Always Enough Happy to Tell You Something Good, Guaranteed


I can make my famous brown and white sugar pancakes by heart now.

I save time. And a great way to avoid leaving out key ingredients – such as baking soda – or doubling key ingredients – such as baking soda. I’ve flipped these classics – this same recipe – for years, probably since the Milwaukee Brewers (or Jewel) were any good.

I looked Saturday at the dry ingredients in the bowl, mostly white even with the brown sugar integrated, and it started the wheels turning.

Not of Hispanic America’s integration or dispersion into modern caucasian culture. I thought of how sugar – brown and white – mixes with salt, baking soda and flour, to become greater than the sum of parts. To become something delicious.

And if you were forced to choose a single grain of that to eat, you’d wish for sugar, right?

(Or for some of you, salt. That’s okay too.)

No one would pick flour. Flour is supposed to kill you, the Internet says. Baking soda – well, the Internet doesn’t tell you how it tastes, so I had to try myself. (I did it just like cops do on TV when they make a coke bust, too, dipping a finger in and licking it.)

Stewing, a little

Baking powder’s a little bitter but nothing to it, by the way.

And what does this revelation have to do with anything? See, I’ve kind of stewed over today’s topic, chosen at random from my ideas list, as always. The universe chose to Tell Me Something Good, a post I read on Sandra’s blog, A Momma’s View.

Some days, you just don’t feel it, though. You know?

The dodgers swept the Rockies, my crap phone won’t run Google Maps, and Gabi sputters at stoplights. I must toss her into neutral and rev the engine or swerve around jerks trying to turn into the church by putting two wheels in the mud and mashing the gas.

(What does it say about me that I consider someone a jerk for pulling into the church and forcing me to bring my dilapidated car to a stop?)

I’m embroiled in first-world bitching despite a wonderful Sunday with my girls that included popsicles and a Big Mac and a Pandora station with CCR, The Eagles, and Poison – “I picked a good station for old guys for you, daddy,” Madison smiled.

The bitter baking soda and the sweet brown sugar (or white) are so mixed in that it’s impossible to distinguish them, especially combined with butter, milk, egg, and vanilla, subject to searing heat, and topped with a little more butter and syrup.

Elements of life

If you’re waiting for the best of times you’re in for a long, long, fruitless wait. Life works like those ingredients, so sifted as to become one, merely portions of the whole. That is, good and bad, happy and painful, elements of life.

And trust me – that’s something good.

Let me tell you how I’ve dealt tonight. I’ve followed moments of bliss in which Camdyn chose to come get my hair cut with me, at a place called Sports Clips, with bouts of anger over a car and phone trying to give up the ghost on the same day.

It’s the good fortune of pairing up with Sarah, the stylist who gave such a personal touch that I actually asked her to sign her work.

Sarah said, are you serious? Yes, I’m serious. I’m having a helluva great day anyway. I feel handsomeish after this haircut, even, so why don’t you carve a mini S right there along the hairline?, I thought. She smiled and laughed, and carved right in.

It might or might not have taken me a fried chicken thigh and an easy-to-make cocktail to relax enough to reflect on something really, really good.

I Googled Whiskey recipes for the lazy and found this 7&7 recipe to take the edge off and just.write.dammit. My girls are sweet, and even though the iPhone 6 Madison gave me when she got a 6+ or 6mega or whatever the hell they call it won’t charge …

On to good stuff

Life is good, and there is so much good to tell you about.

The kids laughed today and I smiled. Sarah signed her work and she’ll even be on the blog one day as a #GirlsRock interview. The TVs off and the kids are mellow and my car will go directly to the shop in the morning, pronto.

And with any luck, this iPhone will charge overnight. The Rockies are contending, my hair feels great, and I learned how to make a quick whiskey cocktail to relax with on a Sunday night, eager to see your words tomorrow in comments and in your posts.

Don’t think twice … it’s all right.

Know what happens? Your 12-year-old kid puts your SIM card in an Android you bought on months ago, and it works, even though the nice kid at T-mobile couldn’t get it to work. And you celebrate with toast and jelly and Hawaii 5-0.

The good and the bad, they’re all there, all the time.

It’s so easy to dwell on the bad, especially when you hate the dodgers and your car stalls. But there’s so much good. So much good that when you lay your head down tonight, you’ll laugh a little, because your phone works.

Also? F*ck the dodgers.

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    1. Yes! it’s what makes it delicious, right? The fabric of life has the good and the bad, the explainable and the unexplainable.

      and if the result is ANYTHING like pancakes, well, even only occasionally, then sign me up.

  1. Have to agree with you and the Dodgers.. I’m none to happy with how my boys are playing this season. I gave them a break last year because all great teams have their off season, but NOT TWO YEARS IN A ROW! Grr.. Anyhoo… we can always find the good in the tough times but sometimes it is hard to find that silver lining. *sigh* My newest cocktail kick are Moscow Mules because well, I like vodka! 😉
    Have an awesome week Eli!! 😚

    1. I don’t even capitalize their name, Courtney. Who are your boys? If I had one good year and one off year for the Rockies, that would feel like a million bucks. The good and bad are so intertwined that it’s impossible sometimes to separate them for proper consumption.

