#AtoZChallenge: G is for guest post – Lauren Mayhew, on buried treasure


I love reading about writing.

It’s how we get better, right? That, and eating vanilla wafers. (Science has yet to chime in on the wafers as of this publication date.) Today’s guest writer, Lauren Mayhew, writes a fantastic blog about writing.

She also managed to complete the A to Z Challenge and did this really cool theme about songs played on her iPod.

Today, she’s here to expand upon her recent 6-words answer to this prompt. (No, that post hasn’t published yet!) Lauren has an awesome imagination and invites us to chime in with our answers here, too.

Lauren is an adventurous spirit, a talented actor, and fantastic writer.

Please give Lauren a warm CD welcome and be sure to visit Lauren Mayhew’s books and writing, check out this link.

In search of buried treasure

Hello everyone! First of all, I’d like to say a massive thank you to Eli for reaching out to me. It’s always nice to talk to the people that stumble across your blog and I’ve met quite a few new people during this year’s A-Z Challenge. For those of you that don’t know me (all of you), my name is Lauren Mayhew and I am a writer and photographer.

I currently have three books published, with one more on the way hopefully. It depends when I stop procrastinating and actually take the time to sit down and edit it. You can find out about them here. You can also see my blog from there too. But that’s enough self-promotion, read below to see what I’m really here for.

Eli contacted me to ask if I’d take part in his monthly post ‘6 Words’, with the prompt: If you could build a tunnel from your house directly to anywhere in the world, where would it go? And why?

My response was: Buried treasure. No more work, obviously.

I’m sure some people would have answered with their dream holiday destinations, but I’ve never been the traveling kind. I could have written Disneyland, as I’ve never been, but I went for something a little different.

I mean, who wouldn’t like to find buried treasure in their back garden? It would undoubtedly make you rich enough to never have to work again. I’d still continue with my writing and photography. I’d need something to keep me sane.

But if I did find buried treasure, this is a list of five things that I’d do with the wealth.

bricks wall garden door
Photo by Little Visuals on Pexels.com

5. Continue to explore for hidden secrets around the world.

I’d probably start with Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

photography of body of water surrounded by mountains and fogs
Photo by Gabriel Peter on Pexels.com

4. Go to New Zealand with my friend to go on one of their Lord of the Rings tours.

Buy every piece of Lord of the Rings memorabilia that I find.

grace disney mickey mouse drawing art devices

3. Go to every Disney theme park in the world.

At least ten times. I’d also bring my mum along.

disney money
photo credit: go find me another one via photopin (license)

2. Give a lot of money to charity.

beach house florida

1. Buy myself, my close family and some friends, a house.

Or pay off their mortgages so they don’t have to struggle anymore.

As you can tell, I’m quite easily satisfied.

I wonder, what would be No. 1 on your list?

Comment below or find me on Facebook or Twitter.


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quotes woolf buried treasure


  1. Love this! I would LOVE to find a buried treasure! It is why I buy Lottery tickets! LOL!!! 😉
    I would have similar dreams. I have a list of people I would buy a house and pay off their debt. But I would start with paying off the new renovation at our church for the last year. I would update the house I have and buy another one in Imlay City, MI right next door to our BFFs, for the summers ONLY of course! Then I would spend a month in Europe traveling around every year until I saw everything I wanted to see. ❤

  2. pay off my debts, pay off my kids’ houses, pay for my grandies college, give all of them a chunk of cash, buy a ramshackle cottage by the sea, donate to children’s charities, travel as long as i would like. live a simple life.

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