🌐 Go Ask Daddy about foreign language, breakfast nutrition, and omens your ticker’s at risk

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I’ve been doing these surveys online.

GAD GRAPHICYou can earn money on them. I’ve probably gathered $10 toward my stupendous PayPal balance by revealing my spending habits, taking quizzes about commercials that air during Live PD, and disclosing just how Hispanic I am.

Not overly, it turns out.

I mean, I rock the cuisine and will always retain my honey-roasted complexion. But these surveys ask if we speak Spanish in the home or watch Spanish-language programming. No and no. (Those words, luckily, are the same in English and Spanish.)

One of my girls used a bad word in Spanish to identify her sister once on the turf soccer fields where they play, and that got rave reviews from the Hispanic players within earshot, but does that really count?

The girls asked a question about Spanish for this week – but luckily, it was in English.

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1. How do you spell zero in Spanish?


That could be the shortest answer in Go Ask Daddy history. But that’s not what we’re about around here. I could also refer you girls to this video, in which the white-sounding dude has a better accent than I do.

So maybe I can do better at home.

Such as, there are cero tortillas left after my snack. Or, the Rockies lost 13 to cero. Or, there’s cero chance we’ll know if your training session is canceled because of storms until we get there.

Or, I just wrote an answer, literally, from cero.

2. How many points do you have to win in Family Feud?

MORE than cero.

For that part at the end, which I mistakenly called the Showcase Showdown the other night, you need 200 points between two contestants. That’s the part they call Fast Money. To even get that far, the family must have 300 points in the head-to-head competition.

I’ve got a problem with Family Feud.

You should have to get something right to win. Just because the other family doesn’t know isn’t good enough. If you get three strikes on your family’s turn, and the other side can’t get it, the next team to get it right should win.

Here are some interesting facts about Family Feud:

– You must actually be family – by blood, marriage or adoption.

– Richard Dawson is the longest-tenured Feud host, at 10 years in two stints (1976-1985, 1994-95.). The shortest? Louie Anderson, with three (1999-2002).

– Dawson, the dude who kissed female contestants on the lips? He married one. He kissed Gretchen Johnson in 1981 and married her in 1991.

egg yolk
photo credit: -RobW- via photopin cc

3. Are egg yolks good for you?

To take egg yolks out of a recipe feels worse than letting a family win by the other family losing on Family Feud.

Yolk has iron, folate, and vitamins. Eating just egg whites seems elitist. Plus, a warm tortilla and egg yolk? That’s the breakfast of champions. A couple of nutrients in the yolk – lutein, and zeaxanthin – are good for the brain and eyes (don’t ask which is which.)

Studies show you can eat as many as three egg yolks and be fine – and although I don’t have the science in front of me, they’re probably healthier than a slab of livermush.

Eating the whole egg as Louie Armstrong intended boosts your good cholesterol but not your bad. And the fat in egg yolks helps bring down the bad cholesterol, according to studies at the University of Connecticut, a leader in Eggology and women’s basketball.

Sounds kinda scrambled to me.

camdyn chips 2019 snackage food lion

4. Would you eat these?

I would have a week ago. I just gave up flour and sugar, and I’m not trying to talk too much about it. Not because I wonder if it’ll stick. I just don’t want to sound like vegans, who sneak their eating life into every conversation imaginable.

Person: Say, did you see the new Avengers?

Vegan: Yes, and I don’t eat animal products of any sort.

If they were whole wheat, yes. Actually, maybe on the 18th of the month, I will. I’m considering the 18th as my cheat day. I can go apeshit, eating muffins and cupcakes and cookies and Totino’s pizzas. Not sure that’ll be a good choice, but a boy can dream.

You girls tend to pick those “wacky ass” flavors, as I call them.

Me? Give me a plain chip. Why, in my day, they didn’t even have Doritos. You had two choices: Wavy or not wavy. And you loved it. Then Pringles came around and you could get them in a can and make duck faces. But mostly, we were just happy to have chips.

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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

5. Doesn’t your left arm hurt when you have a heart attack?

Yes, although it might just be anxiety.

Not JUST anxiety. Anxiety is bad too. Probably like some of those women Richard Dawson kissed back in the 80s felt. But seriously, yes, during a heart attack, a person could feel pain in their left arm as one of the symptoms.

It comes on suddenly and gets worse very fast.

Other symptoms can include pressure or pain in the center of the chest, and pain in both arms, actually. It might go away and come back. It might affect your neck and jaw. People often feel sick or dizzy, too.

