#AtoZChallenge: E is for Energy, Facets of: An interview with crystal healer and healing jewelry maker Amanda Fitzsimmons, for #GirlsRock ๐Ÿ’Ž

It all started with a book for Amanda Fitzsimmons.

That book led her to her first crystal. Let’s pause here. How many of us have hit an intersection in life at which we know we’re not in the right spot but we’re open to avenues to get there?

That’s where Amanda found herself, and the book, and the crystal.

That turned into more books, more crystals, and a realization of her healing power. Today’s #GirlsRock interview is of a different sort. She went from rock-star dreams as a little one to rocks that hold power.

Give a warm JAD welcome to Amanda today. This middle school teacher has tapped into a talent and is sharing it with the world. Get in touch with her if you’d like to learn more.

Eli: When you were little, what did you think youโ€™d grow up to be?

Amanda: When I was little I wanted to be a rock star. I wanted to be a real diva! I always wanted to be the center of attention in any room and it was obvious to me that I often got it.

I remember always dancing around the house and performing “concerts,” my bed being the stage, rocking out to 80’s iconic ladies Madonna and Pat Benetar with this fake toy microphone I cherished. To this day “hit me with your best shot” is still one of my favorite songs to sing along with. Of course, then I grew up with women like Mariah Carey and Whitney becoming divas, it was what I wanted and I was set on getting it.  

I often imagined being on a stage and my parents were very supportive of my passion for music. I was in the chorus as far back as it was offered in school, I also was in the church choir for many years.

I played the flute for the duration of my middle school years and then switched to the saxophone when I was a junior in high school. I became the lead tenor sax player in our high school jazz band in my senior year and was in a jazz combo. John Coltrane was my inspiration for jazz. I wanted to be as good as he was at improvising. I was passionate about composing my own music and writing lyrics. 

I always had an eye for the pretty stones in the lakes and coast of Maine. I have collected them for as long as I can remember, but it was never a goal to become a geologist as a child. I was set on being a rock star.

Amanda Fitzsimmons

Growing up in Maine, we spent a lot of time outdoors. We camped every summer on the lakes and took many day trips to Acadia National Park. I always had an eye for the pretty stones in the lakes and coast of Maine. I have collected them for as long as I can remember, but it was never a goal to become a geologist as a child. I was set on being a rock star.

I do remember in 7th-grade science, we did a unit on minerals and someone from the University of Maine came in and showed us all of these gemstones and minerals. We learned how to do scratch tests and got to touch them and admire them. I thought they were beautiful and wanted them all, but that was the extent of it at that point. I didn’t have the experiences in life yet to lead me to the path of using crystals as a healing tool. That was all done through experience, I don’t think you can just become a certified healer through some class and expect to be great.

Life experience and passion are what led me to where I am today.

You can’t just become a healer because you want to, it’s a gift given to you from the universe.  You have to be not only open to accepting the responsibility that comes with it, but be worthy of the gift. It’s funny you ask this question, just last week someone called me a crystal guru and I was taken aback by the title they gave me. And until this very moment, reflecting on this question and being given that title last week, I never realized that I am indeed becoming a rock star, just in a more literal sense.

This is me setting up my stream to go talk to my followers atย twitch.tv/facets_of_energy.

Eli: Yes, you are! At what point did you open up to the gift?

Amanda: Well, I think I always had the gift of intuition. I can’t even tell you how many times my gut has gotten me out of bad situations, but I can tell you when I didn’t listen there was trouble. I also have had prophetic dreams since I can remember. I had DejaVu often as a child and teen which I didn’t understand and had no one to really talk to about it because I had been told several times it was all in my imagination. This sort of thought process or ideals was not really accepted in my family and I am pretty sure some of my family still believes I will be burning in hell for my beliefs. Some, especially my cousins, are more open to what I do. 

At age 17 my parents and I moved to Florida and as you can imagine Florida is very different from Maine. I struggled a lot, in the beginning, trying to be that rock star in the world of music.  After going down a pretty bad spiral of drug use and a pretty crappy relationship, I decided it was time to get back to me. I had ignored every feeling of intuition for about 2 years because I was so messed up on a slew of drugs, during this time I worked for a music production studio part-time and I managed Claire’s store. 

