Hispanic, Unemployed, and Yet, Republican

  Every day feels like Saturday, y’all. I feel like I’m 4. Or 94. I miss appointments. Forget which day the pool is closed. I could watch Price Is Right every day. (Not Saturday or Sunday, but I won’t know that until I try and tune it in and find Danger Rangers or This Week WithContinue reading “Hispanic, Unemployed, and Yet, Republican”

How This Latino Thing Has Become an American Thing

Sometimes, my Latino shows up in droves. I felt all Brown Power after a weekend spent doing things a Latino guy should know how to do: Extracting a headlight casing from a junkyard Pontiac, and, less than 24 hours later, planting a magnolia tree. Dang, I told a friend. I feel Hispanic. She cringed. You’re not supposed to sayContinue reading “How This Latino Thing Has Become an American Thing”

Always Enough Happy to Tell You Something Good, Guaranteed

I can make my famous brown and white sugar pancakes by heart now. I save time. And a great way to avoid leaving out key ingredients – such as baking soda – or doubling key ingredients – such as baking soda. I’ve flipped these classics – this same recipe – for years, probably since theContinue reading “Always Enough Happy to Tell You Something Good, Guaranteed”

Guest Post: Olympian Leo Manzano, on The American Dream

Seems like there’s lot of hurdles in these upcoming Summer Games. Only some are on the track. Headlines about doping, violence, killer mosquitoes and more steal the Olympic glare from the attraction we tune in for most: The competitors. To me, the Olympics has always been a treasure chest of stories, just waiting. Today’s guestContinue reading “Guest Post: Olympian Leo Manzano, on The American Dream”

Finding Common Ground: It’s Only (Big) Steps Away

I’ve been writing in fear, guys. The Photo a Day Challenge helped. I could write about happy faces in frying pans and display sweet pics my kid took of clouds and not tread near to the hell breaking loose around the world. Unintentionally, I dealt with fear of speaking up by looking down. It involvedContinue reading “Finding Common Ground: It’s Only (Big) Steps Away”

Photo a Day Challenge: June 18 – Pink (Plus a Monday Music Blog Hop)

My kids have developed an aversion to pink. It’s partially because the entire toy section seems to be divided along pink vs. camo lines. My girls bring ferocity, in a pretty way. That’s the best way to describe it. Not hair-bow pretty, but just enough eye makeup, usually painted fingernails pretty. Yet, they come toContinue reading “Photo a Day Challenge: June 18 – Pink (Plus a Monday Music Blog Hop)”

Why My Race Card Stays In My Pocket

Man, it was bullshit. I was just sitting at the picnic table, and here comes park security, on his stupid little go-kart. I just acted like he wasn’t even there until he stopped the engine. “Howdy,” he said. Howdy? Really? Pendejo.