Whew. I hate ending on serious questions because there’s nothing to make fun of! xo

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  1. Eli, Eli, Eli, must you really give up flour and sugar? Can you just slow down?
    That must make you a joy to be around…Perhaps I am thinking of myself. For you the real test would be giving up queso.
    Great entertaining post.
    I am reading this at gym. I am just like a vegan now that I am started to exercise daily, I like to mention it every chance I get.
    Blessings! 😊❤

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It’s for the best, and I feel awesome. If I slow down I’ll just speed up again. And save for a few minutes of indignation trying to find a snack yesterday, I’ve been overwhelmingly pleasant. No worse than my sugared self, at least.

      Glad you liked this! And yes, queso is still on the docket, so smiles all around. Glad you mentioned the gym. I had no idea you worked out. Really.

      1. That is the problem with my one trick pony blog…I do more than online date.
        There is so much you don’t know. Be intrigued, be very intrigued! 😉

  2. my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/ says:

    Why don’t we have that flavor of lays chips here??

    Well done for giving up sugar and flour – it is so difficult and amazing how when cutting down or giving up a food you realise how much of it is in everything.

    I remember when I first gave up sugar in my tea. Wanted to cry bitter tears. I did get used to it but I sometimes sneak in a pinch in my tea or coffee. Then I stand in the office kitchen announcing that I don’t usually take sugar (oh gosh am I in the vegan conversation group?)

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It’s an American thing. #usa

      I’ve been fortunate to find a lot of delicious elsewhere, Anthea. I’m even thinking, when I see something out of bounds, of how to make it in an inbounds version.

      A pinch is acceptable. Hell and holsters, I even made a rule than 3g of sugar is a pitance. Mostly I don’t announce my dietary change because anyone who knows me would laugh until they peed themselves.

  3. Eli, good for you on the sugar and flour. There’s so much more to eat out there…the processed foods are slowly killing us while the food manufacturers get rich. Food and manufacturers seem oxymoronic to me. 😑 As usual, an entertaining and informative post! 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks, Carrie. I’m finding some good stuff and am amazed at how much less I need to eat. Also, cheese. Glad you enjoyed this!

  4. Kathy G says:

    Egg yolks are good for you…..until the next study comes out that says their negative components outweigh their positive ones. And then the next month THAT study will be contradicted. So hard to know what’s right 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Study schmuddy. I’ve got their contradiction RIGHT HERE. #egg’em

  5. Gina says:

    Lutein is for the brain and zeaxanthin is for eyes, skin and joints. My eyes suffer terribly without it.

    I used to have the same sentiments towards my vegan family and friends until very recently.

    My current nutrition schooling has forced me look at overwhelming research that breaks my little meat eating heart. If you think going cold turkey on flour and sugar is rough you should try flour, sugar, meat and dairy. I’m like what the heck is left??? I mean that’s my four basic food groups!

    I could eat Mecican food breakfast, lunch and dinner… and have on many occasions. I love tacos, burgers and racks of ribs that require a beach towel to eat because their dripping with goodness.

    But nothing tastes as good as being able to see my children graduate college, get married and have children. Being around to witness their lives is too important. I owe it to them to not have to lose me young the way I lost my dad.

    So I wish you nothing but success with the fight against flour and sugar. Hopefully we’re both at the fields kicking the ball around with the grandbabies in 20 years. 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Nope, on the meat and dairy. Those are my heaven on earth. The Great I Am didn’t equip me with incissors to chomp limp kale leaves and drink the dew off ladybug legs.

      You could wrap any food in a tortilla and I’d eat it. Except maybe tofu. But then again, I did say ‘food.’

      I can’t predict the future, but I feel good doing something to help my ass stick around!

  6. Kelly says:

    Pringles make me happy but the don’t make the calorie cut around here, so sad face. You’re going to feel so much better without the flour and sugar. It’ll totally be worth it!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      What’s the calorie cut? I have a sugar cut, and trust me, if I get a portion of 3g or less of sugar, I will savor that sweet thing like we’re living that Bob Seger song, “We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow?”

      I feel so good without it. Like, not worth giving this up for a KitKat good!

  7. Whew lots here to think on. My kids used to joke that their step-mom always bought ‘weird flavored’ chips that they couldn’t enjoy raiding because they didn’t even taste good. haha. I like to try a weird flavor once in a while but I typically stick to plain, Salt & Vinegar or BBQ (if I’m eating them on the beach, then BBQ). I recall everyone thought the egg yolk was bad for you so they started making egg white omlette I’m so happy to hear this isn’t actually true. I love an egg sandwich where the yolk is slightly gooey. Also, kissing strangers on the lips is pervy but I guess it worked for him. 😛 😛 😛

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Yeah, Lisa, try curating a list of 200+ questions like this! haha. 🤣 Maybe the stepmom bought the ‘weird flavored’ chips strategically. Brill.