I read a book called the “Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield that my roommate suggested I read. It opened me back up, I bought the guide that went along with the book and it taught you how to see energy around living things. I felt like it was natural for me, instantly. I was 21 when I found a metaphysical store that had a lot of crystals and gems. I was instantly drawn to many varieties of quartz. So I bought some quartz and I bought a book called “The Crystal Healing Bible” by Phillip Permutt. Before I knew it I was hooked. 

I kept going back and buying more crystals, after realizing that some of the crystals in this shop were dyed, I decided to venture to find Rock Shops so I could get quality crystals. At the time I had been studying numerology and was doing numerology charts as a side hustle. I had continued to delve deep into the wonders of spirituality. I read about Kundalini and chakras,  Buddhist books, Daoist books, Quran, different philosophies, and I just spent time really getting to know what I now consider to be universal energy, some people call this energy God.

This is me in my office, I like to keep all my crystals surrounding me when I work. It helps with tranquility. Many of these crystals show up on stream and in my tiktok videos. Tiktok.com/@facetsofenergyย 

During this time of digging deep inside myself, I found that I was really attracted to the faces of the crystals. I often found myself wondering why do some have 8 faces and some 6? Why do some form in blobs and some make perfect points? I was fascinated with them and I felt the power in them, but that power or energy was different for each stone. By this point, I had a lot of little tumbled stones and a few wands I had collected. I then started playing around making crystal grids and really got into that for a while.  

One day my friend was having a rough day so I asked if I could try something. I placed crystals up their spine where their chakras would be and something magical happened. “I feel cold,” they say. I felt like there was this path of energy that was stuck between the heart and throat chakras. So I said, “I am going to try to clear this path and see if it helps, the energy is stuck”. I then worked on that area until I felt it push through, my friend who was a big skeptic had an awakening moment during this.  

Not only did they say they felt like a new person when it was done, I felt like they had really changed. Their posture was better, they looked healthier and happier. I was really taken aback by this experience. From that point on I started using crystals on anyone who would let me.  

After years of practicing crystal healing, I was graciously given the opportunity to go to college by my husband’s grandmother who lived with us. She worked so I could get a degree and focus on school full time to better our lives.  

At first, I was thinking about going to school to become a music teacher, but then I realized that path just wasn’t for me anymore and I decided to go to school for Geology so I could learn more about how the crystals form and just anything I could learn about them. So, I graduated in 2013 at 32 years old with a BS in Geology specialized in Mineralogy.

This is my husband and I attending a beautiful outdoor wedding in Athens, Maine.

In college, I met open-minded individuals who helped shape the healer I am today. I had many friends who wanted these healings, so much that it became a way to barter for me. I would trade healing sessions for massage sessions and other services. I did not feel comfortable taking money at the time because I was still learning what I was doing and perfecting my craft. I had some pretty amazing experiences, but one, in particular, that really stands out and this is when things really changed for me as far as realizing what I had tapped into. 

One of my close friends from college wanted to learn about the healing properties of crystals so I took her under my wing and started training her. One day I was giving her a healing session and as I did it I was explaining to her what I was doing. All of a sudden as I place my hand over her heart chakra I get this vision of her as a child sitting on a swing and swinging away. The vision was clear as day and so powerful, so I tell her what I am seeing and all of sudden she is crying and I feel this huge emotional release happen in her heart chakra. 

At the end of the session, she tells me that the swing was at her grandfather’s house whom she was very close to as a child. She continues to tell me that when her grandfather died she refused to go to the funeral or go visit his gravestone. She had been holding on to this for years, she never dealt with his death or found closure. She said that she so strongly felt the need to make peace with it and that very week she went to his gravestone for the first time and laid flowers and talked with him. This was probably the most intense session I had experienced up until that point in my life.  

