Why we’d be in the Guinness Book, in 6 words

stormtrooper beach
photo credit: Pawel Maryanov Left via photopin (license)

I coulda been in the Guinness book.

GAD GRAPHICNo, really. My plan: To coach soccer for 24 hours straight. Twenty-four one-hour sessions, with kids signed up around the clock. (I’d get college kids to fill the overnight hours.) One boy on my team wanted to camp out and participate in as many hours as possible.

It never happened.

We’d planned it as a fundraiser for a teammate who’d been diagnosed with leukemia. The Guinness folks said if it was tied to a charity, it wouldn’t count. And that’s okay. That teammate? He went into remission.

Maybe I’ll have another chance.

I compile a monthly post called “6 Words” on my blog. Ernest Hemingway inspired it when he said any story can be told in six words. I ask bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt.

What would you do?

I took a question from emails I get from Q4KIDZ for this month’s prompt. Have you signed up for emails and texts from them? They send out daily questions and prompts to get the conversation going with your kids.

Here’s the prompt:

Imagine you made it into the Guinness Book of Records. What did you do to get your name in there?

What would your answer be?

disco eli
Hey, that’s me! Dig the shirt. (I didn’t blog back then.)

1. Biggest fan of Eli’s 6-words’ topics.

Kelly M., of Just Typikel

2. I danced for a complete week.

Miriam B., of Out an About

3. Purchasing and losing the most lipbalms.

Kristen, Bye Bye Beer

4. De-shelling lobster in under two minutes.

Sheri M., of When the Kids Go to Bed

5. Ate most Doritos in one day.

Ashley A., of Big Top Family

6. She keeps the library personnel busy!

Tessa, of Always a Writer

poison ivy
photo credit: Whatknot Let it be via photopin (license)

7. Serious poison ivy… on my lady-bits.

Renee S., of RAS Jacobson

8. I did the loudest purr ever.

Pat, of New Bloggy Cat

9. I memorized more books than anyone!

Mimi, of Messy Mimi’s Meanderings

10. Largest wine cork collection- don’t judge.

Tiffany M., of Sounds Like Life to Me

11. Got all the kudos, amassed hits!

Leslie B., of Ink Interrupted

12. Amount of naps in a week.

Lauren, of Shooting Star Mag

6 words guinness no bs
photo credit: I Bird 2 NO BE S via photopin (license)

13. Rena excels at dealing with bullshit!

Rena M., of The Blogging 911

14. I changed political opinions on Facebook.

Mary Lou Q., of Me in the Middle

15. Rode elevator in every country… twice.

Ashley C., of Happy Pretty Sweet

16. Steadfast courage, abiding grace under pressure.

Anne M., of McGuffy’s Reader

17. Most cookies eaten in 3 minutes.

Lynn, of Emma and Rose

18. Most rejections received by a writer.

AJ, of Read All the Things!

unicorn colors
photo credit: marcoverch Inflatable unicorn – Gamescom 2017, Cologne via photopin (license)

19. Colored world’s largest unicorn picture alone.

Beth K., of The Beth Next Door

20. Oldest lady to do handstands.

Katherine, of Welcome to the Nursery

21. Beat Zelda 1,347 times for kids.

Kimberly S., of Kimberly C. Starr

22. Piggy jumped over the fire hydrant.

Bacon T., of Pig Love

23. Created a mountain from a molehill.

Sarah, of Journeys of The Zoo

24. At more hamburgers than anyone else!

Danny R., of Dream Big, Dream Often

6 words starbucks
photo credit: Peter E. Lee Tea Time via photopin (license)

25. Owns the most Starbucks. Because reasons.

Jamie D., of Stretching the Comfort Zone

26. The woman who had no fears.

Erika K., of Erika Kind

27. I made the most parents laugh.

Norine M., of Science of Parenthood

28. Sailed around the world 10 times!

Josie L., of A Family Afloat

29. Most Nanowrimo novels written,  yet unedited.

Elizabeth M., of Lapidary Prose

30. The world’s best multi tasking mom.

Janine H., of Confessions of a Mommyaholic

6 words big boy burgers
photo credit: sniggie If they call you Small Fry, change the narrative via photopin (license)

31. Ate more than Lynn and Danny.

Eli P., of Coach Daddy

peaty quote world records


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  1. LOL I love the unicorn picture you found! I wonder how large of a unicorn I would have to color, haha! And love that shirt you’re rocking as a child! Nice look, you should bring it back 😉 Thanks again for having me!

    1. Isn’t the unicorn perfect, Beth? I’d say yours would be at LEAST as big as a real unicorn. At least. I wish I still had that shirt – or well, one my size like it. Probably I could find one in Goodwill.

      Glad to have you along – and I’m sorry about losing the last one you sent!

    1. It’s a blast, isn’t it Mary Lou? There’s a story behind every cork. And what a record to aspire to! Aw, thanks about me as a little guy … and big guy. I don’t have as cool a wardrobe, though.

  2. That shirt is out of this world 🙂 . Love it! I could probably go down for the the biggest total amount in library fines. It too is out of this world. LOL . Great share!

    1. Isn’t that shirt far out, Kim? I thought I was the coolest. My library fines could rival yours – I have a CD from an audio book stuck in my old car that I need to get out, and the meter’s ticking!

  3. Oh my goodness—that little pic of you! Just want to squish your cheeks! So sweet 🙂

    I always love the answers to these prompts but these are some of my favorites. Can relate to buying and losing lip balms and also want to know more about poison ivy on the lady bits—gah!!

    1. I was a goofy little devil, wasn’t I? All good intentions, though.

      This one got the creativity ramped up. I hope that Renee will one day write about the poison ivy and how it got there, actually, you know?

    1. This was a decent batch, wasn’t it Ashley? I’d sit down and color a ‘corn with you. (Did you know a cross between a mule and a unicorn is a Muleicorn? That was our team mascot one year. And we went undefeated!)

    1. What’s not to love, right Lauren? I’m happy you joined us. Nap time seems a good idea for me at the moment (it just struck 3 a.m.!) I hope to have another shot at the Guinness book. For soccer or maybe cheese sandwiches.

  4. Great prompt Eli! THanks for including me. Did you have to use the Big Boy photo? I’ll be craving one all week now and can’t even get one since SC doesn’t have any! Love me some Big Boy and FF with tartar sauce~

    1. Glad you liked it, Rena! Always good to have you along. That Big Boy statue means instant hunger, doesn’t it? London, Ky. That’s the nearest Big Boy Burgers to me. A mere 5 hours, 23 minutes away! I could be there in time for breakfast.

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