A gray-beard’s advice to a first-time dad. Also, happy birthday, Camdyn

cam vols
Camdyn made this photo illustration for me for a post I wrote about late University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summit.

I’m all out of little kids.

Officially. Today Camdyn turns 13. It’s only one milestone in nature’s reminders that I ain’t as good as I once was (but I’m as good once as I ever was.) This means that yes – just as the moon moved into position a coupla weeks ago) there’s a cosmic convergence.

I’m dad of three teenage girls.

Let that sink in a minute. No, not for effect. Just so I can rest my eyes for a minute. I feel like I’m having a time reaching the caffeine quotient to make up for the sleep deprivation. My calculations had been spot on before *removes glasses and wipes them*

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Go Ask a Boy II: Towels, Clothes and Emotional Attachment

ask a boy 2
photo credit: The meeting with @6ft5 or this is not the droid we’re looking for… via photopin (license)

Girls have lots of questions for boys. I’m here to answer a few.

Explain the allergy that the males have when it comes wiping down a kitchen counter?

Tifffany M., of Colorado

Ever watched baseball, Tiffany?

Teams fall behind, and find themselves in a pinch, with, multiple base runners against them, and not a lot of outs. Should a team square up and just pitch and trust in its defense or ability to simply do its job – or take a chance to minimize damage?

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Go Ask a Boy, Part I

ask a boy i lede
photo credit: fungal study via photopin (license)

We have this wacky-ass program at work called Slack.

The Millennials love it. Me? Not so much. It’s growing on me, a little. It’s supposed to replace email. I say, I’m old school. Send me a !@$ %^&! email. But no. These kids Slack each other. And me.

A girl on my team asked me on the Slack if boys hate it when girls talk a lot.

Heck no, I said.

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