. I would give it to hubby…

Sandra, of A Momma’s View

4. Establish 20 scholarships for single parents.

Roxanne P., of Unintentionally Brilliant

5. Alzheimer’s caregivers & research, kids, animals, & homelessness!

Rena M., of The Diary of an Alzheimer’s Care Giver

6. Moms needing childcare for sanity breaks!

Meredith S., of The Mom of the Year

photo credit: Geraint Rowland Photography Familia, Oaxaca via photopin (license)

7. Families who want to adopt children.

Kimberly N., of Kimberly Novosel

8. Carleton Varsity Swim Team and literacy.

Louise H., of Baby Gates Down

9. Parents, to thank them for everything.

Belle T., of One Awesome Momma

10. Think Local~Give Local~Share Love.

Mary Lou Q., of Me in the Middle

11. Random hard working, yet struggling families.

Tamara G., of Confessions of a Part-time Working Mom

12. I’d MAKE IT RAIN at church!

Aunie R., of Aunie Sauce

photo credit: Beyond The Rim Beyond the Rim – Fall 2016 Week 4 via photopin (license)

13. Start a non-profit for the needy.

Elizabeth W., of Autism Mom

14. Split it between: Oceana and GEF.

Claudia W., of Images by CW

15. Local charities, university scholarships, my wife.

Eric W., of All in a Dad’s Work

16. Every police dog gets bulletproof bests!

Lisa, of The Blondie Barista

17. Help young travelers explore the world.

E. Chloe, of The Girl Who Clicked

18. Donate beds to dogs in shelters.

Charlotte K., of My Pixie Blog

photo credit: ericmillergarcía A brief overlook via photopin (license)

19. God, parents, nieces, nephew, needy children.

Shannon B., of Whole Foods

20. Free day for Dillon’s grocery shoppers!!

Kim T., of Day with KT

21. Redeem lives – displaced, exploited, vulnerable people.

Jenn S., of Jenn’s Midlife Crisis

22. My parents. I’m in the will.

Sheri M., of When the Kids Go to Bed

23. a refugee family to live again.

beth k., of i didn’t have my glasses on …

24. My kids, to secure their future.

Miriam B., of Out An About

photo credit: pburka Taekwondo via photopin (license)

25. Fight against stigma of mental illness.

Raine V., of Pursuit of Peace

26. Twenty bloggers from 20 different countries.

Pat C., of New Bloggy Cat

27. My choice: Everytown for Gun Safety.

Ann K., of The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgementally

28. Education Is a RIGHT: For ALL.

Leslie B., of Ink Interrupted

29. H&R Block to leak Trump’s returns.

Stephanie J., of Where Crazy Meets Exhaustion

30. To the care of ocean life.

Debbie T., of Heartbeats~Soul Stains

Tianna’s dog!

31. My Dog; Canines for Equal Education.

Tianna S., of Storybook Apothecary

32. St. Jude’s to find a cure.

Janine H., of Confessions of a Mommyaholic

33. To the contractor renovating my house!

Lisa W., of The Golden Spoons

34. Food for people, shelter for animals.

Cristina, of Exhale and Enjoy Life

35. Adopting Families. Kids need good parents!

April S., of Story of Our Boys

36. I would give it to my mom.

Frugie, of Frugalista Blog

photo credit: Geoff Livingston Timeless via photopin (license)

37. Self-supporting college-bound kids – $5k to 200.

Dana H., of Kiss My List

38. Money is energy that should work.

Alex M., of A Life Answer

39. I’d help fund Planned Parenthood — indefinitely.

Norine M., of Science of Parenthood

40. I’d build homes for the homeless.

Cathy T., of Just My Thoughts … and a Cup of Tea

41. Big bucks. Big responsibility. Prayerfully consider.

C. Muse, of Cricketmuse

42. Acronym soup: ILRC, NCADV, ASPCA, NEA(rts).

Elizabeth M., of Lapidary Prose

photo credit: gregfriese EpiPen Auto Injectors via photopin (license)