This is my family at my cousins wedding at Camp Jordan Maine.ย 

I realized had the power to heal people. Since this moment I have helped many people in different areas of their life. I have helped with physical pain, emotional release, chakra alignments, and much more. I now also make jewelry from gems and minerals I mine myself and each gemstone is focused on with the intent to heal people for various reasons. If I get a custom order I am able to pick a stone that I think would best help with what they are looking for.ย  So, I would say that I always had the gift, but it really wasn’t until I healed the first person that I realized what my true potential and gift was.ย 
People interested in purchasing my healing jewelry or would like a custom piece made can message me on my business page at www.facebook.com/facetsofenergy.

Eli: Thatโ€™s awesome, Amanda. What is next for you?

Amanda: Well, I think at this point I am going to keep walking this path and see where it leads me. I love healing people and as long as people keep allowing me to use my crystals and energy to help them, I will. I believe in the powers of manifestation and I have used this power in my own life. I use a vision board, I have this year alone checked many things off my vision board. In the time that we have been spending at home, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and get in front of the camera.  

I have my own channel where I share my knowledge of crystals, I do tarot readings at the request and I also work on the gemstones I am shaping into jewelry, all while vibing with people. We have a lot of fun just hanging out. Our conversation is often focused on manifestation, spirituality, and improving oneself. At first, it was strange just talking to myself, essentially. After about a month, I had a group of regulars that started coming back and I didn’t have to talk to myself anymore, I was able to interact with the chat.  

The funny thing is, many of the items that are on my vision board are what make up the elements of my stream. I am a middle school STEM teacher by day, so now that school is back in session, my stream schedule will be adjusting, but I plan to do it as often as I can because there is nothing better than sharing what you’re passionate about with the world!

Eli: What advice would you give women who are as interested in crystals as you are?

Amanda: I would tell them to let the crystals guide them. Many people find an attraction to a particular stone and for various reasons. The reason a stone stands out to you is that you need its healing properties for whatever reason. There are many aspects of healing properties when it comes to crystals and stones. One person might be attracted to a stone for an emotional release, where another person could be attracted to the same stone for a physical release and another person is attracted to it for its spiritual healing.  

Amethyst, a very common stone, could be sought after for the clarity of mind and enhancing your connection to the universe (spiritual); the release of tension (emotional release); or for the health of the immune system (physical health). If you are new to stones and plan on going to a rock shop, I would go open-minded and let the stones find you. The crystal that you feel the most attracted to is the one that will be most beneficial to you on your journey at that time!  

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  1. 15andmeowing says:

    Great interview. I am glad Amanda found her true calling.

    1. Amanda Fitzsimmons says:

      Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. beth says:

    What an interesting journey-

    1. Amanda Fitzsimmons says:

      It definitely was, but I don’t regret a moment of it. Everything that happened has led me to where I am today!

  3. Eli, what a great interview! I’m all about energy healing and have loved rocks and crystals since I was a kid. I still remember being taught a little about different types of rocks and doing scratch tests and such. Every summer spent on the coast of Maine I’d walk the coast looking for quartz pieces and garnets that peppered the granite. Quartz rocks were my little treasures even before I learned about crystals. The different crystal shapes are fascinating. I sometimes think about how they correlate to sacred geometry. How wonderful that Amanda was able to listen to her intuition and become drawn to crystals and healing. And to study about rocks and get to teach it. I’ll definitely check her out.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Yesterday she sent me pictures of some of her jewelry. I need to update this post with them! I hope this will give her some exposure to people who want to learn more. I love the story of you looking for rocks and crystals. When my kids were little and into gem mining, we’d often find some incredible pieces in those messy little pails.

    2. Amanda Fitzsimmons says:

      Thank you so much! Quartz is a wonderful rock โ™ก and it’s everywhere here in Maine

  4. It sounds like she has found the right path. Crystals are really becoming popular. They’re fascinating. Weekends In Maine

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      What do you think? Is there something to these things? I can’t say that there isn’t.

      1. I’ve never used them myself but I know some people who swear by them.

    2. Amanda Fitzsimmons says:

      Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š they truly are fascinating!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Cool stuff, eh Meems?

  5. I really enjoyed reading this, both about Amanda’s personal journey – it’s always inspiring to read about people who find their path and pursue it – and about stones for healing. I know very little about this, but I like her advice to “let the stones come to you”, let intuition guide. Great interview, I wish Amanda all luck in the future!

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