Go Ask Daddy about thrills, bling and perils to the family jewels

The girls asked about rollercoasters, jewelry and perils to the family jewels.


Why we’d be in the Guinness Book, in 6 words

I coulda been in the Guinness book. No, really. My plan: To coach soccer for 24 hours straight. Twenty-four one-hour sessions, with kids signed up around the clock. (I’d get college kids to fill the overnight hours.) One boy on my team wanted to camp out and participate in as many hours as possible. It…

Go Ask Daddy About Dendrologics, Cool Ballers and Bikes vs. Cars

This week we say goodbye to our last kitty. Brownie, the runt of the bunch, survived two brothers and a sister. Leo, then Babyface and Cubbie preceded her over the bridge, as they say. Brownie beat them all by several furlongs, but suffered from diabetes and got increasingly weaker in the past few days. The…