Sometimes, you see best when you remove your glasses

Elise, Marie, and Grace: I hope you’re never embarrassed by WHAT you are. Who you play for – maybe; where you shop … perhaps; how your daddy behaves … probably, but never WHAT you are. What I am embarrassed me, once. OK, twice. Fourth-grade incidents don’t count, though. The kids on the bus made fun ofContinue reading “Sometimes, you see best when you remove your glasses”

25 Things About Me … to Get This Party Started

1. I don’t know if it’s just my vibe or a gift from above, but I have this tendency to get food when I really want it but don’t ask for it. It just appears. I’d rather have this gift than, say, X-ray vision. 2. The longest I’ve ever lost one of my kids was probably aContinue reading “25 Things About Me … to Get This Party Started”