43. Education, epis, food for allergy families.

Daniella K., of Smart Allergy Friendly Education

44. Children’s charity, children’s hospital, women’s shelter.

Shannon A., of Radio Chick’s Reflections

45. Stop hunger. Donate to food bank.

Jennifer, of The Deliberate Mom

46. Teachers: they deserve fancy cars too!

Julia T., of Diary of a Word Nerd

47. Establish a snow day snack fund.

Eli, of Coach Daddy

48. www.Cleanslatela.org many programs that change lives

Megan B., of Super Commuter Couples




  1. It’s heart warming to see the list of caring and giving bloggers. Thanks for having me again, Eli! (♡ $ ◡ $ )ʃ♡

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      They’re generous cusses, aren’t they? You included, Pat.

      1. (*’∀’人)♥

  2. So many nice ones. You’ve got a good crowd here, E!
    Tell us more about that snow day snack fund?

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      People here want to do good, Tamara. I do love the company. The great thing about the snow day snack fund is that it doesn’t even have to be snowing to partake in it. I just want plenty of capital to buy animal crackers and Coke Zero and frozen pizza to sustain my children and help them to consume them.

      1. Now that Michelle is gone, I feel like I have to step in and add a fruit cup to your menu 😉

      2. Eli Pacheco says:

        My girls are rejoicing and hoping Melania will banish the whole grains and bring back COOKIES.

  3. All great causes to give to and happy to say though that almost the end of January and haven’t had to use any snow day snack funding just yet as we haven’t had much of the white stuff yet. So that is something at the very least 😉

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It’s always good to have a fund for snacks for a rainy day, too, or even a cloudy one, or one with nothing but sun, to be honest, Janine.

  4. Mary Lou says:

    This made my day, Eli!! What a surge of kindness! I even like the sprinkle of politics and humor here and there. Awesome idea! ❤ I think you've found your mission in life. 😀 The world needs you.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Glad you liked it, Mary Lou! When it comes to required bestowing of tons of cash, this group knows what to do.

      “My parents. I am in the will” was classic, don’t you think? I do love compiling these.

      I need the world more than it needs me!

      1. Mary Lou says:

        Yes, I like that one too! 😀

  5. So many wonderful suggestions, just awesome! Thanks for letting me be a part of the 1-million-dollar-question.

    p.s. I love your comment box!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Someone should give us $50 million just to put these suggestions to good use. Glad you were part of it, Claudia!

      Thanks on the comment box – I didn’t know how cool it was until after I’d picked the theme.

  6. AunieSauce says:

    If only we all DID have a million dollars and could give it away like this! What great responses!!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I really would love to watch yours happen, Aunie. I imagine it wafting from the rafters.

  7. These are all such lovely ideas! Sheri M.’s my favorite, though–love it 😉 And Eli, yours is priceless!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Not a bad crop, eh Meredith? Sheri did rock it with the honesty – makes me want to try and get on her good side if at all possible.

      You knew mine would involve snacks.

  8. Lots of worthy causes indeed. For me: Get hypnotherapy training, heal the world. I know the training wouldn’t use up the million dollars, but the healing center I’d open would take $$. And it would have a sliding fee scale, so everyone who is truly motivated could take advantage. And getting word out to groups of people who suffer from PTSD (veterans, victims of domestic violence, victims of assault, rape, child abuse, etc), would likely mean opening centers across the entire country. I don’t think a million will be enough for my dreams. But we could definitely cover your snack fund.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      They did good, these folks, Susan. I’d sign up for the hypnotherapy. You could do a lot with a cool million.

      I like the idea of the sliding fee scale, too. The worst part of mental health care in this country is that it’s often not for everyone, because of financial constraints. Even me, as a guy with a job, would struggle to pay for it.

