🦸‍♀️ Weekend Reads VII: Moms Rock

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God, moms.

No, that’s not a redundancy, although it kind of is. Moms do make the world go ‘round. You know I love moms. I feel like moms read this blog. Did you know when I started, I thought, I’m going to write a blog that dads and dudes will read and follow and love.

Yeah, right, a cohort said at the time.

It’s going to be women who read you, she was saying. Moms, mostly. They’ll identify with you and share your stuff with each other. They’ll share with their men, too, but mostly, the men won’t listen. They’ll wish their men were a bit like you.

You mean, overworked, near-and-farsighted fathers who, 97% of the time, has an open box of animal crackers in his car and root for hopeless causes of baseball teams?

Then, yes. And here I go, trampling all over mom’s day. Here are three mama-derived must-reads for you today. Moms (topped by those who birthed/tolerated me, our rambunctious three and the very women who reared each of you, seriously:)

You’re Celtic, United, but baby I’ve decided you’re the best team I’ve ever seen, to borrow from Rod Stewart.

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The Day I Moved Into My Yoga Pants

Lauri, of Mama Needs a Nap

Lauri is all the best thoughts of all the mamas who come to Target, wrapped up in a writer’s mind. I LOVE her delivery. And honesty. And humor. I applaud the concept of yoga pants for many reasons. I just wish there were a dad equivalent. Maybe it’s our comfy ‘dress’ shoes.

These are the best things ever. Why didn’t anyone tell me? I feel like I won the Pants Lottery. – Lauri

woman carrying baby boy wearing white tank top infront of white curtain inside the room
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

One Day I’ll Carry You

Corey, of Nostalgia Diaries

This sweet story reminded me of a time I got nostalgic with Madison, my oldest. Remember when I used to carry you and your little legs only came up halfway on my legs? I was asking, Without missing a beat, Madison, at the time 20, said, and now yours only come up halfway on mine!

You don’t need to, because they already know. It is a truth they’ve carried with them from their first breath—that their love sustains you, that their life changed yours, that the weight of their existence will never be too much for you to bear. – Corey

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m Often at the End of My Rope as a Mom of Two

Lindsay, on Medium

When you’re parents of one, you spent time looking like a happy stock photo. Parents of two? Like a really good playoff matchup, a 4 vs a 5. Parent of three? More bettors would slap down a paycheck on the seagull vs. the shark during shark week than you.

I’ve learned a lot, having been a mom of more-than-one for over two years now. So many things changed after the birth of my second. Suddenly, I was on the other side. A mom friend who has one child once told me that she didn’t know how I did it. We were standing outside a park, because my youngest had bolted for a busy intersection and I was busy maintaining my sleeper hold on him while I chatted with my friend. “I just don’t know how you do it!” she said. “Oh, it’s easy,” I told her, halfheartedly scanning behind me for my other child and slinging my now-limp youngest around my neck like a stole. “You just have to ignore one of them.” – Lindsay

Which post resonates with you most? How are you spending Mother’s Day?

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  1. LOL! Your friend is right.. I would be willing to bet a majority of your followers are females like me. Moms or not. It is refreshing to read about a dad who is so involved with their kids that they talk about them all the time! Their good times, bad times, awards, failures, love and respect. I admire you a lot Eli! And I know other moms do also. Thanks for sharing your girls adventures with us! ❤

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I’m happy for how things turned out, Courtney! I love this tribe. These kids are my everything – and even the stuff I don’t write about them is derived from them, or from me, at a position I’m in because of them.

      I admire you too and appreciate you being here!

  2. I finally understand the saying, “Whether you’ve got one child or ten, they take all of your time and all of your money.” I’ll add to it – all of your sanity. Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there, whether you earn money for all your hard work or not, whether you feel like you’re doing it right or not. Trust me, you’re doing it right.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I can only imagine what unworthy pursuit I’d be on if it weren’t for parenthood! Losing my mind, I might add, has been addition by subtraction for me.

      Oh, moms everywhere are getting it right.

  3. It’s not easy, but you learn to watch all of them at once. And i’m still waiting for a day off.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Our eyeballs go all kinds of directions, Meems. Days off are overrated.

  4. ksbeth says:

    I spent time celebrating with each daughter over 2 days and loved every minute )

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Mother’s DayS. Love it!

  5. Emily says:

    Love this post! Thank you for sharing these must-reads.

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