6 words: 🥶 If you could freeze time for 5 minutes but still move, what would you do?

The answers will shock you. Unless you’re thinking peace, quiet, and cuddling.

Where We’d Build a Tunnel to, in 6 Words

I’m all for being in the moment. But sometimes, you just want to tunnel your butt someplace else. Not always even to a churro factory after hours, although … well, we all have aspirations. And I’ve asked several strangers, bloggers, friends, and a few strange blogger friends this question: If you could build a tunnelContinue reading “Where We’d Build a Tunnel to, in 6 Words”

Who we’d pick to take our place, in 6 words

It’s not easy to be me. It’s hella fun, as the kids used to say. (Some kids. Somewhere.) So, when I shot out the prompt for this month’s 6 Words post (which actually went out in 2017, but it’s taken me a while to post), it wasn’t easy to come up with an answer. EveryContinue reading “Who we’d pick to take our place, in 6 words”

What month we’d phase out, in 6 words

This month, we’re editing months. Which makes no sense, if you could see my life right now – such a busy time of year! Life entails zero time to do things I love – namely, converse with my blogging friends and eat enchiladas. I even had to alter my procedure for Six Words to getContinue reading “What month we’d phase out, in 6 words”

Why we’d be in the Guinness Book, in 6 words

I coulda been in the Guinness book. No, really. My plan: To coach soccer for 24 hours straight. Twenty-four one-hour sessions, with kids signed up around the clock. (I’d get college kids to fill the overnight hours.) One boy on my team wanted to camp out and participate in as many hours as possible. ItContinue reading “Why we’d be in the Guinness Book, in 6 words”

Who we’d go back in time to hug, in 6 words

Behold, the hug. Is anything in the universe as potentially awkward and comforting as the hug? Humans (or many mammals) have the innate ability to express love or like, congratulations or condolences by simply opening their arms and pressing together their bodies. I compile a monthly post called 6 Words. Ernest Hemingway inspired it whenContinue reading “Who we’d go back in time to hug, in 6 words”

Our Greatest Adventures, in 6 Words

Who doesn’t love a great adventure? Sometimes, they’re set in the wilderness, or the big city, or even in a galaxy far, far away. Other times, they happen in the tortilla aisle at the local Aldi. No matter. Adventure can find us anywhere, and they leave behind a great story, at least. I compile aContinue reading “Our Greatest Adventures, in 6 Words”

Our Fortunes, in 6 Words

Fact: I’ve never read the last page of a book first. Why would I? I know some of y’all do. I can’t do it. I want to experience the story as it unfolds. This is why I wouldn’t ask a fortuneteller anything. You think I want to know if the Colorado Rockies will ever winContinue reading “Our Fortunes, in 6 Words”

Where We’d Take an Alien, in 6 Words

When I was a kid, I wanted to be friends with Elliott. He’s the boy who befriended E.T. in the movie. He just seemed like the kind of kid I would like to hang out with. Looking back, I believe I probably admired his loyalty and courage in all that happened when E.T. came toContinue reading “Where We’d Take an Alien, in 6 Words”

What an Invisible Civilization Would Learn About Us, in 6 Words

I’m the king of the assinine question. “What if Jeeps cost a nickel?” I asked my college friend, Bobby Keith – while we both were still in college. “I’d buy many Jeeps,” he answered. “What if packs of gum were $5,000?” I followed with. “Then I wouldn’t chew any gu – where the hell do youContinue reading “What an Invisible Civilization Would Learn About Us, in 6 Words”