Who We’d Switch Places with (and What We’d do), in 6 Words

How great would it be … not to be me. Who hasn’t thought this? In those moments we’re out of gas, out of time or out of toilet paper (or all three). At times when we follow our favorite adorable pro golfer just to see she has three names now, just like those old-school 80sContinue reading “Who We’d Switch Places with (and What We’d do), in 6 Words”

Who We’d Give a Million Dollars to, in 6 Words

One million dollars. Notice: This post won’t reference Dr. Evil’s famous demand for one million dollars in the Austin Powers movie. I’ve never seen the damn thing. Seems kind of dumb. It’s one of those pop culture things a curmudgeon like me just didn’t get into. Kind of like the Harlem Shake, The Walking Dead,Continue reading “Who We’d Give a Million Dollars to, in 6 Words”

What We’d Do With a Week of Invisibility, in 6 Words

Being invisible might suck. I’m just being real here. My luck, I’d become invisible and walk in front of a cement truck. Or a kale truck even. Wait, are there kale trucks? I’d think that’d be counterproductive to use fossil fuels to deliver y’all’s favorite lib snack. I took to the web and asked strangers,Continue reading “What We’d Do With a Week of Invisibility, in 6 Words”

What We’d Do with a Day at Home, in 6 Words

I was thisclose. I had it all mapped out for today. Ferris Bueller-esque. Minus the crumpled sports car and parade-float karaoke. Today, Nov. 30, is Stay Home Because You’re Well Day. Disc golf and a library trip would’ve filled mine. So, too, frozen pizza and Elizabeth Banks. Elizabeth Banks movies, anyway. Then I got the email notification, at 8:10Continue reading “What We’d Do with a Day at Home, in 6 Words”

Tooting Our Own Horns, in 6 Words

Sometimes, you just have to represent. Yourself, that is. None of this ‘aw shucks’ stuff. No, “no one reads my blog. I just mess around with words” business. It’s not usual fare for a blogger to boast (or is it?), so this month’s challenge proved … challenging to most. I compile a post called 6Continue reading “Tooting Our Own Horns, in 6 Words”

Where We’d Go and What We’d Do, in 6 Words

Passport awareness to me means knowing where the dreaded thing is. It’s a viable fear, losing my passport in another country. Not that I jet-set. Were it not for Red Ventures’ annual company trip, the extent of my worldly travel could be summed up in a drive down Charlotte’s Central Avenue, with its Mexican bakeriesContinue reading “Where We’d Go and What We’d Do, in 6 Words”

What We’d Say to the World, in 6 Words

I know, I know. I heard about Pippa. Another one bites the dust. It’s why I keep extras in the Crush Bin. You never know when one’ll haul off and get engaged on you. Everyone from Summer Sanders to Paula Creamer to Cher Lloyd to Lizzy O’Leary to Elizabeth Davis to … well, you seeContinue reading “What We’d Say to the World, in 6 Words”

Our Unsafe Histories, in 6 Words

We operate on CD time around here. You know – Coach Daddy time. A to Z Challenge? Few days behind. Photo a Day Challenge? Hell, June’s almost over, and it feels like I have a week of photos to take. So it stands to reason we’d recognize National Safety Month – June – On JuneContinue reading “Our Unsafe Histories, in 6 Words”

Naming Our Next Creative Endeavors, in 6 Words

I have an unfinished book. Or two. Raise your hand if you can say the same. I’m not talking that Danielle Steele paperback collecting dust on your nightstand. I’m talking, fingers to the keyboard, creative endeavor, this’ll be so cool writing that gets left behind like the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs. One of mineContinue reading “Naming Our Next Creative Endeavors, in 6 Words”