I Believe … XIII

It’s been a while since I’ve done an I Believe post. Not that I don’t still believe, because I do. Some days, it’s easier than others to see it. Every day, though, we carry with us beliefs. Mine pop up in conversation, email, texts, comment responses, court depositions. Kidding on that last one. What do youContinue reading “I Believe … XIII”

I Believe … I’ll be Back

I tried. I really did. I wanted to coast into 2016 with my fingers on the keyboard and that path from my heart/soul to my fingertips navigating my way through life’s many obstacles. It’s what I do. I gathered the five questions from my kids Jan. 31 and shoved off. But, it stalled. So, IContinue reading “I Believe … I’ll be Back”

I Believe .. Part V

I believe what I see in the sky every morning lately is three planets, kicking it celestial style. They’re bold and they’re bright. I don’t have the star-gazing app I had on my old phone, but my guess is that they’re Venus, Jupiter and Mars, in a tight arc in the northeastern sky. They’re awesome.Continue reading “I Believe .. Part V”

I believe … Part IV

Sometimes, your beliefs get tossed on spin cycle. It doesn’t have to ruin them. Sometimes, something will happen and your faith in your beliefs restores like a fifth-grader after a car nap. Other times, there’s only silence and your thoughts. Are your beliefs written in pencil, or pen? Our beliefs are like the toppings onContinue reading “I believe … Part IV”

I believe … part III

So much to believe in. Some of it is colossal – like politics and religion and which state makes the best barbecue. Some of it might seem trivial – like politics, religion, and whether the designated hitter has a place in baseball. I’ve started to listen to myself, and examine some of those beliefs. I’llContinue reading “I believe … part III”

I Believe …

You know I love me some underdogs. It’s not just being the anti-favorite in a game or in life – it’s a lifestyle. It’s humility and hope, it’s dreams and down-to-earth. It has one common ingredient, one building block that makes everything else possible. And without it, it’s tough to accomplish anything. It’s belief. ToContinue reading “I Believe …”

🧿 #IBelieve IX: On enchilada sauce, life, and timeless cravings

#IBelieve: Thoughts on prayer, chocolate chips, and copious gratitude (plus enchiladas.)

Sunday Reads V: Authentic Living, Savvy Writing and Cookies You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Never raise a hand to a child, I read once – it leaves your midsection unprotected. Comedy writer Robert Orben said that. I’ve never raised a hand to any of my children. I have, however, left my midsection – from the bottom of my rib cage to my upper thigh – vulnerable. I’ve been kickedContinue reading “Sunday Reads V: Authentic Living, Savvy Writing and Cookies You Won’t Believe Actually Exist”