      Ooh, Moscow Mules are awesome. I made whiskey and Mountain Dew last night, but the soda woke me up at 3:40 a.m. and the alcohol made me feel like someone kicked me down the road when I got up again at 8.

      1. Oh… oops! Sorry, I am a huge Cardinals fan. Have been most of my life. I am not a fair weather fan either. I love them all the time even when they are having an ahem… OFF season! They didn’t even make it into the freaking playoffs last year and stayed in next to last last place in their division most of the season. They started off kind of weak this year, rallied and now they are back down to 4th place in the central division 5 games back *sigh* but they still have time. Mike Matheny is an awesome manager and they are in the process of trading, so we shall see what July and August bring. Pitching Eli! It’s all about the pitching! 😀
        Gotta be careful with whiskey. I don’t drink it (anymore) Grew up in KY so I know all about Bourbon, I just don’t drink it. I like the smell and I can tell by a bouquet if it is good or not, but that stuff got me in big trouble, so I steer clear. 😉

      2. Mostly, your Cardinals have stellar seasons, Courtney. We’re six out of first place but way over .500, and I think that unless your boys or the Cubs make a big run, and one of us atop the NL West falters, we’ll be in the conversation come October.

        I love seeing these managers I watched play as a young adult (not even a kid!) fare well. Bud Black has been incredible.

        I’m going to save whiskey for the weekends!

      3. We haven’t been over .500 but one time all season and we were only in 2nd place 🥉for 5 min back in May. I think we sit 3 1/2 games back at the moment. Living in Texas🇨🇱 means not getting to see the Cards live any more and I really miss that. 😭We had season tix for 10 yrs. Can’t wait to see what Oct brings. Maybe we will both be cheering!! ⚾️🤾‍♀️🤾‍♂️

      4. Still so much baseball to be played, though, Courtney! And I don’t worry about games back of first right now – games over .500, that’s the indicator of playoff readiness.

        I rarely ever see my Rockies live, but Yahoo! Sports has this cool link that shows highlights from the last game.

        Maybe we’ll have playoff baseball in our futures

  2. I love this post Eli! Turning negativity into positivity isn’t always easy, but it can sure turn the day around. I typically cut my husbands hair, so we stay on budget. But for special occasions like his birthday, I usually get him a gift card to Sports Clips. Everyone needs a little pampering!

    1. Thanks, Nikki! I’m trying to be mindful of negative thoughts, stop them in their tracks, and replace them with something positive. Not easy!

      My girls would never even let me do their pigtails! Cutting would be out of the question. When I eventually buzz my head for good, there won’t be much need for a stylist.

      I love that hot-towel treatment you get there. And I felt like I had the royal treatment last time I went in.

  3. Well said! The good is so mixed in with the bad that it’s hard to tell them from each other some days. It does take an effort to celebrate the good sometimes, doesn’t it?
    I love Madison’s quote about the old guys’ station!!! Mic drop moment….

    1. Thanks, Katherine! I think if you look at the big picture, the good outweighs the bad. It’s easy to dwell on our setbacks and limitations, but despite them, we make a pretty good life.

      Madison was spot on with that one! These girls have a lot of those moments.

      1. But I can also imagine every parent, from those in mud huts to those in castles, bellowing a child’s full name when they discover they’ve written/carved/peed their name onto the wall!

    1. One choice isn’t the easy one, but it provides the easier road – funny how that works out. And for the S – it was one of those in-the-moment, why-not? kind of things.

  4. Cake works in much the same way. It’s whole is worth more than the sum of its parts. I saw a boy with the transformer sign shaved in his hair. If I had hair….

    1. Cake is a perfect metaphor for life (or is it a simile?) Not unlike a good ball club – more than the sum of its parts.

      you should grow hair just to shave something cool in it, Eric. I wonder if i still have the mark.

      1. Cake is a delicious metaphor for life. Just like a good (or otherwise) ball team. Love the outlook on the life! When life scratches your car, slap a sticker on it! 😀

      2. Maybe life is a delicious metaphor for cake, Eric. And it’s a long, cruel summer, it turns out. I want to retain a positive outlook, despite Colorado’s recent struggles.

        In the grand scheme, a car scratch is so incidental, isn’t it?

  5. So you tasted baking soda – not the best. But put 1 tsp in a glass of water, and you’ve got a great antacid. Reading your post reminded me again where to focus. Thanks.

    1. I mean, baking soda wasn’t like ginger snaps, but also it wasn’t cauliflower, you know, Susan. I could have used that antacid recipe a week ago, and I’m grateful for it!

      So glad you gained something from your time on my post! You might not come away with Amazon gift cards or free coffee around here, but there’s something you can take with you.

  6. Loved it! But, you know what’ll happen next, right? I desperately need to see a picture of that ‘s’ carved in your hair. Your fault! You brought that up!
    Your writing makes me smile 😊. Cannot help it!

    1. Thanks, Maria! I think that S was so small that the hair has probably grown back around it. Glad she liked doing it.

      So glad you get a smile from here … it makes me smile to know that.

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