Who We’d Switch Places with (and What We’d do), in 6 Words

Catching up on blog and work while Grace kicks ass in training. Huntersville, NC.

How great would it be … not to be me.

6 words graphicWho hasn’t thought this? In those moments we’re out of gas, out of time or out of toilet paper (or all three). At times when we follow our favorite adorable pro golfer just to see she has three names now, just like those old-school 80s Olympic sprinters.

I like being me, though.

So much so that I would hate to not be me, to miss out on late-night ginger snaps and Sunlounger and Cher Lloyd on Pandora. On coaching my girls, raising my kids or writing my blog. Did I mention ginger snaps?

As you might know, my favorite writer, Ernest Hemingway, inspired this post when he said any story can be told in six words. I ask bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt.

For February, I asked: If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would you choose, and what would you do?

What would you say?


1. A Buddhist monk, exploring my soul!

Erica K., of Erica Kind

2. My dog – take naps, look cute.

Meredith S., of The Mom of the Year

3. Coach Daddy and eat Totino’s Pizza.

Pat C., of New Bloggy Cat

4. Oprah – spreading joy and Oprah-y things.

Charlotte K., of My Pixie Blog

5. Mark Zuckerberg and sign me co-owner$.

Jacquelin S., of One Woman, Huge World

6.Anderson Cooper: To know the dirt.

Lindsey F., of The Flynnigans

photo credit: dog.happy.art Bobs via photopin (license)

7.  I’m happily too comfortable being myself… 😉

Sandra, of A Momma’s View

8. I’d be zen like Dalai Lama.

Sarah, of Journeys of the Zoo

9. Superman, to save the Falcons game. 😦

Kenya J., of Kenya G. Johnson

10. My Cats. Laze the day away.

Kathy G., of The Second Half of My Life

11. Is there any question? A man!

Tamara B., of Tamara (Like) Camera

12. A pregnant friend; to feel kicks.

Court, of Baking in my Bathing Suit

photo credit: SerCorzo Yer via photopin (license)

13. Stephen King, I’d inhale his muse.

Joylene B., of Joylene Nowell Butler, suspense author

14. Dr Chang

We swap

Stay home.

Lyn, of The Call of the Pen

[Learn about Dr. Chang here]

15. Abraham Lincoln and I would duck.

Amber M., of Airing My Laundry, One Load at a Time

16. My dog because he sleeps often.

Elle, of Elle Sees

17. Mom, so she could speak again.

Charissa S., of Joy in the Moments

18. A chocolate taster – gorge on chocolate!

Ritu B., of But I Smile Anyway

photo credit: The Creaking Door Jane Austen Persuasion Necklace via photopin (license)

19. Jane Austen. I’d write another novel.

Jess W., of Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project

20. Brain surgeon: inject Trump with decency.

Tamara G., of Confessions of a Part-time Working Mom

21. Gates: purchase house / iPads for friends.

Colin G.

22. Somebody everybody loves; I’d love it!

Allison C., of Allison Barrett Carter

23. One of my kids, be shocked.

Debbie T., of Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains

24. Ryan Giggs – play for Manchester United.

Ashley M.

photo credit: Leonard J Matthews one way Jesus via photopin (license)

26. Be Jesus, save the Rockies’ season.

Eli P., of Coach Daddy





  1. Boy what a wide-ranging bunch of answers they were! #3, 7,12, 15, 17, and 20. were my particular favourites. I tried leaving comments on a couple of pages, but they didn’t have comments. So, Joylene and Amber big thumbs up girls 😀

  2. Not sure why not everyone didn’t put “Coach Daddy!” All though, to be a dog would be pretty great, too. Sorry to hear that your Rockies need saving already…

    1. That might have ended civilization as we know it, Eric. The dog life seemed more popular. Higher on the ladder to enlightenment, too, I suspect.

      I’m trying to be proactive about my saving prayers for my Rox.

  3. Love these. I’d swap with my cats so I could sleep all day like they do. 😀 By the way, I don’t get the email notice for these. Never do. Maybe you aren’t doing it that way? But if you are…it’s not working.

  4. I’ve never heard the Yogi Berra quote at the end there… that’s hilarious 🙂 Not sure if you know but I live in his hometown (Montclair, NJ). He’s a big hero around these here parts, from what I understand.

    There are so many great answers here! Love Lindsay’s (YES ANDERSON) and to live the life of a pet would be pretty sweet I imagine 🙂 Thanks for this, my friend! I owe you SO many emails. Catching up on life this week–been very slow 🙂

  5. Wonder how Sarah Dessen’s shoes feel?

    Ugh! Sorry I missed it. Great ideas here. Thanks for sharing, Eli, and I hope to be more on the ball next month! However, soccer season has started, so no guarantees…

    1. Sigh, Sarah Dessen. Hi, Julia! We’ll get you in again soon. Email me! I thought it was a pretty good harvest.

      Yes, soccer season … I’m beginning to see blurry already looking at my schedule. Love it, though.

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