How to Spend Inconvenience Day, in 6 Words

Today’s the day to do something good. It’s okay if you did something yesterday, or want to wait until tomorrow. Or do something all three days and even into next week. Today is Inconvenience Yourself Day. It’s also 6 Words Day around here, which makes for an interesting combination. Every month, I compile a postContinue reading “How to Spend Inconvenience Day, in 6 Words”

How We’d Spend No Interruption Day, in 6 Words

photo credit: Hard To Tap Dance With Diving Flippers via photopin (license)   “Dad cried,” Grace announced to her two sisters as we filed out of the movie theater. “All the old guys next to us were crying, too.” No, it wasn’t a matinee showing of “Good Will Hunting” or “Weekend at Bernie’s.” It wasContinue reading “How We’d Spend No Interruption Day, in 6 Words”

Titling Our Memoirs, in 6 Words

We all have a story to tell. Some of ours have more blue language in them than others. Some are short stories. Others, epic. All have our voice, and deserve to be heard. Even if they wind up on the clearance table. Every month, I compile a post called “6 Words.” Ernest Hemingway inspired itContinue reading “Titling Our Memoirs, in 6 Words”

Where We’d Go On a Field Trip, in 6 words

Besides any kids birthday in my class, my favorite part of school had to be the field trip. You get to go see something cool. AND not do math. What’s not to love? We used to go to the Colorado capital building in Denver, and I never got tired of the story of the building’sContinue reading “Where We’d Go On a Field Trip, in 6 words”

How We’d Improve Ourselves, in 6 Words

  Ever look up, and see that the month has passed you by? September was supposed to be self-improvement month. Thirty days has September, as the rhyme goes … which means today’s D Day for the month. How’d you grade out? Me? I’m about as far from ending the Month of Self Improvement on aContinue reading “How We’d Improve Ourselves, in 6 Words”

Our Requests for Kindness, in 6 Words

We’re in the midst of kindness right now. For humankind, at least. And at least for a week. You might have seen the hashtag #bk2hk on social media. There’s a specific kindness for each of seven days, from courteous driving to sacrifice of personal wants for others to Forgive Your Foe Friday. [Learn all aboutContinue reading “Our Requests for Kindness, in 6 Words”

What We’d Say Without Fear, in 6 Words

Forty times. That’s how many times John Mayer says “say what you need to say” in the song Say What you Need to Say. (Elise and I counted on our drive home from Mars Hill and Lees-McRae for college visits.) It’s good to speak your mind. So good, in fact, that a handful of bloggers,Continue reading “What We’d Say Without Fear, in 6 Words”

Official Kickoff to Summer, in 6 Words

It’s been hot in Carolina, y’all. Triple-digit hot. It hardly gets like this here. Blame global warming, the Tea Party or World Cup officiating if you’d like. Truth is, summer’s hitting us like T-Swift on the music streaming universe. There has to be more to summer than humidity fierce as Julie Johnston’s defense. Right? Well,Continue reading “Official Kickoff to Summer, in 6 Words”

What Would Make You Smile, in 6 Words

When one of those days happens – you know what I’m talking about – I hope for one thing, just one, to turn it around. Just one thing to make me smile. Why condemn a whole day to something bad just because it got off to a shitty rocky start? Every month, I compile a postContinue reading “What Would Make You Smile, in 6 Words”