🎡 #AtoZChallenge: O is for observing, opportunities, and optimism (#GratitudeAndShit)

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Wisdom and stuff.

I’m still ruing my failure to read as much as I’d like to right now.

O2020I’m grateful that I’ve been able to listen more. I’m discovering what people I care about want. For birthdays. For life. My girls said they wanted to watch a sunrise.

I implored them to get up early and I’d drive them east to see it.

They refused. (They stayed up all night instead.) We did as planned, and I got lost, but kept driving toward the sun. We wound up pulled off the road at a farm, conversing with cows and awaiting el sol.

The adventure did nothing to help my workload or help me catch up on blog reading.

But damn, did it fuel my soul. The sun was spectacular. The laughter priceless. Being together kicked ass. This’ll be one of the memories of lockdown I’ll want to keep forever.

What are you grateful for this week?

the farm

Observing more. I see things I hadn’t before, in myself and in my environment. What’s more, the stuff I don’t like is bothering me less. I’m able to let those things float away.

Opportunities. This Groundhog Day shit is for the birds. (Actually, the birds don’t mind it so much.) But we have chances right now. I don’t have to spell them out for you. You know what they are. What can you address or fix, big or small? Right now, without the ability to do all, we can do something.


Omeletes. Hell yes. Add sausage, bacon, mushrooms, Frank’s Red Hot. Bacon (yes, again), cheese. Lots of cheese. Put that bad boy in a tortilla, even.

Onions! On your omelet, or burger, or Philly cheesesteak … and onion rings …

Optimism. I’m not so optimistic how my jeans will fit someday, even though I’m dropping weight a bit under lockdown. But other stuff? I’m learning to cope, to deal. To not chase away the ugly, but to confront it.

To remember there’s a divinity in us, even those who pack Wal-mart without face masks. That the Rockies are going to be good when baseball starts again. That Camdyn’s season will restart.

That my new way to work and freelance will become an amalgamation of what I did then and what I do now. This is gonna work out, y’all. You’ll see.

In the meantime … pass the onion rings.



A is for Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, Adam and Avril, and Amidala

B is for Bonnie Marie Williams, voiceover superhero, a #GirlsRock interview

C is for Conversations, Camdyn and cookies (#GratitudeAndShit) 

D is for Dorsey Standish, yoga teacher and mindfulness coach, for #GirlsRock

E is for End-of-your-career awards

F is for Frank, my uncle

G is for 💇🏽‍♂️ Go Ask Daddy about what you GET to keep on Flea Market Flip, if I’m GOING to sit in a racecar next time I get my hair cut, and how high basketball scores GO

H is for ✊🏻 haiku (my quarantine journal)

I is for being IN progress, IMMUNE system meditations and INSIGHT (for #GratitudeAndShit)

J is for Jess Cohn, an interview with a senior acquisitions editor, for #GirlsRock

K is for Kelly Calhoun, an interview with an influencer, reporter and model, for #GirlsRock

L is for learn

M is for middle finger, mercy rules, and mating (Go Ask Daddy)

N is for Nancy Kempa, realtor and translator, for #GirlsRock

Beattie quote gratitude


  1. Beth says:

    Optimism is so good to have right now! You are right that things will be good again! One day at a time! I will say I’ve grown to appreciate onions more than I used to. I won’t do them raw, but cooked in just about anything is pretty darn good!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It’s a lot easier to go through optimistically, I feel. We’re a day closer than we were yesterday, Beth. And even the kids eat onions these days around here, especially when I grill them up on my new Firedisc grill.

      Bet they’d be delicious in a Juicy Lucy …

  2. Shoes says:

    A great list! I adore the picture and the memory you made with your girls searching for the sunrise and finding it (with cows). Glad you are doing well and feeling optimistic. And, mmmm, omelets…

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks! The cows were what drew us in to stop, and we noticed it’s a great place to see the sun rise. Some days have more optimism than others, but there are always moments, right? What do you take in your omelet?

  3. Nice to see you and your smiling girls. I hope all is well with you. 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Great to see you here too, Michelle. I’m doing fine, and will come for a visit soon.

  4. Observing a sunrise is a special and precious moment. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I’m so glad we took it, Mimi. The weekend is good and I hope yours is too.

  5. Awesome post, my friend. And the girls are beautiful!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks, Janice! They’re pretty and tough and kinda goofy, too.

  6. Amy Aed says:

    That’s super cute that you drove them to see the sunrise! It’s such a beautiful time of day, and would be such a great memory to have.

    How is the quarantine treating you? I hope you are well!

    amy, wandering-everywhere.com

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I loved the idea, Amy! It was chilly and an adventure and I’m glad we took it.

      The quarantine has been an adventure in itself … a different set of struggles, but some time for beautiful things, too. How about you?

      Looking forward to diving into your blog soon!

  7. Kathy G says:

    I hope your girls remember that trip to see the sunrise (with their cool dad) as long as you do. What a great memory!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I just had the feeling it was going to be that kind of adventure, you know, Kathy? I love that they thought of it and that we could make it happen.

  8. Beautiful! A great experience for you and your girls. 🙂

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