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Every time I’m done coaching – I’m not.

I coach girls soccer at Queen’s Grant High in Matthews. I coach boys (and a few girls) at Liberty Preparatory Academy in Mooresville. I also coach Academy boys and girls for Lake Norman Soccer Club.

Not bad for a dude who never played soccer!

All three of my daughters play. Madison played a season at Warren Wilson College, as a goalkeeper. Hayden is set to sign with Piedmont International University. Camdyn’s in eighth grade but dreams of playing at Wake Forest.

Coaching soccer has taught me a billion encyclopedias worth. Of that, 13.376% has actually to do with soccer.

There’s mindfulness I bring to the sideline. Or rather, the sideline brings out the mindfulness in me. Every year that I get to chance to teach – and learn – gives me more joy (and blog fodder) than I could ever ask for.

Some of my favorite posts about coaching:

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