🚁 #AtoZChallenge reveal: A post smorgasbord

stormtrooper space needle summer opp asheville
Much love to you, Seattle. Stay strong.

The A to Z Challenge is upon us.

I thought, man, I’m gonna need, like, a month or two at home just to write the daggum posts to do this daggum challenge this year. Well, I thought that a few weeks ago. And then this coronavirus thing happened.

So there’s no excuse now.

If I craft a post every time I hear COVID-19, that’s enough for 37 Aprils. And have enough to let a blogger named April have 31 for her next A to Z Challenge. Honestly, I don’t have to write much, because the Challenge has become the Month of Purge for me.

Wait, purge has a negative connotation.

Unleash is better. I can unleash all these blogs that I’ve dreamed of having time to post, but haven’t, because of either my demanding and depleting old job, or my demanding and rewarding new one. (Stop me if you’ve read about my new job a thousand times.)

IMG_2604 (1)
Good advice always.

A plethora of cositas, y’all

I have some really good stuff, and while other bloggers contemplate and craft these intricate and nuanced and brilliant blog themes, mine’s gonna be a fire sale.

Like of course all the #GirlsRock interviews I stockpiled while my own blog was in quarantine (not really, just a long period of neglect.) A few (many!) entries from 300 Writing Prompts, the book Brittany gifted me when RV gave me the boot.


Go Ask Daddy posts and Mindful Monday posts that I refuse to call Mindful Monday posts. Gratitude posts and even a giveaway post I promised a blogging friend. (Yes, I’m finally getting to that!)

And I’ll get to learn new bloggers and see new stuff and also visit my old friends and their pages. I’d better get up early and stay late and even eat quesadillas while I write and try not to get tortilla crumbs all over my taco-crumb covered keyboard.

It’s a challenge, during a challenge, and that’s kinda cool (because I also drank a Coronito on the first day of Stay Home Day because of coronavirus and maybe that will mean the coronavirus will also be an -ito – meaning “little,” to my gringo friends out there.)

Mostly this is awesome because I’ll get to hang with y’all and maybe even put out a 6 words post or an I Believe post because isn’t anything possible at this point?


quotes bryant challenges


  1. Yay for the A to Z challenge continuing and that you’ll be writing more! Blogging is really going to keep us connected in these crazy times! I can’t wait to see what you share!

  2. How true about needing so much time beforehand to prepare! And what better time to do that than when in quarantine. It’s my first time with the challenge and probably the last, hope I manage to complete it! 🙂 All the best!

    1. April’s coming fast though, isn’t it? I’d love to just write a ton while I’m cooped up. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Best of luck, Dashy.

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