Sunday reads III: Indulgences, Kindness, and a Voice Against More Toys (Here, Here)


I was in an outlet store with Hayden and Camdyn shopping for school shoes.

As I walked past the back aisle, on the clearance rack, I saw some nondescript black and gray Nikes. “Try them on!” Hayden said, and I did. They fit wonderfully, and I felt an inch taller because they actually had soles.

“Get them!” Camdyn said.

I couldn’t bring myself to. My current sneakers didn’t even have holes in them yet. That was my reasoning. The girls hounded me until I took them to the register. I kept thinking, “I’ll pack a lunch for 17 weeks … I’ll sell a few golf discs … I ‘ll skip meat this month …”

Know what? The sneakers rang up an extra 25% off! So I had pizza at lunch the next day.

An occasional splurge is good for the soul, I think. A regular one, even. Not just buying a shirt that’s not on sale, but sleeping in, taking the long way home, or laying in bed with the windows open on a Saturday night to hear the frogs’ symphony.

Here are my Sunday reads from a week of indulgent reading.

Remember Reminder 13: Splurge Every Once in Awhile

Corey, Nostalgia Diaries

Know how some teams just seem to put a lot of players on the all-star rosters? That’s posts from this blog, on this new Sunday feature. Corey just has a way of extracting just those beautiful elements of parenthood you’ll miss if you don’t pay attention.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment like this to make everything come into focus. Though Zoey does an amazing job taking care of me, her unselfish gesture reminds me that every once in awhile, I need to take care of myself, too. – Corey

Bois Blanc Island

Rachel, the Random Writings

I’ve never visited Bois Blanc Island, but what an awesome place. For Rachel, the place holds a deeper meaning, and her visit, relevant timing. I imagine cellphone service isn’t easy to get there, which makes it even more perfect.

(It’s) a place where “life takes unto itself a deeper, sweeter, larger meaning than ever before.” I know that sounds like exaggeration, but in my experience, it’s the simple truth. It’s a place for real rest and healing. – Rachel

Week 17: The Empty Seat: (A Story of Acceptance) | Everyday Nostalgia

Corey, Nostalgia Diaries

The power and image of the empty seat. It’s a symbol that there’s always room, both to invite someone in with us, or for us to find a spot where we didn’t think one existed. It’s the spot we can find belonging. It’s a post about bravery and kindness.

Although Zoey shows me every single day that she takes all of my words to heart, in that snapshot of a moment, I knew that one of the lessons I’ve taught her will be everlasting: Be brave and be kind … – Corey

Flora: E is For …

Deborah, Tenemos of Blessing Light

I’ve never heard of elderberry and its magical properties before reading this post. After reading it, I so wanted toast and elderberry jelly. You know, as a preventative for nightmares, which have come more frequently these days.

Elder is often considered a “gateway guardian” and so her energies are invoked for protection and ease in crossing thresholds. It seems to me that’s the purpose of human elders as well, don’t you think? – Deborah

toys challenge

Don’t Buy My Kids More Toys. Try This Instead.

Meredith, Scary Mommy

Meredith writes the blog Perfection Pending, I’ve known her for blogging eons. Babble and Scary Mommy were wise enough to extend the reach of her relevant words to a broader audience. You’ll love her fun and real take on parenting.

It’s no Toy Story-like adventure at night when they go to sleep. Nope. It’s a horror story of broken toys, baby dolls with their faces scribbled out, and ninja warriors with missing heads. – Meredith

On Being Uncle

Eli, Unclenomics

It’s a new writing opportunity for me, and I’m grateful. Especially because it’s not in my wheelhouse. Yes, I’m an uncle, but the same way that I’m a salad eater – not often enough, and it might not be so bad for me if I try it out a little more.

Uncle status is just a chance to extend (or replicate) fatherhood, with a set of kids whose arses and noses you’re not contractually obligated to wipe. – Eli

Did you read any of these posts last week? Or today? If so, tell me what you learned from them!

seuss quote reading

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  1. ksbeth says:

    love these, as always. excited that you got the shoes!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I was so happy to share them, beth. I wore the shoes just today! Still no holes.

  2. Dr. Seuss is right…and so are you. Rough week. Thank you for this. Hugs.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      We’re both on the wacky side, Dr. Seuss and me, Ann. Hugs to you, my friend. Make it a good one.

  3. cricketmuse says:

    I agree. Splurging–reasonably–is lifting. Good for the girls on nagging you to spend on yourself.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks, Cricket. I bought a Boba Fett figure for $3 at Wal-mart today as an additional splurge. What do you think? Too much?

      1. cricketmuse says:

        You didn’t get a back up!?!

  4. 15andmeowing says:

    I agree that a splurge is good once in a while. My hubby makes elderberry wine, I wonder if that has healing properties too? I don’t drink so I haven’t tried it, but I am curious.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Once a day, once in a while, or once a week? It varies. I’m certain elderberry wine is healing, because of elderberry + wine.

      I want to try and tell the world what I found.

  5. Kisma says:

    Could not agree more about the need to splurge from time to time. Its a must in the happiness and quality of a happy life. Make us appreciate things of material value a bit more.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I splurged just today, with a big slice of pizza. I should diversify that portfolio, of course, Tiff. Here’s to a week full of the happy stuff.

  6. We DO have to splurge every once in a while. I don’t usually want much. I will occasionally go and buy some clothes and I do spend money on nails and hair but I get no complaints from hubby and it is in the budget.. lol. BUT once in a while I “want” something. Right now I want a golf cart. I have wanted one for a while and my neighbor sold hers before I could get my hands on it.. grrrr! After that happened, I realized I REALLY REALLY wanted one!! SO I have bee looking and making phone calls and doing research. I think I have found one for a really good deal.. so we shall see! 🙂

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