      BBQ on the beach … interesting, but I get it. I saw a meme that lauded the magic of the beach: The only place you can lay around in your underwear and eat chips with strangers.

      Egg white omeletes feel to me like non-caffeinated soda or non-alcoholic beer or watching Die Hard with all the F bombs bleeped out. If you’re gonna, why bother?

      Supposedly Richard Dawson started that tradition because a contestant was nervous. He kissed her and she gave a stellar answer as a result. Must have been magic!

      1. OMG, you’re so right about the egg white omelets (correct spelling :D) being like non-alcoholic beer etc. haha—why bother, indeed!! Plus brill move on step-mom’s part!

  8. susi_snaps says:

    Some of the new chips flavors are so odd. My daughter and I also couldn’t believe the funky flavors they had in Europe. Some are great, others not so much. I’m not much of a chip eater except when you put a bag of ruffles and French onion dip in front of me… 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I saw some dill pickle and pizza chips advertised in Asia. This could be a post in itself, Susi.

      Well, it would be rude not to dip a chip in French onion dip. Repeatedly.

  9. Oh that was so good. I felt like I was on Family Feud reading this. I love it! I’m allergic to eggs but have found that I can eat egg whites. Does that make me elitist? I don’t eat eggs or peanuts, pecans and many other foods.
    I love chips too! I don’t eat them much but I love them! I love this post Eli! 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks, Mick. I feel like I could kick ass on Fast Cash. So you’re allergic to egg yolks, so you’re not elitist, nor are you an anti yolkite.

      Glad you loved this post almost as much as you love chips.

      1. Haha, that’s funny! I don’t eat eggs much because I usually have a reaction, it’s just not worth feeling bad to me. Have a great Sunday!

      2. Eli Pacheco says:

        I just realized recently that salsa makes my heart race. I still eat it sometimes, but not as often. So no salsa on our eggs! Hope your Sunday is awesome, Mick.

      3. It’s starting off great! Coffee and quiet time! Definitely not eggs and salsa for me. I’m also allergic to tomatoes. I only eat them when allergy season isn’t bothering me. I guess you could call me sensitive Mick. LOL 🙂

      4. Eli Pacheco says:

        Maybe a bowl of Capn Crunch? 😆

      5. You know I really can’t eat in the morning at all. I don’t get hungry till about 10 am. 🙂

      6. Eli Pacheco says:

        I don’t get hungry until 5 a.m.

      7. Isn’t that so interesting. Haha. Hum. I make up for my fasting time though! 🙂

  10. Lauren Becker says:

    Oh, I love Family Feud, though kind of creepy that a host would kiss girls on the lips. LOL I think Steve Harvey does a great job now. And it’s interesting about heart attacks because women don’t often get pain in their left arm…it’s other symptoms so it can be hard to tell.


    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It was like, every woman – age 15 or 95, Lauren! Steve Harvey is entertaining for sure. As for heart attacks, I just hope I don’t remember the number for 9-1-1.

  11. And women’s heart attack pain can be totally different from men’s. If you are wondering if it is, don’t take a chance, go to the ER. They would rather you have indigestion and freak than have the attack and not get treatment in time.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I’ve heard that before, of women’s heart attacks. That and strokes, just get to the hospital. Good advice.

  12. Charlotte says:

    I always love your answers to these probing questions. Also I don’t understand vegans either and that’s coming from someone who hasn’t been eaten meat since ‘97. Like, have at it, but stop pushing your policies on me!

    Also I don’t know the point of eggs without yolks but I’m glad you can eat three sans problems. Hope you’re having a great weekend, Eli! Xoxo

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks, Charlotte! I think we give vegans a hard time about that, but it probably applies to Cowboys fans, too (although that lifestyle is kinda vile, so why broadcast it?)

      I think if God puts stuff together, like egg whites and egg yolks, and chocolate and peanut butter, who am I to separate them?

  13. Family Feud!!! I love Family Feud. The guy with the kissing was gross.. If he’d been better looking, it’d have been less gross. Ha! I had no idea he married a contestant!!!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Hey, April! We do dig that show around here, too. I got skeeved when I saw Rich Dawson lay one on a 15-year-old girl. Seemed like a creepy right of passage. Poor kid.

      Maybe she married him to keep him from kissing more women!

  14. Kisma says:

    I love the yolks, but I love eggs and dairy and well good.

    Kudos to you for the new diet and all the luck to you!

    We cut out carbs and I miss pasta so much!

    Awesome post as always my friend!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Beats having quinoa for breakfast! I have lots of momentum on the new eating … I’m still carbing up, but differently. I need my carbs!

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