      A million could get the ball rolling, and get others on board with your cause. I’ll manage the snacks fund for you for free.

      1. One thing I’ve found is that places like Unity Chuches and Centers For Spiritual Living often have events where they offer Reiki and other forms of alternative healing (I laughed when I wrote alternative, because these modalities do things like cure cancer every day), either for free, for a small donation, or offer a short session for $10- $20.

  9. John Holton says:

    I would have said, “I’m retired, I would keep it,” but that probably wouldn’t be acceptable, would it?

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It’s a rules bender, for sure, John, but if you can sneak out the door with it … I’d help, if you bought me a new car.

      1. John Holton says:

        Might be able to swing it….

  10. Tianna says:

    thanks for sharing this, Eli – I think I’m the only one who didn’t take this seriously enough haha. xx

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      That’s a distinction worth noting around here, Tianna. That’s the way to make a debut! Glad to have you in this gaggle.

  11. Charlotte says:

    It is SO FUN to read these answers and see how other bloggers would spend their money–so many great responses! Thanks again for inviting me to participate in this prompt. A pleasure, as always ❤ XOXO

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It’s always a good batch, isn’t it? Love that you were in it.

  12. vicki says:

    So fun to read this months ideas! So many great ones!! Looking forward to next months challenge- gonna do my best to join in!! In the mean time, here’s mine: Update my kitchen, Shopping Spree, Charity!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Glad you liked it, Vicki. Great to see you here! Email me if I haven’t sent you a message yet (I thought it, but did I do it?) I could join you on the shopping spree, right?

      1. vicki says:

        Yes you did send an email. I am working on it!!!
        Shopping spree???!!! For the kitchen?? You may have to turn in your man card then!!!! Hahaahahaaaa!!!! Just kidding!!

      2. Eli Pacheco says:

        Good, Vicki! Look forward to what you come up with. My man card is secure, right there under the bag of pork rinds and next to the case of beef jerky.

      3. vicki says:

        Ha hahahahaa!!!!!

  13. Miriam says:

    Fantastic responses as usual and loved the comments here as well, always entertaining. Thanks for letting me be part of your awesome crowd Eli.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      We have a good time, don’t we Miriam? So glad you’re part of it.

  14. ksbeth says:

    i love the thoughtful kindness of everyone here. thanks for including me

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      you’re a big part of this thoughtfulness and kindness, you know, beth.

  15. Rorybore says:

    We are good people and I am so darn proud of all of us!! If only this were real and we could just love on so many people… and pets! 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      We’re not a bad bunch, Les. We can really put love on everywhere, even without the million bucks.

  16. Julia Tomiak says:

    So much fun,so many good ideas. Thanks for including The Word Nerd. 😉

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Lots of million-dollar ideas, Julia. Glad you could join us!

  17. Lyn says:

    So many great responses again, Eli 🙂
    I particularly loved
    # 6. Moms needing childcare for sanity breaks!
    # 13. Start a non-profit for the needy.
    # 16. Every police dog gets bulletproof bests! (this is my favourite)
    # 22. My parents. I’m in the will. (the cheekiest)
    # 40. I’d build homes for the homeless. (we could combine our million $s )
    # 41. Big bucks. Big responsibility. Prayerfully consider. (the wisest)

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It was a good haul, wasn’t it, Lyn? You picked out some gems, for sure.

  18. Louise says:

    Thanks for letting me join in again. It was fun to read through everyone’s good wishes! This post is a great example of why I love blogging!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Always great to have you, Louise. When they’re all in one place like this, it makes me wish I could sneak it into Jesus’ hand as we shake hands, and hear him say, “Eli, I’ll see what we can do.”

      Bloggers are the cheese on life’s enchilada, aren’t they?

      1. Louise says:

        Oh I know what you mean there… But, hey – if you ever get that hearing with JC … [and here’s where I deleted my original comment because I remember other peoples’ comment feeds aren’t about me and my issues].

