Old School Blogging: The ABCs of M-E

1 18 lede
photo credit: Alien vs Stormtrooper via photopin (license)


There’s this concept of Old School Blogging – but how old school could blogging be?

It’s like the Carolina Panthers wearing throwback uniforms. There’s only a couple of decades to harken back to, and just one real uniform modification. A while back, my friend Andrea Mowry took a shot at an Old School Blogging challenge called The ABCs of Me.

(Not me, of her.)

So, what the hell? I’ll take a stab at it. Maybe you should, too.

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😬 The Best Way Through? Write On

timeout lead
photo credit: Dogtrooper via photopin All rights reserved by the author

In soccer, there are no timeouts.

Life’s like that, too. I struggled over the timeout I tried to call Friday. It’s been a weekend. It started with the ultimate blogger whine of “I can’t do this right now” and led to other failures and misfires. Among them were:

  • A lost parking pass
  • A dollar-store cool-looking charging cord that doesn’t actually charge
  • The decision to actually write a Monday post at 1:09 a.m

I like that there are no timeouts in soccer, though.

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Guest Post: Toby of Dumbass News is My Maine Man


We’re all about culture up in here, at Coach Daddy.

Toby writes a blog called Dumbass News. No, it’s not the detroit red wings fan newsletter. It has a very distinctive symbol and news that you’d find disturbing and amusing. Or, just disturbing, if it happens to be about you.

He’s here at Coach Daddy today to talk about a refined cultural event that takes place in his home state.

Check out his pages, too, where the language has a few more crayons in its array then we do around here (unless you count all of Kathy’s submissions from Kissing The Frog. She has Toby-esque license, apparently.)

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