Time to Take a Stand on this whole Kneel Down Thing

Taking a stand on a gorgeous fall day in a Roanoke park.

Dear Mr. Kaepernick,

First, I’m a little late to this party, I admit. If you could see my inbox, you’d understand. I also could use a haircut. But who am I telling? This letter, though, has little to do with my hair and unanswered emails.

It has everything to do with the movement you’ve begun, by kneeling during the National Anthem before kickoff.

I happen to be a minority here in the USA. I’m the people you’re doing this for. First, I kind of appreciate that, Colin. There’s lots of hashtags out there for minorities, but generally, the ones for my people mostly have to do with #CincoDeMayo.

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Guest Post: Mo, of Mocadeaux, on Plethora

The search for the right word can sometimes be like this.

This one time, Grace thought she’d become famous.

All it took was a parade. We’d talked in church about joining the Pride Parade a few years ago. Grace heard keywords – parade … ride a float … matching T-shirts! She was stoked. So I explained what the Pride Parade meant.

She remained stoked.

We didn’t end up walking. She went off with the grandparents that day. The conversation happened, though. When I wrote about it, today’s guest poster, Mo of Mocadeaux, chimed in on the CD for the first time.

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Guest Post: Olympian Leo Manzano, on The American Dream

leo lede
photo credit: Swimming – 100m breaststroke via photopin (license)

Seems like there’s lot of hurdles in these upcoming Summer Games.

guest postOnly some are on the track. Headlines about doping, violence, killer mosquitoes and more steal the Olympic glare from the attraction we tune in for most: The competitors. To me, the Olympics has always been a treasure chest of stories, just waiting.

Today’s guest post comes from an Olympic athlete I’m honored to have here.

Leonel Manzano carried two nations’ flags during his victory lap in the 2012 London Games. A Mexican immigrant, Leo won the first American track and field Olympic medal since 1968. His performance came to symbolize the American dream to me.

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Guest Post: Jenn Crowell, on Pragmatism

crowell lede
photo credit: J13 124 via photopin (license)

You know you’re cool when your blog URL is your actual name.

guest postThat alone isn’t what makes today’s guest poster cool. Jenn Crowell, of, you guessed it, JennCrowell.com, has written three critically acclaimed novels: Necessary Madness, Letting the Body Lead, and Etched On Me.

If you read Seventeen magazine, you might have seen her byline (I won’t judge.)

She’s here today taking on the Wednesday Word Challenge from Deb Runs. This is crazy. It’s like one of those three-team trades they used to do in Major League Baseball. So yes, Jenn’s here on Coach Daddy to take part in Deb’s Challenge.

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Guest post: Diana Tierney of Creating Herstory, on Women We Wish Could Have Blogged

diana tierney lede
photo credit: Carrie Fisher cracking up between takes via photopin (license)

Somewhere between A and Z, I found Diana Tierney.

guest postIn the random road map of discovering new blogs through the A to Z Challenge, I clicked on Diana’s blog, Creating Herstory. Diana discusses and celebrates women who make history. As father to three who might someday, I have an interest.

With a book in the works, Diana writes a blog about women you don’t know and a few you do. Diana reviews books and also connects to any of us who write with a section called My Writing Journal.

Diana’s here today to highlight five women in history she wish had blogs. Can you imagine? I also picked the lead art today of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. For me, she was the first kick-ass diva I’d encountered. And then there’s Rey (below).

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Guest Post: Elle, of Elle Sees, on Beauty 🙈

elle lede
photo credit: generations via photopin (license)

It’s good to branch out.

I’ve done this blogging thing for a few years. I couldn’t really find my man tribe, because, well, they’re not there. I’ve gravitated toward the moms out there. I’m like the Navajo scout who helps lead the white man around in the wilderness in a Western movie.

I’ve accumulated friends of all ages, lifestyles and writing styles. Sundry genres.

Even beauty blogs. I felt strange, at first, yes. Like, when I walk into one of those mall lotion stores all by myself. But then, I’m just myself. I’ll comment on something dumb like the name of a lipstick or how I don’t know foundation from rouge.

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Guest Post: Kimberly Novosel, on How to Make Mondays Feel Like Fridays

photo credit: The Five Stages Of Stormtrooper Grief via photopin (license)
photo credit: The Five Stages Of Stormtrooper Grief via photopin (license)

We’re switching it up here on the CD today.

GAD GRAPHICNormally, guest posts go live on Wednesdays. Today’s guest poster, though, is ahead of her time. Not just because she’s written a guest post about Mondays. Where do I even begin when it comes to one of the most incredible writers I’ve ever known?

Kimberly Novosel has written a novel I’m a bit afraid to open, because of words and concepts that tear so close to the bone when I read them, such as:

“We had so much to say to each other, like we’d been quiet our whole lives until we met. It was as if I had underestimated how hungry I was for a companion, how much I needed to be understood, to be pursued, to be seen and to be reflected in someone’s eyes.”

Kimberly Novosel, Loved

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👨 Guest Post: Sandra of Momma’s View, on Dad Coaches

momma lede
photo credit: “SIIIIIR… why…” via photopin (license)

It’s cool to find your tribe.

GAD GRAPHICEven if you just hear about them. I recently wrote 11 questions for a youth soccer coach. Quietly, I don’t officially have a team for this fall. It’s the first time since Swedish tennis player Anna Holmstrom finished fourth in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

So, it’s been a while.

I wrote the questions for the next generation of youth soccer coaches. Dudes with accents and pointy hair and fantastic calves tend to infiltrate the sidelines of those of us out of Generation X, we of graying roofs and middle-age spread.

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Guest Post: Lisa of A Gal’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage, on Broken Friendships

Lisa lead
photo credit: May the 4th be with you via photopin (license)

Charlotte’s words – not mine – brought Lisa Thomson to my blog.

guest postCharlotte writes My Pixie Blog, on “Love, Life, and Lessons Learned.” She’d written a guest post for me on shifts in relationships. It came along with impeccable timing for me. It also gained the attention of one of the most purposeful bloggers I’ve ever read.

Lisa writes a blog some of you might have visited: Lisa Thomson Live: A Gal’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage.

What’s a guy doing over at a blog like that, you ask?

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📱 Not a Guest Post, but 11 More Smartphone Pics, V

smartphone 5 lead
photo credit: Caution: Giants via photopin (license)

Hey guys.

So, this A to Z Challenge really kicked my butt. It happened in the home stretch of soccer season. It fell during a time we stressed over Elise’s college status (she got in!) and lots of work workload. Spring’s a time of renewal, too. Although it’s mostly pollen.

If my guest post list were a troubling of goldfish, they’d mostly be belly up.

As readers might remember, when I have a guest-post Wednesday without any guest posts, I turn to my phone. I pick 11 random pics and share them here. Let me know what you think. I promise to have something from an awesome guest next week.

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