        Yes, bloggers really are the added awesome on life for those that find this world. I love (the generally safe) space it give to both read and share thoughts. I’m better for blogging.

      2. Eli Pacheco says:

        Well, my comment feed is here for you, Louise, so please never hold back. Without bloggers, the web would be nothing but Victoria’s Secret catalogs and The Onion.

        I’m better for blogging, but even more so for the paths that have crossed with mine, such as yours.

      3. Louise says:

        Ahhhh -thx. As for comments – I hit a point where if I cross into the “paragraphs vs sentences” realm – I cut and paste out and consider a post of my own 🙂

      4. Eli Pacheco says:

        Sound practice, Louise. I often elaborate on a comment and make an whole post of it.

  19. Well, now I feel bad -Everyone had such great causes and mine was pretty selfish! 😢

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      You’re contributing to the economy, Lisa – and plus, the party’s at your house.

  20. 15andmeowing says:

    All great choices.. My answer: “split it between several animal shelters”.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Now, that’s a good cause, Ellen.

  21. Dana says:

    Great ideas here! That would be quite the snack stash, Eli. You’d have to set aside some money for a giant pantry, too.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      A good roundup, wouldn’t you say, Dana? I like to think epically when it comes to stash. And I’d not think the snacks would last long enough to worry about storage.

  22. We have some serious dog lovers here.
    And if only more of the wealthy thought like WB.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Makes sense, Diana. Maybe we could get someone to help us out with these ideas.

  23. stephleo says:

    Great post! Enjoyed hearing the ideas : )

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks, Stephanie! I’ve seen you at Eric’s place, and look forward to reading you soon.

  24. amommasview says:

    Reblogged this on A Momma's View and commented:
    A great question posed by Eli in his “In 6 Words” feature. Some fun answers and I wonder what you would say?

  25. amommasview says:

    That snow day snack fund is tempting… I would add a heat day snack fund to the mix too…

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      There ought to be funds for days deemed “moderately warm,” “moderately cool,” “seasonal,” “unseasonal” and “etc.”

      1. amommasview says:

        So there should 😂

  26. That was fun to read, and very revealing.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I like to think of these posts as a cross-section of my tribe.

  27. Best friends who live in Michigan…
    We have already had that conversation because we used to buy lottery tickets together! 😀

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      What part of the hand are they in, or are they in the UP? (I say it like I know what the hell I’m talking about, Courtney.)

      1. They are just north of Detroit so they are in the upper part of the “thumb” LOL! 😀

      2. Eli Pacheco says:

        We Coloradans with rectangular heads could do something similar, but we don’t, Courtney.

  28. Lulu says:

    So, my first question is, do you eat the pizza and ginger snaps together? Because that’s an interesting combination. Seriously, though, there are some wonderful suggestions here. Some people had some really clever ideas!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Well, one’s for dessert, Lulu. Your guess as to which one! I was happy with this fresh catch. Lots of brain power here, much of it for good!

  29. Parents, Kids, Hubby, BFF, and church!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Nice roundup, Rabia – yet, not enough words to include “favorite dad blogger.”

  30. A mere million? Well, then, me.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      With, what, %40 to Uncle Sam? It’s a pittance when all is said and done, RR.

  31. stomperdad says:

    Reblogged this on All In A Dad's Work and commented:
    I’m a little late with the reblog, but it’s still just as good. My “strange blogging friend” asked what we’d do with a million dollars if we couldn’t keep it for ourselves but we can only use 6 words. Think about what you would do with it, then head over and see what’s Eli’s “strange blogging friends” would do.

  32. Cathy says:

    I was really surprised at all the altruistic comments Eli! Did my heart good, and kind of renews my faith in my fellow (wo)man. 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It’s a good crowd for that kind of thing, Cathy. What matters most is what we do in our own worlds, because side-by-side, just that sort of action can spread in the best possible ways. I believe in that.

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